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Many people find those two words extremely difficult to say, but a true apology will need them.
Depending upon the degree of your slip-up, a tangible act of atonement may be called for: a handwritten note, a bouquet of flowers, or a special homemade meal. Fun ways to exercise altruism—and maybe even get fitter and healthier while you're at it. One can argue that varying levels of creativity exist in most ideas used to solve problems. Do highly creative individuals inherit this ability or is it a function of the environment in which they develop? Why do highly creative people tend to see things far differently than others, almost as if they seek the opposite of obvious thought? Answers to these questions can run counter to popular myths that tend to distort what creativity truly means.
How creativity is wired into our genomic (DNA) structure, how most creative type people are born that way, and how child prodigies are gifted with creative abilities that lead to extraordinary achievement. How one must have a high IQ as a basis to be highly creative, how it’s typically the really gifted individuals that are truly the creative types. How the “lone genius” working in isolation is able to create far more effectively than teams of like-minded individuals. How extraordinary ideas come to us in a sudden ah-ha type revelation, almost like an epiphany. The short answer is that each of these four myths is false; they do not provide an accurate account of what it takes to be creative (as in the higher order definition).
If one was to profile a creative type individual, it is likely that certain traits would take shape. Being creative may mean being able to think differently and come up with many more ideas than the average person.
Being creative may mean that one learns new ideas by teaching themself a particular skill or discipline, rather than being spoon-fed information in standard education settings. Creative people are effective at associating current thoughts with past memories; they can connect related topics to uncover new ideas that escape most other people. Creative people typically work harder and longer than the average person, and usually because they are passionate about their work. Creative people tend to play off each other, to create synergy and stimulate thought while sharing ideas.
Building on these general traits, certain themes come into focus that may help further the discussion on creativity. Leadership: Often times leaders struggle at being able to build and sustain teams of highly-creative individuals. Culture: Promoting an open work culture that embraces social capital and extended people networks can produce a wide range of ideas. Being able to associate what worked elsewhere to current challenges, albeit different settings, is core to fueling creativity. Having a diverse team of participants can help avoid the “group think” mentality that can happen when the same individuals (and way of thinking) under the same leadership are put on teams.
Being able to see the “big picture” of what needs to be solved is a critical component of creativity. It became obvious when outlining this paper that a topic as complex as creativity cannot be seriously covered in one post.
ROBERT is a practitioner-scholar who has held executive and operational positions in multiple industries. Previous Previous post: Is Silicon Valley A Laggard In Best Workplace Practice ?Next Next post: Want Double-Digit Growth? Other causes include hormonal imbalance, stress, poor diet, weak thyroid health and hectic life style. If you have deficiency of protein in your diet, it can also give rise to hair fall and baldness. If you have bald patch in your head, a well known counter medication can be named as Minoxidil. Whatever be the reason for hair loss in men there are some methods to lessen the loss of hair and to keep the hair healthy. Massage the skull with a warm mixture of castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil flax seed oil and almond oil. Apply a mask of egg, pure organic coconut oil; pure honey, and two tablespoons of lemon juice. After shampooing the egg mask create a scrub by mixing granulated sugar with brown sugar and olive oil and rub it in the scalp for 2-3 minutes and rinse it properly. Men suffering from the condition of baldness can take vitamin and iron supplements for hair growth. Certain Ayurveda physicians claim the growth of new hair on a bald scalp by using triphala powder, radish or white onion and black sesame seeds oil. Olive oil is good for hair growth and there are different ways to apply olive oil on your hair to stop baldness and get back new shafts of hair.
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Science has improved immensely over the years, and it has provided complete and permanent hair solutions for men suffering from bald patches on their scalp and complete hair baldness. Two important Wall Street Journal stories yesterday shed light on the pay inequities and difficulties many women face after taking time out to leave the workforce, perhaps to raise a family or handle elder care duties.
In the Journal’s story, Women in Elite Jobs Face Stubborn Pay Gap, reporters Janet Adamy and Paul Overberg examined U.S.
The Journal’s ace work columnist Sue Shellenbarger, in Returning to Work After a Break, offered advice to a former space-station flight controller eager to get back into the workforce after leaving 16 years ago to raise her kids. To learn more about the reentry internships, join the million-plus people who’ve watched Cohen’s TED talk — How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break — below. Your woman broke up with you and you’re either feeling devastated, frustrated or just fed up with not having her in your life anymore.
