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Due to a security breach on 2013-12-16, all passwords have been reset and members have had their new passwords emailed. In my happy illusion, if we can marry one white women , I will cherish her as my wife, our mixed children must be very pretty and smart. Oy fellow, you are going to come home from a cold christmas after telling my white sisters that you like her 'horses ass'. The flings in life are like Ferarri's High Maintanence, the envy of society and is not really suited for everyday wear and tear. Misery Called Life wrote:But we all know it's those Ferraris that make life worth living whatsay Princess?
Latest update as much as a woman cares for ur love, she also needs to know what ur love can buy for her.
March 29th, Guangdong province Foshan city fatty baby Xiao Hao [Little Hao], just 4-years-old this year, at a height of 1.1m, but weighing 62kg.
Many times exceeding the weight of his peers, it is difficult for his mother to handle him. Xiao Hao’s parents brought their son first to the Foshan and then to the Guangzhou and other hospitals, but checks of his hormone levels are all normal, so that even doctors are puzzled by the cause of his obesity. According to doctors, Xiao Hao’s brain does not have any problems, and that his obesity is very likely caused by eating habits and other factors. I think the cause is still eating habits, and what more, the root of it is with the parents.
The little guy was only 2.6kg when he was born, actually comparatively small, possibly born before the expected delivery date. Poor second-generation [the child of poor parents, opposite of “wealthy second-generation”], what point is it for you to be fat? Only 4-years-old and they’ve raised a 60kg child, this parents~~~, are you raising a pig?
The parent let the child eat too many snacks when he was small, always afraid of the child going being hungry and not having enough nutrition. Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers.
I’d rather be fat and manly like him than short, scrawny, short-dicked, effeminate like 99% of men in China.
This poor kid probably had Prader-Willi syndrome – a genetic disorder in which the sufferer never feels like they are full.
Sorry Mom and Dad, but if your kid is so fat that his fat face rolls block his eyelids you’re doing a shitty job.
Looks like a chicken wing on a stick to me, not sure how many squids have a big bone running through them. I thought it was a rice field frog’s leg at the first sight, people in southern China enjoy eating frog meat a lot, including me. June 5th, 6-year-old Lili of Liuchang village of Qingzhen county city in Guizhou province, the left side of her face covered with black fur, with large and small black spots all over her body.
In the half year she stayed at the nursery, Lili scared the other nursery children to tears. Just 100 meters across the front of her home is the village primary school, but Lili has never gone inside. Unlucky child, also born in this kind country where there is a widespread lack of sympathy.
Heaven has no eyes, poor child, why does this kind of suffering always fall upon the ordinary common people!
I actually wish that government officials will all become like this child, their bodies covered entirely with fur, because then research into this area will be sped up and there will be hope for this child.
Wolverine, your offspring from when you were in China, its time you take her back to make X-Men III.

NetEase, please continue to pay attention to this little girl, so that we may join hands in helping her.
Although our company isn’t doing well, we are still willing to donate money so this child can go to school. Interesting the way many of the above posters thought the only happy future for this girl is if she is adopted by Americans. Americans are more multicultural than China, and more open-minded when it comes to physical disabilities. The fundamental difference lies in that hypertrichosis is solely the excessive growth of HAIR, where as in her case, it is hair growing on top of pigmented MOLES. The English term specifically is: large or giant congenital melanocytic nevus (or nevi for plural).
While i agree with the sentiment, I would note that if those spots turn out to be cancerous or health threatening, that would be a very good reason to find a cure for her. Lili was born with these black spots, and when she was two years old, her mother could no longer stand this “fur child”, and in her frustration abandoned Lili, never to return. This, with covering up the death of a boys mother, and this is a culture that values family?
You come to this site to see the ugly parts of China, so of course it seems like this is all that goes on in China.
I just wanted to point out that you are just as likely to find someone in the western world who would do exactly what that Chinese parent did.
No, americans do not give up a disabled child and I have seen many at our schools and in other places that sit side by side with the other kids and they are mentally handicapped. I think it should be mentioned that abortions are often a choice if birth defects are detected early enough. Religious belief is no guarantee of moral certitude, any glance through the history books will tell you that.
As to the good bits such as some of the ten commandments, well these are just common sense. There is no social organization permitted beyond the CCP what is needed in China is the ability for civil society to have a say in the direction the country is taking and what is considered moral and how society should respond.
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There are often a few foreign female students wandering around street, Whenever I see these white women, I am very excited. Latest update as much as a woman cares for ur love, she also needs to know what ur love can buy for here. Yellow, red, black or white they are good to me so long as they are not big enough to burn diesel or ugly enough to pack sidetanks.
In addition to this, in accordance with their son’s interests, they try to foster in him more physical hobbies. The parents were [probably] very worried and did everything they could to feed and make up for that. He was walking around minding his own business when some drunk idiot fell off a guard tower and landed on him.
When she was 2 years old, her mother left the family never to return, her father took her to a childcare nursery and disappeared without a trace, and it was kind-hearted distant relative Liu Mingying who brought her back from Guiyang to the village. Her father, who had been working long-term in Guiyang brought her to a children’s nursery, and never reappeared.
The person in charge of the nursery put an ad in the newspaper, asking Lili’s family to take her home. She also tries to find other children to play with, but the other little children either run away scared or make fun of her. Or is it the same as it is here where we are, where there is no tuition but a mess of other [costs and fees prevent her from being able to go to school]?

