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You have permission to say no to demands on your time that don’t light you up, and don’t give energy back to you.
You have the right to not give a crap what’s happening outside your world, and keep your energy focused on what you are creating. You have the right to say no whenever you like, however you like, in whatever kind of voice you like, without feeling like only Mean Girls Say No and Nice Girls Say Yes. You have the right to get angry and self-righteous, and to also glean the wisdom from those emotions. You have the right to not be more like anyone else in the world, even if you think they are better, wiser or more popular.
You have permission to not accept friendship requests on Facebook, or anywhere else in your life. You have the right to not go to your school reunion, unless it really excites you and delights you, and you would love to really heart-reconnect with people you went to school with.
You have the right to not be interested in the newest fad: harem pants, geek glasses, polaroid cameras, scrapbooking, macrame.

You have the right to be a disappointment to some people, as long as you’re not a disappointment to yourself. You have the right to believe in things that other people think are very very odd and strange. You have the right to say bugger off to anyone who has ever told you that you’re not good enough, you’re not worth it, you are not beautiful, you are not lovable and you are not the most divine, wise, delicious Goddess to walk the planet. This entry was posted in Book Of Shadows and tagged Dream, Energy, Fairies, Goddess, Spirit on November 30, 2015 by kimberley. They are leading you to where your boundaries are, and where they have been crossed, and what you need to do from now on. You also have permission to be totally obsessed with them, if it makes your heart light up. You have permission to surround yourself with people who are good and loving and nurturing to you. You have permission to think some people are smigging ice-cream with chocolate and wafers and sprinkles and cherries on top.

To feel when things are off, and to remove yourself from them, even when you don’t quite know why. Box 46548, Mount Clemens, Michigan 48046.No information submitted by a buyer will be shared or sold with third parties or be used for any other purpose than to complete a transaction or address a customer service concern. Yes and No have equal weighting – what’s important is if you use them when they are the best thing for you, not out of fear, obligation or guilt.
If it can be done during Sagittarius, all the better.You can strengthen the magic by wearing blue clothes and loading thecandles with sandalwood essential oil. Calculate this by adding together the day, the month and theyear you were born, then adding the digits of the answer together. That done,kneel in front of it, light the white candle and meditate on your heart’sdesire, visualizing your wish coming true.

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