You want her back more than anything, but if you don’t know the right way to go about getting your ex back, chances are she’ll be gone for good. When a woman breaks up with a man, most guys are shocked by the news and will repeatedly ask her why she’s leaving him.
She figures that if he wasn’t paying attention to the hints she was trying to get across to him in the past, why should she bother to tell him now.
Before she decided to break up with her man, she would have dropped many clues about her unhappiness for months and in some cases years. If her man doesn’t recognize her hints and act upon them early, when the end comes, she surely isn’t going to spell it out for him. On the other hand, some women won’t even know exactly why things have stopped working in her relationship.
For her, it was just a feeling of discontentment, so asking her why she wants to break up is pointless. When a breakup takes place, the unfortunate guy will often rush into apologizing and promising to change. Also, by taking the blame, especially without understanding her reason and her need to call it quits, the man will only put himself into a weakened position with her, which is extremely unattractive to a woman. However, what most of us don’t realize is that the writers of TV shows and movies inject LOADS of drama and relationship problems into the show to make us feel entertained. Writers also play out stories where the “nice guy” gets the girl by being super nice to her, saying lots of sweet things and helping her out in a time of need. Likewise, when we see TV shows and movies depicting long-term relationships, they usually have huge problems, affairs, deception, etc.
They want a masculine man that they have a strong attraction for and not a guy who shows his emotions in such a weak way, or who breaks down and cries when he is challenged.
I got so angry at my ex for cheating on me and dumping me that I swore at her and threatened to hurt her (I didn’t hurt her though). It took me MANY years to learn what it means to be a man and to be the sort of guy who doesn’t lash out in anger, become emotional or have any weak points or insecurities.
Even if the decision to break up the relationship was hers, it doesn’t mean that she’s going to just move on right away without needing any time to lick her own wounds and heal.
If the guy begins bombarding her with phone calls, cards, texts, love letters, e-mail messages or other forms of communication telling her over and over how much he loves her and wants her back, her need for distance, space and time to heal and get her head together is going to become even greater. If she feels overwhelmed by the unwanted attention from her ex, she likely will want to break off all communication with him.
When he suggests that type of arrangement, she, on the other hand, will recognize what he’s doing and will quickly turn down his proposal of friendship or will continually make up excuses as to why she can’t see him or talk to him. Guys in that situation will often feel as though they still have a chance and will be behaving in ways that actually push the woman away, rather than draw her back into a relationship.
Think about Jake: The guys in your community who are the most adored by women are not the ones who chase women around, hoping to be chosen by the woman. Jake, if you let women tell you how to behave in terms of dating, you will be rejected, overlooked and pushed around by them. I’ve helped heaps of guys get their ex back in situations where the woman has said, “I HATE YOU! If you feel your situation is hopeless, then it’s up to you whether you want to change it.
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Sometimes it’s best to let the intense feelings cool a bit before attempting to assuage them. The stores we visit, people we interact with, and decisions we make are typically pretty focused on how to make our own lives easier or better.
Do you have a reputation for coming up with unique and resourceful ideas to solve challenging problems? Similar to being “innovative,” which is bantered so much in marketing propaganda, it seems as if virtually every product is deemed creative in one way or another.
However, to what degree depends on whether creativity is interpreted with an upper case “C” or lower case “c.” This paper focuses on the upper case “C” interpretation.
It is here that practical experience and theory converge to take some of the mystery out of being creative.
As Ashton shared in his stories, creation is a function of several variables that come together to produce completely novel ways of thinking.
Using Ashton’s book and a couple of other sources cited below as reference, the following list of traits is proposed to give high-level insight into the creative mind.
For instance, what Henry Ford was to automobiles, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs to the personal computer, and Mark Zuckerberg to social networks, helps to illuminate what some self-taught (autodidact) creators can accomplish.

The stories outlined in Ashton’s book reveal the degree by which highly creative type people consumed themselves in their work when trying to solve a problem.
Not only is it difficult to recognize hidden talents when forming teams, leaders tend to be overwhelmed with competing needs that require constant attention. The point here is that multiple viewpoints are needed to fully explore, collaborate on ideas, and resolve problems. While creativity is not something that can be easily taught, it’s possible for someone to further hone their skills, to rediscover their curious nature and explore new sources of ideas far more than in the past.
