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Volvo have produced a number of seven seater estate cars over the years but the only one in their lineup at the moment that offers seven seats is the XC90, a large SUV which has been around since 2003 and has benefitted from a recent facelift to update it’s styling. Mazda have been producing the Mazda 5 since 2005 and it has had a recent facelift to update it’s styling. BMW manufacture just one seven seater by offering their largest SUV the X5 with a seven seat option.
Top 10 cheapest 7-seater cars (2013 models) suvs, minivans, From minivans to suvs and crossovers, 7-seater cars come in many different styles. Best 7 seater cars 2015 - 7 seaters families, Our look at the best 7 seater cars available in the uk this year. Best 7 seater cars uk, A complete list and reviews of all the best 7 seater cars available in the uk in 2014.
Here's our pick of the best 7-seater cars on sale for a big family, including mpvs and suvs new ford edge titanium 2016 review renault megane rs 275 cup-s 2016 review.
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The Seat Alhambra is essentially the same car as the Volkswagen Sharan but with a different look and costing less money to buy. The Alhambra has oodles of space inside thanks to it being one of the widest MPVs on Britain’s roads. Getting into the boot seats is easy with the outer middle row seats tilting forward simply by pulling a lever. Access to the Alhambra is easy thanks to sliding rear doors which makes it a doddle getting the kids in and out when parked in narrow spaces. Lots of storage spaces in the cabin to store your water, Bob the Builder DVDs or travel games.
There is one petrol engine and three diesel engines to choose from when you configure your Seat Alhambra. However most buyers will opt for one of the diesel engines and here you have more choice as well as even better fuel economy. Sit in the drivers seat of the Seat Alhmabra and there is a definite influence of Volkswagen on the cabin design. All the engines from the petrol to the diesel are quiet and the road noise does not really intrude into the cabin. Although the suspension is firm it seems to take on all the bumps in the road in it’s stride while keeping the car on track. This is a new car and it is a bit early to say how it will stand up over the test of time but everything bodes well. The initial purchase price is not the cheapest for a seven seater MPV but when you consider what you get for your money in terms of space and practicality it becomes a lot more attractive. The Ford Galaxy and the S-Max share the same floorplan, many of the same components and the same engine range. With all rear seats folded down flat using Ford’s Fold Flat System you get a massive 2,325 litres of load space.
Ford really give buyers an excellent choice of engines with some great petrol and diesel options available. Ford also provide buyers with the option of the Powershift transmission which is a six speed automatic gear box which is designed to achieve better fuel economy than traditional automatics and faster gear changes. The quality of materials in the cabin shows in a modern, plush interior in which everything the driver needs is to hand. Because the Galaxy doesn’t have the sloping roof of the S-MAX it means that adults can use the boot seats for long journeys without any compromise on comfort. If you opt for one of the diesel engines then the Ford Galaxy fuel consumption is good for such a large car.
If you are looking for a large, well made, versatile seven seater MPV the Ford Galaxy should be considered. Look at this car from the outside and you would be forgiven for doubting the space you get on the inside.
The seats don’t fold flat but you can take out all seats from the middle and rear most rows to create a massive flat load space. Some models have a separate opening glass tailgate which makes it easy to get items out of the car without them sliding out when you open the boot. It is of course on the diesel engines where you will get the best fuel economy but you don’t need to sacrifice performance to do this. The cabin feels well put together with plenty of modern, soft touch plastic in evidence.The driving position seems a little bit set too far to the right so is difficult to get a perfectly comfortable position.
The suspension on the 308 is on the firm side and the ride can be a bit unsettled on uneven roads. The 308 achieved a rating of five stars in the Euro-NCAP tests with six airbags as standard on all models in the range. Peugeot don’t have a great reputation when it comes to reliability and I’d like to report that the 308 SW is different. If you are looking for a seven seater but don’t want an MPV then the Peugeot 308 SW is one of the few options that could provide the answer.
The 5008 is a spacious car for a compact MPV and is eminently practical with all seven seats folding individually.
Even with all seven seats in use the 5008 still has room in the boot for a few bags and a buggy.
The boot seats are fine for occasional use by adults but really work best for children with the amount of leg room and height available.
Unlike many compact MPVs there are three full size individual seats across the middle row with the outer ones having ISO-Fix fittings. The Peugeot 5008 is the only compact seven seater MPV to have curtain airbags that go along the full length of the car meaning that passengers in the boot have the same protection in a crash as passengers in the middle rows.
As soon as you get in the drivers seat of the 5008 you will be impressed by the quality of the interior. Peugeot has introduced some innovative features in this car including an electric handbrake which is easy to use and gives you more room up front. Peugeot does not have the greatest reputation for reliability but seems to working hard to improve this with the latest batch of cars.
The car is not the cheapest to buy compared to rivals in it’s class but a range of fuel efficient and low tax band engines and reasonable insurance costs should mean that it is relatively cheap to run. The Peuogeot 5008 is a modern, innovative 7 seater car that has practicality and style in abundance.
