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In our society, battling depression is a constant struggle, with more than 350 million people suffering from this emotionally crippling issue.
There is a great deal of evidence that supports the use of light therapy to treat depression. In addition to monitoring the healthy supplements you take in, you may also want to pay attention to the potentially harmful foods and substance you consume. While aromatherapy oils probably won’t eradicate depression, they can act as a tool to help combat it.
In addition to proper medical treatment, using these natural, remedies can help soothe your mind and ease your depression so you can be happier and more relaxed. Kayla Matthews is a health blogger with a passion for natural self-improvement and positive living. Get the latest key natural health information from NaturalSociety with our daily newsletter, and receive three free health guides and one full length E-book! Or, on the the flip side of that, are you using your problems to prove that you’re a great problem solver? So….what stupidity (and by this I mean unconsciousness) are you using to create the problems you are choosing? And finally, what if everything you’ve decided about you to be a wrongness is actually a strongness? Perhaps you feel as though your thoughts are jumbled and you experience a wide range of fluctuating emotions.
Maybe you avoid social settings because of your depression, or maybe some of your relationships are unhealthy. It is helpful to have a safe place to go and be in consistent contact with people who understand or have empathy toward your depression.
Interesting, supportive, and positive friends can help you battle with depression naturally. In fact, one study found that light therapy works faster to effectively treat depression when compared to drug treatment.
That said, always be sure to consult your health care practitioner before taking any supplements or adding new foods to your diet. For example, depression and alcohol addiction often present themselves together and can snowball into a very serious problem.

Consider essential oils such as clary sage, basil, rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and lavender as part of your arsenal to relieve the effects of depression.
How many times have you gotten an intuitive hit that you shouldn’t do something, but you overrode that knowing and chose to do it anyways? If you’re doing that and somehow getting some positive sense of self-worth out of it, then guess what you always have to create more of? Dain Heer and the tools of Access Consciousness®, which inspired the questions asked in this blog. Sign up for the Access Consciousness Newsletter to receive articles, tools and news directly in your inbox! However, if you’re looking for some natural solutions, consider utilizing these 7 tips for getting over depression. Engaging in positive affirming processes every day is known to have an impact on your thought process. Cognitive behavior therapy is a form of psychotherapy that doesn’t have to include drugs, and it’s shown to be effective in treating those suffering from depression.
You may sit quietly to clear your mind while focusing on nothing but the rhythm of your breathing.
If this is the case, a mood journal or diary will help you track the root of your emotions. End relationships with, or take a break from, narcissists or other people who constantly drain your energy or cause you to feel anything but positive. You can purchase a light box for a reasonable price, or may choose to opt for real sunlight.
And what exactly is that “should be?” Are you holding yourself up to some gold standard that no one could possibly ever live up to?
Lisa Cooney’s internet radio show, “Beyond Abuse, Beyond Therapy, Beyond Everything,” talking about anxiety and how to deal with it from a totally different perspective.
Follow this program from start to finish, and you’ll be back to your old self in no time. Try music therapy or writing to help you achieve a state of relaxation using guided imagery. Once you figure out what’s causing the negative feelings, you can work to avoid the triggers and cope with everyday stressors in a more positive way.

What if I created this problem so I could get the information I require for the next step, to create something else? What if you would just acknowledge that you’re a brilliant creator and use that capacity to create something that’s fun? Regardless of how you go about it, reflection is an important part of the learning process. Also consider a relaxing massage if you’re looking for another natural way to relieve tension.
For example, when you’re learning how to do something new, like driving a car, isn’t doing something “wrong” like pushing the gas pedal instead of the brake just part of learning how to do it correctly?
In nature, for instance, fires are considered a normal part of the cycle of life – fires actually help to regenerate the land and assist specific plants and animals to grow. If I can acknowledge that some challenging problem I now have to deal with (say, financial debt) was actually something that I created (whether I was aware of it or not), then I can empower myself. If I view it as this terrible thing that just “happened” to me, I stay in a state of victimhood, or disempowerment.
But when you live near a forest and there’s a raging fire that threatens your home, we consider that a bad thing (negative judgment).
Choosing to acknowledge that I created the situation helps me to recognize that I have an incredible potency to create as well as to change things. Nature itself doesn’t have a point of view about it either way, we humans are the ones who do.
Several hundred years ago, being plump was considered highly attractive (look at a Rubens painting, for example). If I can create something like debt on a grand scale, then what if I could create money to the same degree? We spend our lives categorizing everything we do or experience in life into two categories, or polarities: good or bad, right or wrong, best or worst, etc.
While in other parts of the world, even today, being round in shape is a sign of abundance and desirability.

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