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Christina Aguilera was supposed to perform on the finale of "The Voice" on Monday night, with a hologramA of Whitney Houston. A guy from Washington DC decided to make a fake travel ad about how BAD it is to live in his city! Taylor Lautner (ex boyfriend of Taylor Swift & resident werewolf) has joined instagram and in his first video, he promised to give out Taylor Swift's phone number!
She was invited to attend a special prom in Detroit on Saturday, organized by Wish Upon a Teen - and she wanted her date to be Detroit Red Wings forward Riley Sheahan!
A meteor lit up the sky in New England the other morning and some people caught it on video! There's a woman with the guy in the truck arguing with a guy in the passenger seat of the car - and then the guy throws a DRINK at her! Infielder Christian Colon for the Kansas City Royals revealed that he and his wife are having a baby girl after he smashed a baseball and pink powder came out! Caroline Steingard shared an image of her brother Sam saying that he 'couldn't find a date' so took their cat, Ruby.
Ryan Phillippe is set to be the new Mark Wahlberg in the "Shooter" series that is coming to the small screen!

A woman in Florida was driving down the highway when a TURTLE hit her windshield and shattered it! Then, because people are so hard to please, the emails started coming in because they were offended by the act that someone told her to cover up live on air and felt like she was being shamed on live TV! The woman has since reached out and says she wasn't offended by any of it and it was actually her back-up dress.
They sincerely thought they were doing a service and helping the calf by trying to save it from the cold - it's the thought that counts! A venomous Eastern diamondback rattlesnake was in the backyard of a 7 year old girl and her family - and their German Shepard named Haus came to their rescue! The two animals went at it for awhile, neither backing down.A The snake bit the dog three times!
Ferris Fest is a three-day party inspired by the film which will happen this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (May 20-22)! There will be special screenings of the film at the John Hughes Theater in nearby Lake Forest, Illinois, with cast members on hand to answer Ferris questions.
There will also be a bus tour that lets fans walk in the footsteps of Ferris, Sloane, Cameron, and even Principal Rooney.

A re-creation of Ferris Buellera€™s room will be a part of Ferris Fest and there will be plenty of Ferris Bueller memorabilia. He claims that when Prince saw them, he walked over and played his bass right in front of Michael's face!
At one point Michael Jackson and Prince did somewhat get along - like when they joined James Brown on stage back in 1983. Arkansas students trashed their school for a senior prank - and now the school isn't letting them walk at graduation. A Michigan high school lacrosse team is being accused of killing a guinea pig and then smearing the blood on their faces - all to get pumped up for their upcoming game. Vets now expect a full recovery, but it's going to get expensive - each day in the ICU costs between $1,000 to $1,500, and each vial of anti-venom costs $618 andA Haus is averaging 4 or 5 vials per day. The tour will stop at filming locations all over the city of Chicago, including Camerona€™s house, Wrigley Field, Ferrisa€™ high school, the Sears Tower (Willis Tower) and the Art Institute of Chicago.

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