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If you remember a few months back I was desperate to find out if Alexis was a boy or a girl.
As you can tell, such a measurement leaves a lot of room for error and the technician would have to be trained or experienced in this type of gender determination to say anything definitively. Our technician was not willing to even look at that type of thing, though our OB was very intrigued.
That was until one of my readers pointed out that I could extract a single frame from the ultrasound video we shot at the appointment, where you could see the angle of the nub. Well, as you all know, it turns out we ARE having a girl, so I thought I’d write about this method for all those other anxious parents out there.
I had an ultrasound today at 12 weeks, and right off the bat the UT tech said that she could tell the gender.
A terrific resource for everything baby name related. A fun baby name generator, 1st names, middle names, baby name polls, baby name community. It turns out  four  months is a long time to wait when you have a strong preference about the sex. All babies develop at their own speeds and one baby might point parallel at 13 weeks but then rise up over 30% (a boy), and another baby can have an obvious boy nub at 12 weeks. We were disappointed to not even get a little clue at 12 weeks, but there was nothing we could do….

It’s highly unlikely that she would be able to see an actual boy penis from that angle correctly. I had never heard of it before but of course am always intrigued (obsessed) with gender prediction. It counts down your pregnancy by the day and helps you keep track of your pregnancy as time ticks away! So some time during those 4 months, I bumped into  a way of determining the sex of the baby earlier (here). I wouldn’t have been disappointed in the method if it was wrong and I am definitely going to try to figure out the sex of our next baby when that time comes. I am going straight to my early ultrasound photos when I get home to see if I can see a nub.
However, when I looked at the screen, I noticed she was looking from the underneath angle, or potty angle I guess some call it. The baby was measuring a little ahead at 12 w 5 days, and the tech (a different one) told us that she was 95-98% sure of the sex… the same sex!!!! I want to have talks about boys, and girlfriends, and school, and cheerleading or any sports she’ll play. To me it looked like the nub was pointing down, but I could have been inventing things, because I wanted a girl so bad.

From my research, it seems that at this early, the genitals had to be seen from the side in order to have a good idea of the gender. I texted my friends the picture and the explanation to see if they are seeing the same thing, but they couldn’t really tell. But I’d say in 80% of the ultrasounds I saw,  (without any experience) I could easily guess the sex correctly. Also you can post a picture of your baby’s nub, and women who have seen quite a few of those, including some ultrasound techs, would attempt to give you their guess. I am pretty sure she is thinking boy, because what I saw looked like boy, but I know at this stage both genders have genitalia that looks like a penis.
I want to do all the girly things there are to do and all the boyish things she might want to do as well. The guests were treated to a lovely catered lunch, lemonade , champagne with fresh berries and a table full of delicious sweet treats.

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