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Passenger traffic is sparse, but some workers at the camp are brought and taken home by train each day. It was originally build by Roger Nicholls from Wakefield MRC and was purchased by its current owner in 2012.
Up to the early 1960's the line saw a new lease of life even though the route beyondAhratalzweibrück was not reinstated. In 1963 the Rommerskirchen route beyond Dernauhoch was closed and lifted to make way for the new A61 autobahn. The longest tunnel on the line beyond Dernau has since seen a new use in the cultivation of large crops of mushrooms. This layout is under going a transformation at the present time, but now has some sections up and running.

This is a figure by Dart Castings and is cast in white metal. These figures are all painted to order.
The figure I will paint for you will be similar but not identical – they are all unique. I now feel confident that I can supply most of the original kits, either from stock or to order for the more obscure prototypes. I am pleased to announce that I have been able to purchase the entire range of Southwark Bridge kits and accessories in 4mm and 7mm scales formerly produced by the late and lamented Ivan Smith. I was using a similar style for these as the one I was using on my 4mm figures and I wasn’t completely convinced it suited 7mm figures as well. It has taken quite a bit of experimentation to get this to where I want – thank heavens you can easily strip metal figures off and try again.

The painted figure shown in the pictures above are painted by me but are NOT the actual figure you will receive and is shown as an example. The 7mm list has shrunk dramatically as Ivan's list contained a lot of potential kits, which he never had photo tools made for.
Although we will still stock them as listed they will only be available for sale at exhibitions or special arrangement.
The Wadhurst footbridge will be added soon after the generous loan of a casting for the support columns.

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