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Dank 20-Euro-Gutschein kommen Sie bei Saturn extrem günstig an die Western Digital My Cloud 3TB. Um den Rabatt zu bekommen, müssen Sie bei Ihrer Bestellung nur den Gutschein-Code eingeben, dann wird die Ersparnis abgezogen.
Cloud storage was the buzz word in 2013 and it has carried forward that status into 2014, too. So, how do you trust your personal data such as family pictures, confidential documents, videos and so much more, with third-party solution providers?
You can access your My Cloud device on your TV, media player, tablet, smartphone, and gaming console. You manage the My Cloud and other connected devices via the My Cloud Dashboard and use the WD My Cloud desktop app to manage your stored files and folders. Looks-wise, the My Cloud range of products from WD are very similar to the company’s My Book line of hard drives. Inside the box, the My Cloud comes with a small power adapter, a network cable, and a quick setup guide. Once everything is up and running, you can then go ahead and connect your computers and mobile devices with WD’s free desktop and mobile apps.
The WD’s My Cloud desktop interface has six tabs on top for Home, Users, Shares, Cloud Access, Safepoints, and Settings that will take the user to more customizations.
WD has also released the WD My Cloud mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to view photos, stream video, and access your files from anywhere on your smartphones or tablets.
The My Cloud mobile app also has the ability to integrate major public cloud-services so that you can seamlessly transfer files between services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive. If you run a Windows PC, you can use the bundled WD SmartWare Pro software in order to schedule backups of your data.
Overall, the WD My Cloud is an effective and feature-rich solution if you want to setup your own personal cloud storage environment. Western Digital’s My Cloud network-attached storage devices are great for storing your data, but they are single-bay devices that can’t offer capacity benefits or mind assuring redundancy of having a RAID array for your data. The WD My Cloud EX4 is available in four different storage capacities to help fit the storage criteria of various business and home user capacity needs. Inside the retail box you’ll find the four-bay My Cloud EX4, Ethernet cable, quick install guide and the power supply brick and mickey mouse style power cord. Since we are looking at the 8TB model it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that it is populated with four WD Red 2TB hard drives. The sides of the WD My Cloud EX4 have some small ventilation holes located along the top edge and the bottom of the enclosure has thick rubber feet to keep from scratching whatever it will be placed on. I have the 16 TB version of this NAS and I wish the fan was a little quieter as the NAS is in the living room. The WD My Cloud comes equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, USB 3.0 for easy storage extension, and has an intuitive interface that is incredibly easy to set up.
The units are passively cooled, which makes the venting around the top, back and bottom a required feature so the drive inside can easily shed its heat.
Overall the WD My Cloud is a very sleek, shiny, quiet and sturdy device, which is somewhat ironic since it will most likely live in the basement or wherever the Internet comes into a house. If a user wants to give someone access to their My Cloud all the user has to do is create a user account for that person on the NAS, generate an access code, and give that code to the person. WD includes a feature called Safepoint in the My Cloud admin, which can create snapshots of the My Cloud to protect against drive failure, something that always worries us with single-drive configurations. The iPad app is essentially the same as the iPhone, the only difference being the far right pane for viewing a photo.
Performance on a device like this is somewhat difficult to measure in terms of practical performance in the real world because there are so many network factors at play, like Internet speeds for mobile devices that may be accessing the NAS. The WD My Cloud is a slick looking powerful personal cloud device (NAS) that anyone can use. Statt 159 Euro kostet Sie die externe Festplatte mit Netzwerkanschluss (NAS) für 139 Euro. We have seen a spurt in the number of cloud storage services that have come up in the last couple of years. WD has tried to address this problem and many more we face with storing personal data on the cloud, by launching the My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage System.

