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December 6, 2012 by Sam Leave a Comment The text message turned 20 years old this week (hard to believe, I know). While texting someone is quite often convenient and effective, it really is degrading many people’s communications skills. For others, though, text messaging is their primary mode of communication and shortcut phrases are a way of life. We all check messages, whether it’s email or text messages (they all blend together anymore).
Conveniently, the same bunch of Alerts settings in Notifications can also be used to display new mail in the Lock Screen, as show here (because we’re all locking our screens, right?
There are two options at work here –  Notification Center is set to ON, and View in Lock Screen is also set to ON.

It’s accessed at any time from any app, using a single finger swipe from the very top of the screen. January 30, 2012 by Abby 1 Comment If you are not currently texting with your children, you should start immediately. I know you worked on that detailed message and its disappointing that the only response you got back was Ok. It has evolved from being something very few had and used on their mobile devices to now being a staple in millions of daily lives.
If more than one message has arrived since the last time the device was unlocked, there will be multiple messages displayed. That’s a big reason I like iMessage (and BlackBerry Messenger before it) so much, as there are no per-message limits.

Following that plan ensures that I’m presenting myself and my thoughts in the best way possible.
Choose any item from the screen with a single tap, and you’ll jump directly to the selected item.

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