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So many girls write to me about their relationships, and I do my best to give the advice that God lays on my heart. There are many factors that weigh into the decision to remain friends with an ex: length of time you dated, emotional investment, and who broke up with who. There are a lot of people who do stay friends with their exes, and that is their decision, but I think a lot of times all it leads to is allowing these people to fill emotional needs in your life that will keep you from being able to pursue a healthy relationship with someone that will actually be interested in sticking around. Just because they had their reasons for cutting you loose doesn’t mean that you are unworthy of love. So, like I said, there is no magical formula, but there are some logical and healthy reasons that you should get over your ex.
I needed to see this, thank you Lord for speaking to me and confirming something I already knew. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
There are so many of us hurting from past relationships, whether its our fault or not, sometimes we just need a little help getting through it. Hurt and pain doesn’t go away over night, and neither do our feelings for past relationships. I would love to give you a magic potion or a 5 step process to getting rid of unwanted feelings, but, unfortunately, I can not.
I think the ultimate choice should be up to the person who was broken up with, and, obviously, if you are trying to get over said ex, you probably didn’t do the dumping. You need to accept the fact that it is over, heal up your heart, and get out there and start exploring possibilities that may end in- oh, I don’t know- a successful relationship, maybe?

And although I don’t want to be single forever, I happen to enjoy being single a whole lot. Now, you can either choose to pine over a person who is choosing every day NOT to be with you, or can refocus your eyes back on your savior, put joy back into your heart by realizing all of his promises for you, and find someone who will light up your life with their complete adoration of your beautiful, Christ-consumed heart. I mourned over my ex for such a long time, it was a waste of time.wish all women could d read this and knw that they were created for a special reason by a father that loves them dearly, and yes has a plan!
I’m going through a really tough time in my life right now and everything you said, is just what I needed to hear. I really wish I would have came across this when I was struggling post break up with my ex a few months back.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). So, instead, I am going to give you just a few things to remember at those times when you feel sad, lonely, or just plain old overwhelmed. There are so many things I get to do and have and experience because I am single– because I can. I told some of them what was what {imagine that lol}, and the others, I had small conversations with, wished them well, and left it at that- no hard feelings. No matter what anybody says, being single is far smarter, easier, and more fulfilling than being in a wrong relationship any day of the week. I mean, you only really win once if marriage is the goal- and it should be the goal of dating.
The more you hold on to your ex, the more you communicate and still share your heart with that person, the more hold on to hope that you might possibly get back together, the more you get emotional needs met by this ex, the more the RIGHT person can’t get through.

Plain and simple, as long as I am single and unattached, I am open to the possibility of finding the man of my dreams.
Ultimately, you have to realize and own the fact that choice is yours, especially since there is no rule that says you have to be friends with your ex. Rarely do you think about all the things that were out of place, or off-key, or just plain stupidly wrong about the relationship. Secondly, if you wanted to talk to me everyday and keep up with my life, and thoughts, and emotions, you shouldn’t have broken up with me. You had your chance and I will not continue to share parts of my heart that are reserved for someone who deeply cares about me.
If we sit and cry and bang and scratch at the door that he has closed, how will we ever even notice, let alone walk through, the wonderful, beautiful doors that He is about to open? There are too many possibly reasons to even guess so I won’t even try, but the bottom line is that if it had been perfect, then you would still be together. These reasons, whether they were mutual or just the other person’s feelings, were very real.
In the end, they don’t want to be with you because of these reasons, and that is their decision. So answer this– why are you sad about ending a relationship with a person who didn’t want to be with you in the first place?

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