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Virtual Reality Headsets To Hit IMAX Theaters: Is Upcoming Video Game Technology About To Go Mainstream? Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician, married the beautiful BBC weather woman Reham, but things didn’t go as planned. Prince Charles the Duchess of Cornwall meet with Pakistani politician and former cricket player Imran Khan. The Daily Mail reports that Imran Khan was furious with his wife after they fought over his pet dogs. Sources close to Imran claim that he chose to send the text message as Reham stepped off the plane in England to ensure she left. As Reham learned her husband was divorcing her via text message, staff members for Khan met her to discuss the details of the divorce and to come to financial terms. The brief marriage began when Imran appeared on a Pakistan television show and was interviewed by Reham in 2012. The insiders claim that Imran’s sisters refused to visit their brother as they felt Reham was too controlling and unstable.

At least he has his mother: This boyfriend failed to win back the affection of his one-time flame by sharing that his mother had made him a 'delicious' meatloaf out of a gift of meat from his ex before their split.
Not so pukka: Handing back each others possessions can be one of the hardest parts about a break up. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. After just 10 months of marriage the couple were fighting about everything from Imran’s friends, to the removal of his beloved dogs from their bedroom. Khan’s team was attempting to come to financial terms with Reham to annul the marriage altogether.
Reham was a former BBC South Today weather presenter and seemed to be an unlikely match to Imran Khan, a Pakistani politician.
The palatial home was redesigned by Reham to meet the needs of her daughter from a previous marriage and her older children that often visited. Meanwhile, political advisors warned that Rehman was getting more attention in the media than Imran and that she was detracting from his political message.

However, it was noted that they are still negotiating the terms of the agreement and have not settled. However, allegations suggest that Reham was controlling and that she made Imran’s family feel unwelcome in the home and got into fights with her husband over the placement of his dogs who had previously lived in his bedroom.
Therefore, after 10 months of marriage, the pair reported to the media that they were intending to divorce. Therefore, when Reham made plans to visit England, Imran took the opportunity to divorce her. This apparently was a major area of disagreement, but that there was more to the divorce than simply the dogs.
He then allegedly sent her a brief email explaining the divorce and had one of his staff members call to confirm the receipt of the messages.

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