In the UK there are 48 different models available that have seating space for seven passengers, believe it or not!

It certainly embodies all the qualities that Volvo stands for: build quality, safety, reliability.
The X5 is a popular luxury 4×4 which has great handling, powerful engines and excellent build quality. It is an immensely practical seven seater MPV with lots of interior space and good handling. On the middle row the seats are all full size individual seats that can slide forward to increase the boot space or backwards to give passengers even more leg room. The Alhambra is one of the few seven seater cars which has enough room for Adults in the boot seats. And that is good because on the open road the Alhambra has a very sporty feel, thanks to the firm suspension and solid steering. There is so much space in this seven seater MPV for all passengers from the front to the boot and all seats are supportive but firm. The engines come from Volkswagen and have excellent reliability and many of the interior materials are shared with Volkswagen and have the same quality. And if you are comparing this car with others in it’s class such as the Volkswagen Sharan and the Ford Galaxy it has to be a contender for your money.
Many prefer the sportier look of the S-Max and driving experience but if you need a seven seater car where you can use all seven seats every day of the year and on long journeys and still have plenty of boot space then the Ford Galaxy could just be the answer you are looking for. There are three independent seats across the middle row so it is easy to seat three young children in their car seats and they are all fully adjustable.
In the petrol lineup you can choose from the new 1.6 litre Ecoboost SCTi engine which is designed to produce maximum power and fuel efficiency.
The airplane like handbrake is a nice touch and fully adjustable seats and steering wheel means you will easily find a comfortable driving position. Some owners have reported issues with electrical faults and a few mechanical faults but overall owners seem satisfied with the level of reliability. Especially if you regularly carry seven passengers and they are older children or adults who will benefit from the extra room in the third row seats.
If you want a traditional car but are looking for the flexibility of seven seats then the Peugeot 308SW could be the answer. There are four petrol and four diesel engines on offer so you can choose increased performance or lower cost and increased fuel economy.
The car feels quite heavy to drive which some people prefer compared to many modern cars which have very light steering.
There are a host of active safety features to help ensure that you never need the airbags including ABS brakes, stability control, traction control and brake distribution to evenly apply braking pressure.
You wouldn’t want to use the seven seats all the time as the space is a little cramped but they are fine for occasional use and give you flexibility and a very large boot. You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve seen this car before as it shares the same platform as the Citroen C4 Grand Picasso.
Not only can you fold down the middle row and boot seats to create a load space with a huge 2,600 litre capacity you can also fold the front passenger seat flat as well. It seems odd that more manufacturers don’t do this if they really expect all seven seats to be used. Some owners have reported that the pillars obstruct the drivers view in some situations but that is about it.
The entry level engine is the HDi 112 FAP which has a 6 speed manual gearbox with a 0-60 mph time of 12.9 seconds and top speed of 115 mph. Everything seems to be well designed and the driver has a nice array of instruments and controls easily at hand. Most noteworthy is the Head up Display which projects information such as speed onto a clear piece of glass directly in the drivers line of sight so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. The soft suspension also helps the comfort levels meaning you reach your destination still feeling refreshed. I have not come across any major reported problems with the 5008 and most owners report very few problems so you should certainly expect to have no more problems with this car than most other seven seaters.
For a compact seven seater you get a great seating layout and a good amount of interior space.
As a seven seater you can also have these features and the versatility of two extra seats in the boot which are perfectly suited for occasional use. The airbags include one for the drivers knee that protects from damage from the steering wheel. The Spanish have added some flair to the traditional German design with some nice curves and chrome but overall everything is fairly understated and has a feeling of quality. It is surprising how well the Alhambra grips the road around corners for such a large MPV and there is virtually no body roll around corners. Besides the extra headroom for third row passengers it is also half a metre longer than the S-MAX so you get more boot space when using all seven seats. There are so many cleverly designed storage places as well including aircraft style drop down cubby holes in the roof. The driver has an airbag to protect their knees and the Galaxy is one of the few seven seater cars that has window airbags which cover all three rows including the boot seats. This engine produces 160 PS and manages 39 miles per gallon which is impressive on a petrol engine in a car of this size. This is a large MPV and in most cases this would mean that it is all about the passengers but not with the Ford Galaxy. There is a lot of leg room for all passengers including those in the third row and with seats that move forwards and backwards and tilt you can always catch up on some sleep whilst on the move. The seats are supportive and comfortable but the boot seats don’t have a lot of legroom and although you can slide the middle seats forward to increase this then the middle row passengers lose out.
Fuel consumption is good, even among the petrol engines and if you go for one of the diesel options then it is excellent. The 5008 is certainly worth looking at in it’s own right as Peugeot have done a great job on creating a sylish and very practical seven seater family car. A very useful feature if you’ve ever tried to transport long objects….Getting the Christmas tree home will not be a problem in the 5008. This is a big plus for Peugeot. There is no wonder then that the 5008 scored 5 stars in the Euro NCAP tests. This is a very nice touch and speaks of the level of detail and use of modern technology Peugeot has put into this car.
