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Our beer box sets combine a pair of pilsners and a pair of steins into one impressive gift set for men. Shop for dozens of cowboy theme gift ideas including money clips, engraved glassware and home decor. Personalized money clips, cufflinks, mugs, luggage, pocket knives and event golf gifts for dad. Almost all of our gifts in this special category can be personalized so you can memorialize the brave soldier's name onto these handsome gifts. From simple stainless steel pocket knives to handy tools designed with an occupation or hobby theme!

Occupation Ties, Theme Ties and Sporty Ties for the man who loves to add flair and personality to his wardrobe!
Luxurious leather valets and less expensive options for a guy to keep his car keys, loose change and odds and ends organized.
Finding Practical Men's Gifts for Practically Any Man The challenge in finding the perfect gift for him is often that women don’t listen to what a man wants and think we know more about the best gifts a man could ever get.
So, when she seeks a fresh start in New York City at age 29, all of Kimmy's experience in the outside world predates iPhones, selfies and Internet culture. After Jacqueline announces that her husband is flying in from London for a birthday party, Kimmy replies, "That was the fanciest sentence I've ever heard!

All my money got stolen, and I haven't had a clock since my Tamagotchi died." That was the trouble with those digital pets introduced in 1996 — you had to remember to feed them!

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