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Michele Bachmann: The [American people] are really voting for the original foundation block of our Constitution that brought us prosperity. Michele Bachmann: It’s an infantile response for the President to point blame at BP when the President has given over full authority to BP to deal with and manage the cleanup.
Michele Bachmann: So far, you’d have to say [Obama] is the worst President in United States history. Decoder: I know nothing about United States history or Presidential history or history in general.
Michele Bachmann: To the Democrats, violence is when American people want to topple them from positions of political power.
Michele Bachmann: If only we could hold the election right now this afternoon, President Obama would be out the door so fast. Michele Bachmann: This is the most radical President, and the most radical Speaker, and the most radical Senate leader we have ever seen in the history of the country. Michele Bachmann: I mean, clearly, the country has never gone this far in taking over this much of the private economy. Michele Bachmann: Well, I think [the Republicans] are going to have a full bench of great candidates coming into 2012. Decoder: Unlike my political opponents, who want to tear up the Declaration of Independence and have the British rule America again. Michele Bachmann: I want to make sure that going forward we get back to our constitutional roots.
I won 47% of the vote in a congressional district in Minnesota, so I speak for all of America.

Michele Bachmann: On Sunday, on the Sabbath, that was when Speaker Pelosi decided we had to have the [health care] vote. Decoder: Jesus is probably very pissed off that the day of the Sabbath was used to ensure health care for poor people. Michele Bachmann: If we had a 9% corporate tax, a 0% death tax and a 0% capital gains tax, do you know what we would have?
Michele Bachmann: Federal employees make twice what those of you in the private sector are making. Decoder: Big banks will no longer be able take $68 billion of tax money for being middlemen who risk nothing. Michele Bachmann: If you want a student loan, you now have to go crawling to the government.
Michele Bachmann: America has always been a country of renewal, of innovation, of finding the new mouse trap.
Decoder: Scary wackos like me, Palin and Beck will make a calm, studious person like Obama look really inviting again. Michele Bachmann: Then they gave 3,400 decent, viable car dealerships across the country pink slips. Michele Bachmann: This bill could be the stone that ends up sinking this country forever into a sea of debt.
The first HO scale products released in 2002 (Thomas, Percy, James, Annie, Clarabel, Troublesome Trucks, Bertie, Harold, and Cranky) are based on promotional cartoon illustrations seen on some Thomas merchandise at the time.
The HO scale oil tanker, mail coach, and cream tanker were first released as they appeared in the model series, but have been revamped to have their CGI series logos.

On James' HO model, the wheels and axleboxes are painted grey and his smokebox saddle is painted red when they should all be black. The cab steps are mounted on the side of the running board when they should be under the cab. The prototype model had a black footplate similar to the CGI model of Duck, but was changed to grey on the production model. This line about the government taking over the private economy is never going to be a winner.
And Bill Clinton was just suggesting that I tone down my rhetoric, not that he was on a crusade to eliminate me. They said they were spat upon; I walked right through the gauntlet of where they were walking. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., speaks to the Values Voter Summit, held by the Family Research Council Action, Friday, Sept. The models are made from specially produced toolings to resemble the characters in the television series. But perhaps we could use the sharp end of the shovel to break the locks on the bondage thingy. They become virulent right-wingers, usually, because of something horrible the Democrats did.

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