Compulsory education these days doesn’t cost much money, but the discrimination by other children will only hurt her more.
Her father, who had been working long-term in Guiyang brought her to a children’s nursery, and never reappeared. If I were to base my views of the western world on the DailyMail, you bet I would think everyone is killing and eating each other and molesting little children. Also, isn’t the fact that this story is buzzing in the Chinese blogosphere also proof that there are just as many people in China who find what the parents reprehensible? The angle is that a lot of birth defects that can be easily corrected and affordably corrected in more developed and affluent countries aren’t so in China, especially with a larger population of poor and uneducated parents. If requesting a new password doesn't work, you can try sending an email here, just make sure you use the same email you've been using on this forum, and please have a look in your spambox if you're using Gmail.
I too love to drive Lamborghini and stay in resort and own a palace etc, but always thank god what I have….. Is not high maintainence and comes and a fair price.The flings in life are like Ferarri's High Maintanence, the envy of society and is not really suited for everyday wear and tear. Xiao Hao’s father says that his biggest wish is for his son to lose weight in a healthy manner. She has now reached school age and though the school is right in front of her home, attending school is still something unattainable for Lili. By coincidence, an uncle working in a Guiyang repair shop saw that newspaper ad that day, called Liu Mingying, and good-hearted Liu Mingying took her back to the village. Naughtily, she even used her finger to point at these black spots but upon counting to 5, she couldn’t count any further.
Lili, I wish you the best, and I hope you can quickly regain normalcy with everyone’s help. Abandoning babies with defects is common amongst parents and societies in similar situations and was likewise so throughout the histories of now developed countries, even remaining so with some of their less affluent segments. I personally can empathize with mothers who feel overwhelmed and helpless in the face of such unexpected situations just like I can empathize with women who feel compelled to have an abortion, as long as their reasons aren’t for mere selfish convenience. And when the going gets tough you know ur Ferrari will not stand by you.But we all know it's those Ferraris that make life worth living whatsay Princess? Those who want to lose weight can come find me, I’ll teach everyone how to lose fat for free. Rather, it should be 3 meals every day of vegetables and half a bowl of rice, and only meat once a week! And what the fuck is stuck to that boy’s forehead in the dining hall, classroom and naptime photos? Then they take the people’s blood and sweat money to go subsidize those old government officials who get so many thousands in retirement pay already.
In the western world, it was the Catholic Church, after all, that laid the foundation for the modern university system. Whether a specific religion ala Christianity is needed or not is debatable, but it is an observable reality that many Chinese are increasingly turning toward religion to fill perceived gaps (and a moral compass) in purpose.
In my happy illusion, if we can marry one white women , I will cherish her as my wife, our mixed children must be very pretty and smart.but now, i have to look only well at those white womenwhite woman , let me know you for love.
In fact, some people lie or exaggerate their children’s ailments to obtained disability funds for their kids.

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