Well, it’s nothing but a NAS device with more user-centric features, an incredibly simple set up procedure, and managing it requires almost no expertise. If you need additional storage than what My Cloud offers, you can always connect an external hard drive via its USB 3.0 port to expand its capacity. Both pieces of software offer intuitive interfaces that have essentially zero learning curve. The casing around the hard drive is a simple white plastic case with silver edges and accents. Setting up the My Cloud is a piece of cake – connect the WD My Cloud to your router and plug it into the wall. Here on, you can then start transferring files from your devices, safely onto to My Cloud, freeing up valuable space on your laptops, PCs, tablets and smartphones.
With the mobile app as well, you can download files from the NAS server to the mobile device or back up files, such as photos and videos from the mobile device onto the NAS server. The mobile app also makes file sharing and collaborating simple and secure by allowing you to easily email files, share files as a link, and print and open files with third party apps. So you see, WD seems to have almost taken care of including anything and everything you can ever think of, when it comes to cloud storage with the My Cloud. Mac users meanwhile can have all the features of Time Machine to protect their data as well. The desktop client and the mobile apps make it a lot easier to access and download files, in addition to streaming content to DLNA-certified devices such as WD TV Live and Smart TVs.
Millions of people around the world have relied on single-bay or single-drive devices to backup their data. WD ships all the models with a standard RAID 5 array (block-level striping with distributed parity.) A RAID 5 array distributes parity along with the data and can handle a single drive failure. This is the first NAS device that we have ever seen that had both dual power and network redundancy. Overall the WD My Cloud EX4 appears to be well designed and built, so let’s take a peak inside and see what it looks like. It also features free and easy-to-use applications so users can upload, access and share from anywhere using a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. The enclosure has a shiny white plastic shell, with a matte branding inlay that wraps around from the front to right side.
The drive is meant to be used vertically, with four rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping on a flat surface.
Simply connect its power source and network port to a router and you’ve completed the physical setup.
It took us 3 minutes from plugging in to the My Cloud being running and accessible on the network. They then download and run the My Cloud mobile app (available for Android and iOS) and enter the code. Via the USB port or other networked drive, users can very simply set up a Safepoint job that runs on a schedule. It automatically establishes its network and relay settings to make outside access simple and turns on popular features like iTunes and DLNA servers for streaming music and video content and Time Machine for Mac backups.
This extra feature is very handy when you need to go through images quickly and clearly takes advantage of the additional viewing space on the tablet.
Each platform has a WD My Cloud application that provides easy access to the files on the NAS. To measure top end performance to and from the WD My Cloud, we transferred large movie files to and from the unit to gauge read and write speeds from our 1GbE office network. We found the My Cloud slowed under the heaviest loads but remained available, which is good. While some have stayed around and become more feature-centric, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and so on, many others have died a natural death, either due to lack of funds to keep their servers up and running, or due to various other reasons. This slim design takes the shape of a book and operates upright next to any router due to the fact it needs to be hardwired into the router via Ethernet cable. The My Cloud goes through a self-test that is indicated by the flashing LED light on the front and is ready for use in less than 40 seconds. The setup next made sure that our network was online, and detected and displayed the drive’s serial number, thereby assigning an IP address.

Another feature that works well is the Safepoints tab, which creates a restore point for the server by copying its entire contents onto an external hard drive connected via the USB 3.0 port or to another My Cloud unit.
A must-have if you are one of those who do not want their personal files scattered around the internet on umpteen cloud storage platforms. WD has noticed that there has been a major shift to multi-bay network attached storage (NAS) devices this year and market research shows that trend will continue in the years to come. All of the My Cloud EX 4 Personal Cloud Storage servers use WD Red hard drives that are optimized for high-performance NAS devices.
Only one power brick is included, but should one power or Ethernet port on the board go bad, you can quickly switch it to the other. I need to have a first NAS, at my office, with capacity of 16TB in Raid 5 with its reasonable price. However THAT really sucks because you can only set a single starttime and shutdown time per day.
Even the inlay has a slick look on the side, along with the drive access indicator light on the front. The back of the unit has the USB port, power port, Ethernet port, and Kensington lock slot.
All of the same features are here including the ability to email links to any of the files to friends and family.
In practical terms, the My Cloud could support 2-3 highly active users who are reading and writing to the device, which is likely more than what is required. Its performance is in line with expectations meaning the My Cloud will easily support the needs of today's modern family. Dank der My-Cloud-App haben Sie auch vom Smartphone oder Tablet jederzeit Zugriff auf Ihre Daten.
We were shocked to hear that WD would be coming out with a diskless option as they are a hard drive maker. One of the really nice features of the WD My Cloud EX4 is that all of the hot swappable hard drive bays are trayless and tooless!
User rights are also established in the admin, by default it creates a public folder, or share, for each user. We connected a My Passport 1TB drive via the USB port and the My Cloud found it and started backing up with no issues.
On the Mac the My Cloud shows up in Finder as a drive, just like the internal drive in a Mac, which makes interacting with the My Cloud in that way very simple. Of course we don't love that its single-bay, but at least they offer a Safepoint backup solution and larger units are en route. Those fees might be minimal now, but think ahead a few years and look at how rapidly you are adding pictures and videos to your current backup solution.
This means that when a drive fails that you just open the drive bay door swap the drive and close it.  The entire drive swapping process takes around five seconds per drive. Having the pair of USB 3.0 ports is also nice as you can back up your most critical data again to external hard drives or use them to expand your data storage capabilities. WD hits a lot of key points with the My Cloud with usability and tie ins to today's popular cloud service amongst the highlights. Sure, the cost of storage will go down over time, but most are generating more data now than ever.
Also it will force the shutdown even if you’re currently streaming or copying files to the NAS. The My Cloud line is certainly primed to grab substantial market share in what is currently a growing yet fragmented slice of the NAS market.
WD realized that they did not offer any multi-bay NAS devices for the consumer market, so they decided to come up with one.

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