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THE Dragon's Den star denied the image was aimed at former Miss GB, Michelle Evans, with whom he has been involved in a long-running feud.
DUNCAN Bannatyne posted a picture of a skeleton on Twitter yesterday - amid a bitter feud with his ex-girlfriend. Responding to critics, Bannatyne Tweeted: a€?Please explain why you have (wrongly) assumed I am talking about that particular ex?a€? Evansa€™s seven-month relationship with the former Dragonsa€™ Den star ended publicly in mid-June when she Tweeted a€?Ia€™m out!a€? after seeing photographs of him with his new flame, Nigora Whitehorn, 35. Evans told This Morning he threatened to publicise naked pictures she sent him when she asked him to reimburse her for the £1,200 childcare costs she incurred while dating him. I can imagine that it’s tough to navigate your desire to feel connected in the familiar quality of comfort you have known together. It’s beautiful that you are still good friends; however, you both need a break from relying upon each other as a source of nourishment.
Evans gave an interview last month in which she said Clydebank-born Bannatyne threatened a revenge porn attack if she a€?caused troublea€?.

But it does sound like you’ve made a decision to move on, so it’s important that you create some more distance in your connection during this initial phase of separation. You need time to let your energy system adjust and your broken roots to heal so this period of no contact is essential. I know it’s hard, but you’ll also gain the advantage of eventually not feeling pained by his attention going elsewhere because your emotional-energetic membrane will seal itself.
I don't know what to do - I’m still comforted by our connection, but it's also painful and makes me feel miserable when he's with someone else and I don't hear from him. Think about it like this: you and your ex-partner are like two plants that have been growing side-by-side, sharing the same soil and drawing upon the same nutrients. Eventually, if you give yourself the distance you need in this time, you will feel ready to open yourself to new sources of love. Some of your root zone has become merged, becoming intertwined underground as one plant even though you look like two individuals flowers blooming in the garden.

Now imagine that you’ve been moved in the garden to be planted elsewhere amongst other plants. In order to ‘uproot’ you, those tangled roots will have to be broken in order to separate the plants. The root zone of each plant will be severed and exposed, and the plants will be in shock as they can no longer draw upon the familiar nutrients that they’ve become dependent upon.

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