We learn from Systems Thinking how the whole system works together as an interconnected entity, how an idea in one area is part of a broader solution at the macro level. Plans are to expand on this initial post through follow-on segments based on reader feedback. Instead, it is based on findings of a general nature derived from non-random stories and opinions. This author found it comforting from Ashton’s stories to know that even composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart struggled with his symphonies, how Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein spent years proving his theory of relativity, and acclaimed painter Wassily Kandinsky labored for months doing multiple sketches before creating the desired outcome.
His Doctorate degree (2012) in Management offers expertise in the areas of organizational change, leadership theory, and sustaining organizational growth. Hair loss and baldness makes a huge difference not only in the personality of the men but also in their confidence.
The male testosterone converts into Di-Hydro-Testosterone (DHT) with the help of Alfa reductase enzymes. Since production of keratin in your body is necessary to start the growth in your hair once again.
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Green tea intake would help to improve their digestion and act as an anti-toxicant for the harmful contaminants and pollutant in the body.
It can take over your every thought, and turn a once happy person into someone obsessed with another's possessions, qualities, or day-to-day life. After you read about them below, I recommend you watch a terrific TED talk by Carol Fishman Cohen (How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break, at the bottom of this blog post), CEO of iRelaunch, on how growing numbers of companies are on a mission to attract such women — and men — through novel reentry internship programs (more on them shortly). Census Bureau data on pay of full-time workers in 446 major occupations from 2010 and 2014. Male personal financial advisers earned about $100,000 a year, on average, while women made about $62,000.
Shellenbarger suggested signing up for academic or professional training programs to update skills or looking for a paid internship for returning engineers and tech workers that includes retraining.
Five financial services companies (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, MetLife, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse) have formal reentry programs, too, and hundreds of people have participated in them. The new ventures “will help the professionals who are returning, and ultimately the employers who hire these energized and enthusiastic high performers,” Cohen added. Most people do NOT know how to get an ex back and when it comes to guys trying to get their ex back, the mistakes are common and global. The fact is that she likely gave the guy clues for a long time and he never picked up on them, so when he starts asking her why she’s doing it, it only annoys her more. Women just don’t want to take on that role for a guy when it comes to a relationship. When she does break the news, it’s likely the result of something she’s been thinking about for a long time.
She figures if he didn’t get the message long before the breakup, then she wants no part of discussing her unhappiness with him now.
She just knows that she feels a loss of attraction for him and she probably can’t even explain the specific behavior he exhibited (or didn’t exhibit) that was turning her off. The problem is that if he doesn’t understand why the woman dropped him, the apology will be full of words and statements that mean nothing to her. She doesn’t want a guy who is willing to say anything, including taking exclusive blame for something he doesn’t even understand he did or didn’t do, just to win her back. Most of us don’t grow up around male role models who have a successful, loving and passionate relationship with their woman. Rarely does a TV show or movie show a happily loving couple without any problems apart from the occasional disagreement, which they then discuss and become closer over as a result. These days, I am emotionally bullet-proof and because of that, women feel a deep, lasting and intense attraction for me.
If only I had someone like me to help me out back when I got dumped many years ago, I would have been able to turn the situation around and get her back.
In my program Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I explain exactly what to say to her so she forgives the crying, whining or begging and gives you another chance. In my program Get Your Ex Back: Super System, I provide you with TESTED contact examples to use via Facebook, phone and text so she opens back up to you and wants to see you in person. What usually happens is that the man will attempt to coax his ex into believing that he’ll be satisfied with “just being friends.” He usually believes that if he can get her to keep talking to him and spending time with him, she’ll eventually realize that he’s a great guy and will want him back. Whatever form of “trickery” a guy employs will usually make getting his ex back less likely. The guys who are confident, believe in their value to women and reject women whom they don’t want are the ones who have their choice with women. My system gives you a strategy for how to get her attention, then what to say to her to get her to forgive you and want to see you in person.
She needs you to be more of a challenge for her to keep interested, rather than being 100% interested in her no matter how badly she treats you.
Only when a woman respects her man, feels attracted to him and feels lucky to be receiving his love, will she then appreciate any material objects he has given her.
Maybe you made a sarcastic remark about your date’s new hairstyle … or criticized her parents … or attempted a joke that came across as a put-down. But if you want to live in a happy and healthy community, you should be actively contributing to that environment.
