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Data visualisation is, quite rightly, a hot topic at the moment for those of us involved in quantitative research. There are key principles around the use of graphics such as pie charts, bar or column charts, line charts, and scatter charts that were identified when our industry was in its infancy.
So, when you are presenting concentrate on the key story the data is telling and whether you are using the right sort of chart to clearly convey it. Legamaster - the name for professional visual communication - has successfully established its place in the market with its vast range of highly practical, well thought-out products. For more than 50 years Legamaster has been actively adapting its range to the latest communication technology trends and developments. The Legamaster label is part of the internationally renowned edding group, the leading manufacturer of high-quality marking and writing instruments, practising and maintaining the philosophy of its parents company.
It is a philosophy which ensures the high quality of all its products on the international stage, backed by local distribution and customer support. The success of this approach is clearly visible: the Legamaster name stands for an even wider selection of products and better service. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Time slips past unnoticed and before you know it you’re well on your way back to where you were before.
If we want to keep our bodies looking fabulous and our health and fitness in check, we simply cannot go back to doing all the things that made us fat and unhealthy in the first place.

So, please, take that on-a-diet-off-a-diet straight jacket off your brain and embrace the concept of forever lifestyle change! When I was training for competition, my coach required photos of me every week, even though she saw me in person every Friday! Now this one will either appeal to you or not, and you’ll either have the technical ability to do it or not (assuming you want to use a computer that is.
That’s a bit tricky when it comes to changing your body, you have to see it improve as you go. Using your starting photos to push you away from where you are is a negative reinforcement technique and an approach that doesn’t work for everyone.
Using a visualisation picture to drive you forward to where you want to be is a positive reinforcement technique. When I was training for the South African World Beauty, Fashion and Fitness (WBFF) show in 2013 I put together a collage of images of the, now, three times world champion Fitness Diva model Andrea Brazier. Before being set back due to tearing the ligaments in my left ankle during training, Fitness Diva Model was the category I was going to compete in – if you’re aiming to go up against the best in the world then you need to think like them, eat like them and do what they do to look like they do!
Turn the volume up, press play, engage in a bit of crazy not-taking-yourself-at-all-seriously shufflin’ and see if you don’t feel a bit brighter after!
However, in the drive to make our visual presentations more interesting and engaging are we in danger of forgetting the key purpose – to communicate clearly the story the numbers are telling. Books such as Graphic Presentation by Willard Brinton, Practical Charting Techniques by Mary Spear, and Envisioning Information by Edward R Tufte can still teach us a lot about these fundamental principles.

By offering products, such as interactive boards, touch screens, whiteboards, flipcharts and rail systems, Legamaster creates an environment that will enable their clients to achieve success. Ergonomics, durability, innovation, quality and pleasing functional design are locked within their vision. The last thing I want is a record of how terrible I look!” but this is one of THE best pieces of advice I have for you.
Not very often, but I do have them) the right music can get me completely in the mood within minutes. There are songs that can put you on top of the world and there are songs that can dump you into the pits of doom and gloom.
Wow – it’s in 3D!  It looks great!  However, I quickly realised it’s actually quite hard to read the data and see key comparisons.  A simple side by side column chart does the job much better.
Crowded bar charts with no effort made to sort the data, for instance by size or similarity of meaning.

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