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Special thanks to our users roxy, Stephen Marshal Bove, Rachel Bloom, viliguns, Gracie Soltero, Kyle Jamison, 17noveL, Avatarconner, Joel Olofsson, David Parkinson, Andrew A. For this list, we’re looking at couples who stayed unmarried for the majority of the show’s run – however they’re still eligible if they end up getting hitched near the end of the series. Jim and Pam took audiences through a whirlwind of office flirtation, and for the longest time Jim remained king of the friend zone while Pam was perpetually engaged to the warehouse boy.
While this pair was initially introduced as enemies, we knew there was going to be more to their relationship – and they turned out to be a dynamic-duo.
For years, they were stuck in a cycle of dating, breaking up, sleeping together, rekindling, breaking up again, etc.

In a place where everybody knows your name, the ones of most concern to us were Sam and Diane. It took them almost 17-years to realize that boys and girls can’t just be neighborly friends, despite having grown up childhood besties.
An odd couple pairing like no other; he’s the snooty psychiatrist, she’s the eccentric physical therapist. Bringing us on a ride of break-ups and make-ups, their relationship dominated the show’s storyline for the first five seasons. Feeney’s sarcastic discipline towards Cory and Shawn as they made a mockery of class, while quiet and brainy Topanga sat in front of them playing teacher’s pet?

They wona€™t be able to contact you or comment on your strips and you wona€™t see their comics anymore.

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