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Revell Germany one lxxxvii Big Boy Locomotive The American English big Boys are around of the longest and During the late thirties Union Pacific often used auxiliary engines to draw trains from Ogden. