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Aside from the overall design of a car, there are two other things that would make it more attractive—price and age. Just a backgrounder, Chevelle models were produced by Chevrolet division of General Motors. More than half a century after it was first released, you can still see many 67 Chevelles in the streets of America and there is one explanation to that; Chevrolet had to produce cars of great quality from 1964 to be able to compete in the market that even today, as long as the cars are well-treated by their owners, they will still be running perfectly perhaps with few dents and rusty bodies. To get you started on this, you would probably need a few thousand dollars especially if you’re letting someone do the job for you. More often, the parts that are often subject for replacement are the ones that are prone to developing rust, can easily be worn out, and electrical lines. The most common part of the car that can easily develop rust is the body, the trunk and other coverings. Luxury cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis are accessible to rich and influential people basically because they are very expensive.
If you already have this car, then all you have to do is inspect it and list down parts that need replacement and polishing.

As long as the engine has oil inside and hasn’t been left open for oxidation, it would be fine.
This is not a big problem, though, as any shop with complete equipment can easily fabricate external features of the car. Chevrolet started production of these models in 1964 through 1977 and 67 Chevelle was actually the last model of the first generation of Chevelles. If you have one that has been sleeping in your garage for years, perhaps it’s time you should take a look and decide to restore it to its perfect state. However, if you are yet to buy one, then you need to do a little window shopping in the garages of the people who might want to sell a model like it. The real issue enters when you need to replace a part but no spare is available for you to use. So, you need to focus your mind to making your car retain its original state and basically bringing back 67 Chevelle back to life.
It was also among the first models to enter the muscle car market and Chevrolet wasn’t mistaken in building these cars because they became extremely popular even in the 80s.

You would also need to list down parts that are unusable and estimate the amount of time needed to make it look like brand new. In the same section, you will also be able to find spare parts you could use to replace the old ones but then you should first know the parts of the specific model.
Fortunately, 67 Chevelle’s parts especially the transmission is extremely durable so there is a lower percentage you have something to change in the engine. Today, car lovers are into modifying their 67 Chevelles to make them stand out as American muscle cars even in the world where speed matters so much. If you couldn’t find one from these places, try to consult mechanics that know more about 67 Chevelle and ask if there are replacement spare parts available in the market today.

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