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Scenic magnificence on this circular per-group North Eastern layout, set on the East coast of North Yorkshire. 1950's-60's BR transition period branch serving a small station, a yard and a factory.  lots of shunting interest! The grit and glory years personified in this 1950's -1960's portrayal of Hellifield Shed on the Settle-Carlisle main line. A branch line with DCC, no doubt featuring many of the kits supplied by this well-established trader. Gainsborough is however still a place where the nostalgic scene of the heyday of steam railways may be recaptured by visiting the world-famous Gauge 'O' (7mm to 1 foot) Railway of the Gainsborough Model Railway Society.
This is an end to end Railway based on the ex-LNER East Coast Main Line between Kings Cross and Leeds Central, and occupies more than 2500 square feet, with more than half a mile of track. Ever since the Society's formation in 1946, it has taken most pride in the fact that it is run, as far as possible, in all aspects, in a full scale railway like manner as possible, ranging from the building of the track and scenery, locomotives and rolling stock, to the actual operation of the line, in accordance with the practices of British Railways and its LNER predecessor. It is this that led the County Museum Service to recognise and publicise the Society as a "Working Museum" because it is "from a museum point of view an excellent example of a living piece of history, which helps to give the visitor a real understanding of what it was like to run a main-line railway". The cornerstone of the operation of the Railway is the timetable, which is produced using the time-honoured graph paper, in the same manner as was used by British Railways before the introduction of computers.
More than 250 hand-built freight vehicles, all typical of the steam age include fish vans, oil tankers, coal and timber wagons, low loaders and other representatives of all the various vans and wagons which were familiar sights throughout the country during the period 1900 to 1960.
Society 'Open Days' Each year the Society organises a number of 'Open Days' to enable the public to view the Railway in full operation and experience the nostelgia of the former years. Parties (and individuals) are also welcome by prior arrangement on most Monday evenings throughout the year. The Society is located at Florence Terrace, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, about 100 yards from the 'Trinity Centre Car Park' which is sign posted from the A159 and other routes.
This was originally a one board sidings layout built by Richard Andrews as a fictitious GWR location in the 1930’s. Come along and enjoy the last chance to run on the Club's HO layout before it is broken up and parts used for the permanent layout.
A new plaque to replace the temporary one uncovered by our President has now been fitted in the clubroom. One of the newest members at the club bought his Hiawatha 1955 Model which was run around Grunfurter Stasse.
The Christmas Social will take place on Monday 13th December from 20:00 at the WMRS clubrooms. The Christmas Social for members and friends will take place on Monday 14th December at the WMRS clubrooms. Time Neale's 'St Marks Yard' and John Tanner's 'St Jennifer's Road' both appeared at the Northolt exhibition on Saturday 12th September.
The WMRS celebrated its 73rd anniversary on Friday 13 March 2009 with the official opening of the new building (albeit with a temporary nameplate until the proper one arrives). March 2009 sees the 73rd Anniversary of the founding of the Western Model Railway Society, in Acton, West London.
On the 13th March 1936, a group of schoolboys from Acton County School, formed a small model railway group and so Branch Number 308 of the Hornby Railway Company (Acton) was created. The new facility, that was built by 3 Counties Buildings Ltd of Malvern, Worcs, has presented the club with the ability to erect all of its exhibition layouts in one place at the same time.
Also Brian brought along at least three class 47's with sound together with a class 20 and 25.
Many thanks go out to Brian and other members of the Western MRS for helping out with the layout during the weekend of the show. 31st December 2008 - On the 15th December 2008 the Western MRS held its first Christmas Social in the new building. The Chairman reminded all those present that the building will be formally opened in March 2009, details to follow and that we should be very thankful to the late David Kevan who's funds helped the Society to rebuild on the current site and the late Ian McKendrick, whose ashes are scattered under the new foundations. The new building was very well received by members and friends of the Society and many wished they had the same. 14th December 2008 - On the 6th December 2008 and at last we are running trains in our new building. All is now ready for the 15th December and we look forward to seeing all our members and friends.
2nd December 2008 - The Western MRS reached another stage towards normal service in our new building on the 1st December 2008. Top Left - Grunfurter Strasse erected in the new building, complete in our own building for the very first time. We have not set a date for reopening on Fridays yet so keep an eye out on the website for an update. While there is much to do, new members are of course welcome to come and see what we have to offer, please contact our secretary to let us know when you wish to come and see us.
26th October 2008 - Phase three of the new building project was completed on Friday 24th October 2008. Now that all the heavy work is done, we now move on to sorting out all the snags with the building contractor and start the fitting out of the building. Hopefully normal club nights on Mondays and Fridays will start towards the end of November so please keep an eye out for the date on the web site. 19th October 2008 - Phase two of the new building project was completed at 17.30 on the 17th October 2008.

