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Toys for five-year-old boys can be tricky presents to buy because they are at an in between stage. Moving from preschool at ages 3 and 4 into a more structured learning environment can be difficult for a five-year-old. Moving up a step from simple blocks, there are some amazing developmental toys available in long-lasting, timeless wood.
These amazing puzzles are similar to wooden tangrams in the way they create geometric designs and shapes.
Other sets are true puzzles with intricate geometric designs that should be built in a specific way.
Train tracks or other wooden building sets can be a marvelous developmental toy for 5-year-old boys. Wooden build-it-yourself kits are another popular holiday gift item for boys just entering school. Wooden toys have been popular with children for generations and part of the reason is that they make such great gifts.

Giving a 5-year-old boy a developmental toy that he can enjoy over and over will make any holiday (or birthday) a special memory.
There are several options of wooden toys for 5-year-old boys to encourage hands-on learning skills.
Some wooden puzzle sets come with flash cards depicting various shapes – animals, vehicles and other objects – and the child must then piece together using the block options provided. They are designed to fit together to create a unique design, often with attractive rainbow colors and a variety of shapes. While the names vary according to brand, there are several forms of common and familiar children’s games. Take a look through several developmental wooden games to decide which one is the best gift selection. Some kits come with pieces to cars, boats, trains or other vehicle and must be assembled by the children. These hands-on, developmental gifts are great toys for boys to encourage learning in a fun and memorable way.

The many variations available from the same set of block shapes encourages critical thinking skills.
Sometimes the best gifts for young boys are those that encourage families to spend time together.
That eye-hand coordination is a great learning experience, while the personal satisfaction a young boy can feel from accomplishing a task makes the gift even better. Additionally, there are several types of balancing games, building games or hands-on skill games available.

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