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En Masse Entertainment has released some new information for the human race and two classes, mystic and sorcerer for TERA Online, the action MMORPG.
You may think you know the human race (well, we are one), but the humans in the world of TERA have lived different lives. I really wished I can just type in TERA by itself, but if I do that, people would confuse the game with Tera Patrick.

They have been cursed by an angry god; therefore, they have been wandering from continent to continent for generations, either making friends or becoming slaves. The Mystics uses their magic to spawn creatures to fight alongside them, curse enemies and healing friends. They’ve acquired strengths like flexibility, perseverance, and pragmatism, and because of this and their hardships, they formed the Valkyon Federation to unite all the races and fight a new enemy, the Argons, metallic creatures threatening the world of TERA.

Sorcerers have no need to heal, since they’re focused on doing damage to their enemies using Magma Bomb, slowing them to a crawl with Time Gyre, or nigh-obliterating them with Void Pulse.

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