During the day Stan Simmons, our President, was on hand to receive the keys from David Barber of Three Counties Buildings Ltd, who are our main contractor.
Phase three will start on Wednesday with the fitting out of the mezzanine floor and should be completed by Friday 24th October.
For members old and new the Christmas Social will be on the 15th December 2008 in the new building, starting at 20.00.
Top Left - Stan Simmons is presented with the keys by David Barber of Three Counties Buildings. Top Right - Stan Simmons congratulates Ron Bailes, Chairman, for seeing the project through. Bottom Right - The new look entrance from the main path with the last of the building work taking place. 9th October 2008 - On the 3rd October 2008 the first phase of the new building was completed. The second phase will see the building erected starting on the 13th October and due to be completed on the 17th October. 23rd September 2008 - Over the weekend of the 20th-21st of September the old clubrooms were demolished by a small band of very hard working members.
After the portable layouts are brought back they will be put up for use in place of the permanent layout, until we are able to design and build a new one. During the day, there was an assortment of trains representing Britain, France and Spain; and in addition to the usual main line expresses, the branch line was kept busy, and some 'serious' shunting took place adjacent to the main station. 18th February 2008 - At quite short notice, our Chairman was invited to take his 7mm scale layout, "Cherry Orchard," to a Modelling Exhibition at Oldenburg, in North Germany.
Left - The class 24 loco - pride of the fleet, construction completed less than a week before the event! Journey time between West London and Oldenburg was about 9 hours including the train through the channel tunnel, but not including rest periods.
10th December 2007 - Members and friends of Adnalms Jarnvagsklubb visited the WMRS on December 9th to make the most of the layout again (on the usual pay-and-play agreement). Middle - A Hornby 'Pendolino' about to pass an American diesel loco on the main lines, while a variety of trains wait in the terminus below. Top - A Hornby Pendolino climbs the bank, rounds the corner above the terminus and vanishes into a tunnel. Middle - A British steam train passes the camera and then part of the club-room is visible! 6th August 2007 - The Permanent Layout was host to a delegation from Adnalms Jarnvagsklubb (Adnalm's Railway Club) at the beginning of July; but despite being a club with an interest in Swedish railways, most of the trains were British! I first met Ian at a model railway exhibition (probably the GRS one at Oxford,) very soon after the Scandinavian Railways Society had been established. 22nd February 2006 - The Western Model Railway Society is pleased to announce the West of London Model Railway Exhibition, on Sat 30th Sept and Sun 1st Oct 2006.
Ron Bailes's layout, Cherry Orchard, will be appearing at the Euro Modell exhibition in Bremen, Germany on 18 - 20 November. Tim Neale's layout St Marks Yard will be appearing at the Hampton Court Model Railway Society exhibition, Tolworth Showtrain, on 12 and 13 November 2005.
14th November 2004 - On Friday October 29th, the WMRS was featured in the "Our Club" section of the Ealing Gazette newspaper. 25th October 2004 - The club-room (and permanent layout) was host to a delegation from Adnalms Jarnvagsklubb (AJK), for the operation of their trains in this indoor environment. Right - A Norwegian locomotive (type El.16) brings a long goods train up the incline (in the background) with ease whilst other goods wagons wait in the main yard. 18th October 2004 - A new Members' Layouts section has been added to the website to provide a showcase for layouts owned by WMRS members, rather than the society itself.
Grunfurter Strasse will be appearing at the Warley MRC show at the NEC in Birmingham on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th December, 2004.
13th November 2003 - Grunfurter Strasse was voted best layout at the Colchester Show by the general public. The WMRS will have a stand at the Warley Exhibition, on the 6 and 7th December 2003 at the NEC in Birmingham. 15th October 2003 - Welcome to the new WMRS website, containing information about the society's history, current projects, upcoming events (including the March 2004 Exhibition) and membership details. Featuring both real and model film clips of Oxenhope, Grassington and Victoria Rd (Saltaire) (55min). Black - generally use Matt Black for chassis and under frames and Satin Black for bodywork. It should not be confused with the many model railways found at seaside, or stately homes, with a host of trains speeding incessantly and monotonously around a series of oval tracks. Lack of space, of course, precludes the inclusion of all 61 stations which existed between the two termini, but our model still incorporates nine passenger stations, three goods yards and five locomotive depots. The safe and effective running of the trains is ensured, as it was (and still is) on the LNER and BR by division of the track into 10 block sections, each controlled by a signalman (operator) using the authentic BR system of bell codes to request and give authorisation into and out of each block section according to the timetable, as on the real railway. They are mostly representatives of the major classes of the LNER and its pre-1923 constituent companies (GNR, GCR, GER and NER) and its BR successor. The Western was contacted by BAA Heathrow Express who were looking for a home for their depot training model. In the absence of a permanent layout, Grunfurter Strasse and Lansdown Junction were used instead.

