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If your marriage has fallen apart, there is a strong likelihood that you would be going through a miserable time. Surround yourself with your loved ones, the people who genuinely care for you and make you happy.
Now that your marriage is over, you need to look at the future and decide where you want to go from this point.
Making a routine will keep you busy and give you very little time to sit down and think about the depressing events that have recently taken place in your life. Remember, faking a smile or forcing a happiness can only make you even sadder at the end of the day.
Getting divorced is not the greatest feeling in the world and definitely not the easiest one to cope with. Thinking about the two things that are no longer there would only make you feel more miserable and keep you from moving on. You will be tempted to get in touch with them, but learn to control these temptations and stay away from them.
However, you must battle these thoughts and counter them by thinking positive and happy thoughts.

This will not only allow you to feel relaxed, but will also make it easier for you to remain positive. Change is always welcomed and right now you need to be reminded all the time how thing can turn overnight, for better.
After a breakup, you really need to get your mind of it so, the best thing you could do is RSVP with yes on every invite you get. It’s more fun, more inspiring and even when working out, girls talk can be done and that one usually rise a smile on your face.
Traveling will open new horizons to you and changing a city or a country even for few days, will make you breath easier knowing the chances of running into him are equal to zero. The worst thing when it comes to breakups is that you never really know if it’s completely over. This different hairstyle will boost you with confidence needed to achieve new goals, loves, adventures. Plus, you will see there is much more in the world you didn’t experience and seen yet.
Allowing oneself to stay trapped in this state would only make one feel worse, which is why it is extremely important to start making an effort to get back on one’s feet and start living life again.

If you are not used on working out and you know to start is the hardest part, here you can motivate yourself and get in action. You were living without your spouse before and you will surely be able to live without them after divorce. They will cheer you up, you will cry on their shoulder,  they will take you out and they will make you understand how beautiful you really are, no matter if he is by your side. Do not be surprised if you feel depressed from time to time, that is ok and that is normal.
Now, let’s be optimistic and just figure out how to get over him as soon as possible.
Don’t waste time in regret and wonder, rather spend time in planning the upcoming events.
You will enjoy the process and just like that, you will be ready for a new, fresh and healthy love.

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