That is, a higher order definition of what it truly means to be creative through novel or unique ideas aimed to solve problems. For instance, how Kelly Johnson and his Skunk Works team at Lockheed combined discovery, ideation, and prototyping to validate new ideas that resulted in the first jet aircraft for the U.S. As a generalization, one is able to take an introspective look at how they fit within this profile, as well as their fellow colleagues, bosses, and outside consultants when it comes to exhibiting these creative traits. Film producer George Lucas stands out as a quintessential student whose interests include anthropology, history, sociology, neuroscience, digital technology, and interior design.
Andreasen’s research revealed how peoples’ cognitive abilities vary when faced with the same stimuli while monitoring brain wave activity. Apple cofounder Steve Jobs took on risk while popularizing the mantra “think different” with novel, cutting-edge ideas never tried before.
He argued that pairing up the right individuals can generate a level of “creative tension,” a relationship that can lead to greater novelty, divergence, and creativity. Team members should recognize the value of outside thinking, how different disciplines and experiences help to uncover fresh ideas. By applying its navigational capabilities to the commercial sector (from its military origin), many new ideas came to life where additional value and uses were realized. Creative individuals tend to know how ideas come together to make everything work as a whole. You are encouraged to comment and offer suggestion of where more focused discussion on creativity would be of interest. As a strategist, he looks to leverage core competencies and unique offerings to enable new opportunities and business growth.
The bald head makes them excessively conscious, and at times, in some cases, men get so paranoid that they prefer hiding in the closet rather than stepping out of the house with their bald head.
This male pattern baldness is also called androgenic alopecia because it is associated with the presence of hormones that control the male characteristic called androgens. These DHT receptors cause the shortening of the hair follicle, which leads to prevention of hair growth and eventually the hair begin to fall. Then the olive oil will have the properties of cumin seeds and you can rub the oil on your sculp.
Then it is time for you to cause straining of the mixture and then you can apply the same on the hair. If used on regular basis then the heat makes the scalp and the hair roots dry the oil preserved by them, which causes hair loss and leads to hair baldness, thereafter. It provides a long-term solution to the bald scalp problem widely seen in men in the recent years. For physicians, the gap was even larger: Male doctors earned roughly $210,000 annually and females earned 64 percent of that — about $135,000 a year. Cohen, the TED Talk speaker I mentioned from iRelaunch (it’s the co-leader of the task force and a provider of group coaching and classes for returning professionals) who was a relauncher herself, told Shellenbarger that more employers are expected to start similar programs in 2017. If this example rings true for you, it’s very likely you do need to make some changes before you can go about getting your ex back.
Instead, most of us grow up looking at TV and movies and hoping that we can learn that way. I called my mother up and cried, telling her, “She cheated on me and now she wants to break up! What you will say to her has been tested by 100s of my phone coaching clients who have been able to get their ex back successfully. She likely loved you and thought you and her would be together for life and now she has to work out how she feels about that, while on her own.
I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. She is most-likely SAYING that she likes men to chase her because she finds it difficult to attract the men she wants and wants men to make it easier for her. Always remember: Relationships break up and get back together all the time, all over the world. I remember texting her and we had a brief conversation (light hearted) and then I didn’t hear anything from her for a few months. The woman will move on if the guy doesn’t guide her back into feelings of love, respect and attraction for him. No Contact is a silly amateur technique MADE UP by people who were TRYING to help people get their ex back.
You’ve got to make her FEEL the emotions she needs to feel to WANT to get back with you.
Your situation is common and I’ve personally helped 100s of guys get their ex girl back under those circumstances. If you learn from us here at The Modern Man, you will realize that you don’t have to play games with women like that. The more straight up you are about things, the more people will respect you, trust you and like you. Been carryin on that self improviment mentality yet out a the blue I found out she’s gonna start datin someone. It is a tested system and all you need to do is follow the simple steps, say what I recommend you say to her and she’ll want to start seeing you again. That being, focus on making her feel attracted to you and want her, but don’t need her.
There are a ton of tiny adjustments you can make to your usual routine that will require minimum effort by you, but will have a maximum impact on your community.
For the vast majority – especially those that desire to strengthen or improve their creative abilities – this article is intended to promote a better, more useful understanding of how to get back into the groove.
