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All of our direct-replacement chassis (and that includes the tubbed chassis too) feature all stock body mounts, stock core-support mounts and bumper-bracket mounts all in their stock locations.
At the end of the rails, we bring it back out to the stock width to accommodate the original bumpers and brackets. Looking down the side of the rail, you can see only the small antisway bar link sticks-out passed the frame rail.
Since the rails are 5.5-inches to the inside, the body mount that is normally just in front of the housing is eliminated. Looking at the forward right end of the tubbed section, you can see the 2X4 torque arm of the main X-member connecting directly to the forward 4-link crossmember (bars are missing). Looking inboard at the left forward end of the tubbed section, the curved mandrel-bend on the right is stepped in 5.5-inches from the outer rails. The standard chassis package (and tubbed chassis) feature 2X4X.120-inch wall box tube mandrel-bent chassis rails.
Our (stock) 115-inch wheel base G-4 tri-five chassis tubbed or stock has a very beefy 2X4-inch box tube X-member that connects directly to the rear 4-link bars on the rear end housing.
This design really helps to distribute the torque to the chassis and not just the forward 4-link crossmember.

This is where we tub all the tri-five chassis no matter how wide a wheel and tire you want to use.
We design the amount of the rear chassis rail width based on your desired tire and wheel width and back spacing. For a lower stance, our chassis have an additional 1-inch step over the front suspension and a 1 ?-inch step over the rear suspension. You will also need to tub the body fender-wells at the top and into the floor with any pinched rear frame. If you're looking for more traction, this really puts the strength in our chassis for big block power or stroker mouse motors, and it will put the power to the ground. This is where you'll need to determine what size gas tank will fit between the pinched rails. For superior strength, the tubular crossmember is tig-welded on the inside of the rail and on the outside of the rail. The mandrel-bent rear frame rails have an additional 1 ?-inch higher step over the suspension and a 1-inch rise over the front suspension for a lower stance. The missing 4-link bars are 1-inch diameter, adjustable and urethane bushed for silent operation.

To accommodate the lower chassis, the engine mounts have been raised for increased ground clearance for headers and oil pan. Notice, to the left of the two mounting bolts is the end of the tube welded through the bracket from the housing. After we calculated his numbers, he needed a 5.5-inch pinch on each frame rail to keep the tires under the body. The best scenario is to call us with your wheel-and-tire information and discuss what you want to do and we can tell you how much tub is really necessary for your application. The engine mounts have also been moved forward slightly to install the larger GM HEI ignition without cutting into the stock firewall.

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