On the 13th March the Society will formally open its new facility, The David Kevan Memorial Building. These layouts are the HO gauge Grunfurter Strasse, the N gauge Cheltenham Lansdown and the latest OO Gauge McKendrick Street Yard.
During the show David Floyd, one of our new members, is seen learning to rearrange the fiddle yard which, with many thanks to Brian Daly, saw a vast array of British Railway rolling stock. The sound locos performed very well during the weekend and make the layout feel very different.
On the Sunday Richard Dockerill brought along a part completed model of the Midland Pullman which was seen undertaking some test runs on the layout. Work will now start in the New Year on getting our exhibition layouts back up to speed for exhibitions and the town scene to be built for Grunfurter Strasse. Our Society's N gauge layout got there first with a Western class diesel running round Lansdown Junction.
This involved the setting up of our two exhibition layouts, Grunfurter Strasse and Lansdown Junction. Members old and new are welcome and I know some of you have already advised us that you are attending, please make sure our secretary is aware. We have two large exhibition layouts to run and maintain and we will start work on building a new test track layout in the New Year. This involved fitting of a mezzanine floor inside the new building giving two levels on one side. Over the next few weeks lighting and power will be installed, however before those works can be started and the layouts moved in, the floor needs to be covered with a dust free coating, which should be completed in early November.
Stan was very pleased to see the project nearing completion and thanked Ron Bailes and the rest of the members for the work done over the last four months. In order to complete the building the Society has booked two overnight possessions with Network Rail of the up and down GW main line. This will hopefully be completed the following week and will see the building works complete on the 24th October 2008. The late Ian McKendrick invited Adrian Allum to visit the WMRS to see especially the Permanent Layout in the club room. The exhibition is at Tolworth Recreation Centre, Fullers Way North, Tolworth, Surrey, KT6 7LQ. This was a surprise for the team who have been working hard to get the layout ready over the last few months. Two baseboards of Grunfurter Strasse will be on display along with other models and a demonstration of DCC as used by the Society. Modellers' licence has been used in the building of most of these, but Kings Cross Station with its twin arched roof and frontage, and Leeds Central Station are immediately recognisable, having been built to the same scale dimensions as the originals.
Some sections are controlled by colour light signals, others by semaphore signals, either original lattice somersault, or later upper-quadrant types. There are also a few representatives of other pre-BR companies, such as ex-GWR "Pendennis Castle", ex-LMS "Duchess of Hamilton" and ex-Southern "Clan Line".
It was originally fitted with Rockey Precision Bogies, which had to be replaced several years ago. Construction was made possible by a legacy from a former member and chairman, David Kevan, who passed away in 1993. Anyone interested helping us with these projects or just interested in model railways, why not join our Society. We have been able to place the layouts in the new building so that front viewing is possible for both layouts and overhead viewing for one. The only remains that can be seen of the old building is the base of the old building which is the new level throughout and the mains box. A number of famous preserved steam locomotives are also represented, including GNR No.1 the famous Stirling Single Wheeler which took part in the "Race to the North" in 1880, the two GNR Atlantic's of the National Railway Museum, four A4 s, (the same class as the speed record holder for steam "Mallard") and world famous 4472 "Flying Scotsman", which epitomises the glory of steam in its hey day.
Fitted with what would later be considered a small boiler with narrow firebox, it was nevertheless, a large engine for its time and gave the Great Northern Railway a boost in power and speed. After a short visit to the depot to see it, the Secretary with the Committee's agreement, arranged for its delivery to the clubroom. Stan Simmons, our President, opened the evening by thanking everyone involved in the work to get the new building completed and hoped that the Society would look forward to it's 73rd year anniversary in March 2009.
With this milestone reached we now able to run trains and will be ready for the Christmas social on the 15th December.
However we will be getting the building ready for the Christmas social on the 15th December so there is plenty of tidying up to do before we can play trains. She was saved from the scrap heap by the Society's president Alan Pegler - the saviour of steam on British Rail, and was a familiar sight in the 1960s hauling the Society's excursions.
During 2009 a number of event nights will be planned so look out on the web site for details.
The layout is currently resting on the new O gauge layout as it does not have any legs of its own, but is complete with control panel and DCC controller.

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