The big C in Creativity refers to ideas that are new or seldom done within a particular field or industry setting. Creation is a destination; it is the path one takes to research, think, and act on unique ideas that hopefully solve a problem. His ability to think across a broad spectrum of interests allows for novel ideas to emerge.

Analogous to farming, it takes a lot of ideas to seed the landscape from which valuable creations get produced. It seems logical that self-study knowledge seekers would rely on their natural curiosity and inner drive as a means to discover fresh ideas.
Elevated activities that involved the brain’s association cortices were shown to be more active among highly-accomplished subjects than those with similar characteristics in a control group. In more modern times, James Dyson – inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner – failed 5,127 prototype tests before confirming that his product worked. Apple was close to bankruptcy in 1997 as Jobs and company were focusing R&D efforts on bold innovations.
As Lennon and McCartney did, some teams learn to work together, share thought, and challenge each other to think differently. And yet having a creative team with the right mix of intellectually-curious people from diverse backgrounds can profoundly impact the ability to discover, ideate, and solve problems. Should value creation be a priority, those involved in pitching ideas and making decisions need to be open to new ways of solving problems. Emerging technologies are an invaluable source of new ideas that can be used in different ways.
In addressing this need, the sections above established common terminology on creativity, raised thought-provoking questions, exposed myths, and presented several characteristics generally found in creative people.
Nowadays, many surgical and non-surgical methods are available for restoring hair on the head. These are wonderful remedies which can really encourage the re-growth of hair and can even help in improving the quality of hair in men.
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Their ingredient which ensures durability of the hairstyle causes immense hair loss even after a single use. The ones who under-wash the hair, suffer from hair loss which causes hair baldness, because the dirt on the scalp makes the hair root lose its strength required to provide the ability to hold in. The process involves minute skin plugs constituting of one or several hair being implanted, by the dermatologists, on the bald areas of the affected scalp.
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Yet, none of those want to pursue her at all because she’s likely not worth pursuing.
Just like the random lady being quoted in the article, the journalists are also not attraction and dating experts who’ve done years of testing and research to come to their conclusions. I haven’t since she broke up with me, she went travelling and even though I have had more women here and there I have wondered what would it be like with her now that I have changed for the better. I then text her again and we spoke, I seen her a short while after while I was with mutual friends but she was distant. It’s not a technique than an expert like me recommends because I actually do help guys get their ex back and many times, a guy should call his ex IMMEDIATELY. It’s actually nice to be able to move on without regret (or even bitterness), and start to go out and meet new people. Never thought it would bother me mate since I been dating lately but now it got me feelin all kinds of weirdness.
She introduced me to her friends and cousins and some family members even her little daughter. And if you do have time to spare, trading an hour of vegging out on the couch for volunteering can help boost your mood, your fitness level, and even your lifespan. What triggered the urge to address this question points to Kevin Ashton’s book “Teaching a Horse to Fly: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery” (2015).
Value represents the perceived emotion associated with an outcome, whether it is tied to a new product, better way to operate, or new discovery.
In contrast, a subject matter expert with deep knowledge primarily in one field is constrained to a narrower range of interests to draw from when creating. The study results suggest that people vary in their ability to use their brain, how some are able to associate and make connections better than others that can lead to original thought, perhaps from a past experience or memory of a relevant book. Playing it safe can run counter to coming up with untried ideas with strong value potential. So too is having an active leadership team that fully understands all that is necessary to produce the right type of environment for employees, business partners, and customers to come together and transform creative ideas into valuable outcomes. This requires a work culture that is agreeable to change and not afraid to take calculated risks.
He brings practical knowledge and experience in enabling organizations to transform good ideas to innovative products. Men need to consult the correct dermatologist to first detect the reason for such an unwanted and undesirable happening.
This will help in opening the nerves of the head andremoves the phlegm which causes premature hair fall. This mixture should be applied to the affected areas t least three to four times in a week. And whenever these hair products are used, it should be made sure that the hair is treated with quality conditioners and protectors before and after applying the hair products.
Women tend to make decisions based on how they feel and I will teach you how to make her feel GOOD to be talking to you again. It’s all taught in the system) and then get her on the phone and get her forgiveness. All he has to do is say the right things on the phone and she’ll be interested in meeting up with him.
Just be yourself, but ensure that you are being a great person who has the best interests of others at heart.
