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Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, I’ve tangoed in the public domain while pantsless de facto at least as many times as I can count on one finger, but when you’re going into an office and that attendance record is being met with at least a handful of additional office visits across the island of Manhattan, how short is too short when it comes to your, you know, shorts?
Also this just reeks of fox-in house trying to rebrand a star from a show no one watches anymore.
I have been trying Sugaring recently (my middle names being Too Lazy To Shave) – great way of doing away with those pesky leg carpets! This question arises at a particularly sensitive time because in spite of it being July, it is cold. Don’t forget that I am ready and willing to take an office job at MR as the resident MR Succulent UpKeep Manager!!!!!! This bold womanly confidence is the push I need to stop letting my crippling hate of leg shaving from cramping my style. Important to note is that this is something I do on a near daily basis, but on the particular morning that found my ass reverse-camel toeing, it was slightly if not entirely unusual that when I looked into the mirror I didn’t so much as consider how destructive it might be for me to wear denim underwear out publicly. You can see my buttcheek through your rearview mirror which is extravagantly silhouetted in part due to my skin bulging out of the rigid denim. I simply bought the sugaring paste and am trying to use it effectively – it causes no pain and looks good. So the excuse I love to use — that it’s too hot for clothes – doesn’t quite work when boots (not to be confused with boobs!) seem vaguely applicable. I swear I’ve worn the same pants to work multiple times this week despite the many beautiful skirts and dresses that are currently hanging and taunting me in my closet. I know this deficiency can be repaired with the mere buttoning of a button but drama is my middle name and also, I one time had my hair done at a salon called Dramatics NYC. Leta€™s look at these verses to seeexactly what Peter was communicating when he wrote them.

They were flamboyant in their hairstyles, spent vastA amounts of money on cosmetics, arrayed themselves in luxurious jewelry, and prided themselves inA the lavish clothing they wore.
As noted earlier, the word kosmos carries the idea of something that is ordered orA something that is set in a certain arrangement. This tells us that when a woman applies makeup to her face, she is trying to addA order to her face. These women didna€™t just pull out the blow dryer and spend twenty minutes preparing their hair for the day. I say women a€?toileda€? with their hair because it took a great deal of work and time to produce the fashionable hairstyles of that time. Infact, the word a€?plaitinga€? used by Peter is the Greek wordemploke, which describes the intricate, complex, and outrageously elaborate braiding of a womana€™s hair.A You see, the Greek and Roman women were obsessed with turning their hair into towers ofA intricate curls and braids.
If you visit a museum of antiquities and look at the statues of first-centuryA women, it will amaze you to see the thousands of little curls that were woven into womena€™s hair.A This hairstyle was considered beautiful, elegant, and fashionable in the first century. HusbandsA must have thought this style was beautiful on their wives because the fashion trend was imitated allA over the Roman Empire. As a result of this popular rage, women invested huge amounts of time andA great sums of money to produce the desired effect.A As you will see, Peter was not against woman making their hair more beautiful. The word a€?wearinga€? is from the Greek wordA perithesis, and it describes placing an object, such as a piece of jewelry, around oneself.
You see, the Greek and Roman women loved to drape many chains of gold around their necks, affix multiple solid gold bands around their upperA arms, and wear many golden rings on each finger. It picturesA the brightly colored, richly beaded, posh clothing that was popular among Greek and Roman women in the first century. Women were so fashion-conscious that they frequently changed theirA clothes during the course of the day.

Now add the multiple times they changed clothes in a day and all the timeA spent adjusting their clothes in front of a mirror after each change.
However, dona€™t forget that the most important emphasis and the place to invest most of your time should be in the beautifying of the hidden man of the heart.a€?A Dear wife, it is all right for you to look beautiful. Demonstrating to your husband that you want to lookpretty for him is one way you can show honor to him. He is simply stating that it is a mistake for women to put so much time and effort into their outward appearance that they ignore their innerman a€” the true source of their beauty. I take this word to my heart today, and I make the decision that fromA this day forward, I will spend at least the same amount of time beautifying my spirit as IA spend looking nice in my outward appearance.
Forgive me, Lord, for those days when I haveA found time to dress properly and look outwardly attractive, but I didna€™t take the time to prayA or read my Bible.
I dona€™t make the mistakeA of putting all my time and effort into improving my outward appearance while forgettingA to invest time in the development of my spirit.
Because I have made the choice to make my spirit beautiful, I amA becoming more godly and beautiful all the time.
How much time do you think you should be spending alone with God every dayA in order to develop and beautify your spirit the way God wants you to?A 3.

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