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When you finish your paper, your in-text citations should look like the ones in this sample paper. Use this if the resulting size of your RCP isn't important and you don't want to write your own editor. Under 'Eclipse Application', there should be a new launch configuration: 'RCP Text Editor'.
RS 3.7 Students recognise and discuss the purpose of organisational stages of different types of text and explain how the structure of a text is related to its purpose.
As a class, brainstorm as many examples of different text types for each purpose as possible. As students contribute ideas, they must explain where they think the text they are suggesting goes and justify their reasoning. Choose a simple text to annotate with students to illustrate that texts constructed for particular purposes will have different structures and grammatical features in order to achieve their social purpose. Years 3 and 5 Reading magazine to work through and annotate as students identify features in the text.
Discuss with students the purpose and audience of the different texts analysed and how they are similar and different.

Provide students with a table where they can record information about the different structural and grammatical features of a variety of text types. The teacher discusses students' answers, providing all students with the opportunity to add to their information. Referring to the ideas discussed, students deconstruct the text in pairs, making sure that they provide as much information in their annotations as possible. Students must also explain how the features they have identified assist the reader and suit the purpose of the text. This document offers an alternative solution to the problems of spam messages, such that the solution is simple and reliable, and avoids censorship, and avoids elimination of anonymity, and avoids imposing restrictions, and avoids demanding payments, and avoids centralized services.
However, my concern when hearing proposals similar to the one mentioned in the news broadcast is that the public will embrace the proposed solution without fully considering the consequences, which might involve: invasion of privacy, censorship, corporate interests, or making certain kinds of Internet activity illegal. This spam message, which I received some time in the year 2002, is the most outrageous invitation for irony I have ever seen.
The "Citibank" scam spam message in the previous image has the HTML code shown directly above.
I must say, this message with a computer virus attachment is a contemporary classic.  I've never actually tried getting infected by the computer virus, to determine if it suited my lifestyle, but, hey, "500 000" people can't be wrong!

In the first lesson of this Microsoft Word tutorial, we familiarized you with the Word window. Note: You can overtype text without changing to Overtype mode by selecting the text you want to overtype and then typing. Alternatively, you can press the down arrow next to the underline button and click to choose the type of underline you want. Brainstorm all of the possible purposes that texts could have (to entertain, reflect, describe, evaluate, inform, argue, persuade and instruct).
The table reinforces for students that different texts serve different purposes and that the structural and grammatical conventions of texts help them to achieve their purpose.
The table provides enough rows to record the structural and grammatical features of a number of texts that have a variety of purposes. Create a poster for display in the classroom to support students as they move toward independent analysis of a variety of texts.

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