In brief, what do I do to restore the respect and attraction as the man in the relationship? I leaned from her that she was looking forward to settling and wanted a serious relationship which actually was on the lines of something I kinda wanted as well. Check out these 10 creative, powerful, and pretty fun ways you can give back to your community. Similar to Malcolm Gladwell’s style of storytelling, Ashton attempts to uncover the truths and myths behind creativity. For instance, the iPhone’s initial launch in 2007 was a Creative product with its first-of-its-kind features on a single device.
It takes a committed individual with faith to push forward, not in stubbornness but rather in sensing new discovery. Clearly the right composition of like-minded individuals needs to come together, while being able to respect personal differences, value diversity in background, and trust one another to make each more complete. Accordingly, highly creative individuals can see things and recognize potential uses that escape most others on the team. Small minds discuss people.” Perhaps it’s time to start thinking differently about unsolved problems, to ask more questions and search for fresher ideas with unique qualities that can lead to meaningful results.
Regularly using coconut milk on your scalp will also help you by nourishing the hair tissues. What I think led to this was that I was a bit guarded when I spoke to her considering the awkwardness surrounding the break up. Meaning that I don’t really do the casual sex thing as I find the trust, companionship, and love in a relationship intoxicating and welcoming. Interesting stories of famous and infamous people are used to underscore what it takes to be creative. In contrast, one could argue that the iPhone 6 release (2015) was a lower case “c” in creativity while absent of any truly novel features.
This process should be repeated for at least four times in a week and now you can see the better results happening in time. If she’s not picking up the phone, I give you the texts to send to get her to pick up the phone. Soon after that I thought it be a good idea if I introduce her so my circle of friends and gradually my family maybe. Much of what Ashton writes about sounds like plain “horse sense,” yet he introduces new concepts intended to help us to think differently, to better understand the essence of being creative.
This shortcoming in novelty may have contributed to Apple’s first year-to-year revenue loss since 2003 when comparing the first quarter revenue between 2015 and 2016. If she’s un-friended you from Facebook, I give you the exact messages to send her to get her to add you. Honey can also be used along with the yolk of an egg for stimulating the growth of the hair.Mix some egg yolk with some honey and apply it to the affected portion of the scalp. Not necessarily situational specific ones, but ones that could really be used anywhere and with any woman? Sad thing that her little girl doesn’t have a father figure whatsoever because her real dad never sees her. So that day I had a bad day but I didn’t mention anything about it we went out on a double date. You could also try applying a mixture of honey and lemon juice on the affected regions of the scalp. One place I see lots of beautiful women is at the gym, but conversation starters are hard to think of in that instance (just an example). After that night I teased her about not giving her the keys to drive but I did at the end when I saw she was serious. I have wondered though if a man who is very confident is sometimes intimidating to women, who will then automatically turn him down because they feel insecure and that he won’t accept them due to his confidence level. Seeing as I was in s drunken state I got upset I didn’t yell at her or cursed at her but I did throw a few things in her face that I did for her because I felt at that moment that she was treating me like crap by kicking me out of her car.
Didn’t speak to her the next day until the following day in the after noon j texted her if she was still upset.
After she told me that she doesn’t forgive or forget and its easier for her to just drop the relationship and move on than put up with crap like that. She told me that she almost convinced herself that it was over no matter how she felt about me. She assumed that I did that on purpose which I honestly didn’t and she invited me over. I saw her a few days later and I told her to come outside for a few because I do road side assistance every other week at my job. She came outside and j just gave her a few really long kisses a slap on the ass and a hug and left. Memorial weekend came around and we were still kinda texting back and forth but her texts were no longer babe or love just regular texts. I didn’t see her that weekend but my feelings were killing me and I wanted to see her on Monday.
She told me she was going out with a friend who was picking her up she would hit me up later. I asked why and she said not everyone knows she has a boyfriend and she doesn’t publicize it. She texts me out of the blue later that afternoon that she couldn’t get me a ticket for her daughters graduation and some of her family members either. That’s when I finally bought your getting your ex girlfriend back super system and just started watching it. I know what I need to do now in order for things to go well with me but there are a few things. I hope that j didn’t push her completely away and I see that she still wears my necklace I got her. I appreciate the time you take to read my post I know its alot but I wanted to be as descriptive as possible.

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