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First ward Chicago alderman Proco Joe Moreno may have been in office only four months, but he’s already ahead of his aldermanic colleagues when it comes to technology.
Just a few days ago, Moreno’s office debuted a new text alert system to warn constituents when street cleaning is scheduled for their block, so they can remember to move their cars and avoid tickets. Residents of the 1st Ward can use their cell phone to sign up for this free service by texting a specific code number that reflects their geographic position on a map.
The idea came out of the frustration of the typical complaint of parking tickets for street cleaning that constantly flow into aldermanic ward offices all across the city. E-mail alert systems for street cleaning already exist in the 1st ward and the 43rd ward, but Moreno thinks the text messaging will work better for 1st ward residents.

This new text message system was originated in Columbus, OH last year by entrepreneurs attending Ohio State University who just wanted to keep their friends from getting ticketed and towed for street cleaning. Moreno, who Mayor Daley appointed to take over Manny Flores’ old seat, is already getting calls from aldermanic colleagues from around the city interested in adopting the technology for their wards. 1st ward drivers interested in the service should check out Anti-Tow’s Chicago website. If you live in one of Chicago’s other 50 wards and want this type of text messaging service, two pay services already exist to help you.
With the new pay to park on Augusta there will nowhere to park so good luck not getting a ticket.

The night before and the morning before street sweepers hit your street, you’ll get a text message reminding you to move your car.

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