Though the suspension is not too soft that you feel like the car is rolling around and road holding is good.
If you want to drive something a bit different from the ubiquitous Zafira and S-MAX I recommend taking it for a test drive.

For each make and model of car we have listed, there may be up to half a dozen different variants of the same car, each with different engines. Many people like the versatile seating in which the middle seat folds up to allow easy access to the third row seats. On some trim levels you can even fold down the front passenger seat to make carrying long objects possible. And you can tell that Seat intend this car to be used as a full seven seater from the fact that the curtain airbags extend the full length of the car to give the same level of protection to passengers in the boot as every other passenger. If you need more power there is also a 2 litre Ecoboost option producing 203 PS and achieving 34.9 miles per gallon.
Just like the S-MAX the Galaxy can tend to get through tyres quickly and they don’t come cheap. Though of course you will not get the same fuel economy from the two petrol options as the diesels. The Interesting choice among the diesel engines however is the e-HDI 112 FAP EGC which has a 6 speed electronic gearbox. Consequently the fuel economy figures and the new purchase prices varies dependent on which variant you choose. There is no wonder then that the Alhambra received a five star rating in the Euro NCAP test.
You can get this engine twinned with an automatic gearbox if you want with very similar performance and only lose 2 miles to the gallon in fuel economy. Performance is very similar to the HDi 112 FAP but the fuel economy is much better at 57.7 mpg which is quite astounding for an automatic. If you take advantage of Seat’s Finance offer you can also benefit from three years fixed price servicing.
To maximise your time together while cruising along on the motorway, your vehicle should employ a healthy mix of aesthetics, comfort, and fuel economy. With this idea in mind, the average-sized family will find a superb package in the 7-seat multi-purpose vehicle or SUV, these are cars designed for the express purpose of moving people from A to B on a regular basis whilst still having enough room for the kitchen sink. 7 seater cars are great options for the busy parent who has the need to transport kids to and from schools, or take the brood out on weekends to getaways near and far.
Vauxhall Zafira Tourer – The current-release Zafira encompasses a lot of pleasant upgrades from its predecessor, most notable of these is the sexy lighting configuration at the front.
Its best selling point, however, comes in the form of the patent Flex7 seats that fold away easily to allow for more storage room.2. Ford Galaxy – Size matters, especially with large families that regularly go on trips together.
The Galaxy comes with a cavernous interior that complements its imposing appearance on the road. Its pleasantly stylish exterior, though, downplays this to a respectable compromise between power and beauty. Sometimes passed over for the less-expensive (albeit smaller) S-Max, the Galaxy nevertheless has its charms.3. Peugeot 5008 – The award-winning Peugeot 5008 people carrier is fast becoming a favourite among buyers who want a few extras to go along with a roomy interior and a sporty appearance. Ford S-Max – A list of the top 10 7-seaters would not be complete without one of the pioneers. Introduced in 2006, Ford had taken great strides over the years to keep its take on a fun and economical people-carrier ahead of the competition. Revisions included style upgrades and great extras, but the incredible mileage and ease of driving remained.6. Land Rover Discovery – If you love the challenges of driving off-road to remote yet scenic places, the best family 4X4 to carry you to those locations would be the Discovery. Chevrolet Captiva – Another fine contender for the hearts of outdoors lovers everywhere.
The Captiva is rather quite unique in the style department, incorporating beautiful styling reminiscent of SUVs. The masculine bonnet and grille further lends a hint of power to this diminutive, yet robust, 7-seater car.9. BMW X5 – The pricey 7 seat X5 has astounding form factor both in and out, and most would agree that it has a fair number of great features to make driving it a pleasure. It falls a bit flat in terms of space, though: the rear seats are a tight fit for adult-sized passengers.
All in all the X5 is a car of beauty and young families might overlook the space consideration, in exchange for driving around the countryside in BMW style.11. Nissan Pathfinder – The Nissan Pathfinder combines the practicality of a large family car with that of a four wheel drive vehicle. Chrysler Grand Voyager – This car offers plenty of space inside for all occupants, and even includes a stowable table and rotating seats for the ultimate in versatility. Infinity JX35 – The Infinity JX35 is a massive SUV available in the US that offers luxurious seating and plenty of space and power in the engine.
This model has been designed with vast amounts of technological gizmos that propel this car well and truly into the 21st Century.
Ford Grand C-MAX – This is a good looking and great value family car from Ford with seats for seven people. As with the XC90 described above, the Grand C-MAX also has lots of technology and innovative features that ensure it is a leading model of its type. It has a starting price of around ?20,000 brand new although you would definitely be able to find a used one much cheaper if required. Volkswagen Sharan - The sliding doors are especially useful for family purposes and allow you easy access in and out of the vehicle.
It’s got a really large interior cabin space, however the exterior styling does seem quite people-carrier like. The car features a variety of strong VW engines and has a fold out table for the passengers in the rear – great for long journeys with kids! Some of the innovative features included with this vehicle are it’s self-parking system and night vision system!

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