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Reducing this value from the default has the effect of lowering the starting speed of the locomotive (though it is still good with the default value).
Setting this variable to 1 prevents the locomotive from slowing down when dynamic brakes are turned on with the F5 button. Mac users need not feel left out.  I have a Mac and run the LokSound Programmer software under Windows 7 using Parallels Desktop, an application that allows you to run PC software on the Mac! All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. Today, Athearn announced a whole lot of new locomotive roads names and numbers as well as a really nice looking new GATX tank car in the Genesis line. OverviewThe Mack 'B' was first produced in 1949 and remained in production until 1966 when it was replaced by the Model 'R'. Introduced in April 1969, the prototype was nicknamed the Centennial locomotive in honor of the 100th anniversary of the golden spike ceremony in Promontory, Utah.
Cars with the full X-pattern impressed in all roof panels are available for CN and RailBox-ABOX with a small herald (above) dating from a late prototype production run. ExactRail has also released an HO scale 48' depressed-center flat car that is similar to prototype cars produced by General Steel Industries in which the sill, body bolsters, cross bearers and coupler draft pockets are all produced in a one-piece steel casting. In addition to Conrail, ExactRail has decorated the depressed-center flat car for QTTX, Southern, Southern Pacific, CNW, and ATSF.
I just hope Athearn doesn't repeat the travesty perpetrated on the UP 4500 hp Gas Turbines of only powering the inboard axles.

Also, just noted, Walthers announced a new run of Amtrak P42's from Athearn, Amtrak #1 & #67.
These manufactures need to stop producing all these great new products or I'm going to end up tossing my HOn3 in a box and go back to standard gauge.
Our news editor, Richard Bale created the post, but was not going to be near a computer at an appropriate time to post it. I had a few minutes this morning after getting up and before heading off to Army Reserve drill.
OverviewThe Athearn Ready To Roll GP35 is based on Rail Power Products tooling and represents a phase 1a version of the locomotive that was produced from October 1963 to February 1964. LokSound decoders are great at low speed crawling, making for amazingly smooth starts and stops. Features include plastic construction, operating knuckle couplers, plastic trucks and metal wheels and axles.
Please click on the images below for the official announcement from Athearn and for details. Both series of trucks enjoyed a long service life with many of the 'R' models still in service today.
Measuring in excess of over 14-inches overall, the HO scale Genesis series model faithfully replicates the distinctive prototype. Of various prototype adaptions, ExactRail's Evolution series model comes closest, but not identical, to the Conrail (ex-Erie Lackawanna) class FE2A car seen above.

The Evolution series ready-to-run model comes with ASF 100-ton ride-control trucks with machined metal wheels. The LokSound 3.5 has an outstanding BEMF implementation, and I left most of the BEMF-related CVs at their defaults.
During their long lives both types of Mack trucks were converted for a number of tasks including two and three axle tractors, tow trucks and construction trucks. Details on pricing and availability of the Athearn model are expected to be announced soon.
Additional spotting features include 6-rib box-corrugated non-terminating ends, and both a 6' plug door and a 10' Youngstown sliding door on each side. My son actually wiped out the steps and pilot when he came into a yard too fast, rolling it over! Some of the spotting features of this phase captured on the model include triple louver sets on the battery box covers, open top 36" radiator center fans, flat bottom cab number board housing, flat inertial air filter hatch, thick side sill and low profile fuel tank. An HO model of the DDA40X released by Bachmann several years ago is no longer in production. This attention to detail makes the Athearn Ready To Roll GP35 the first choice with model railroad operators.

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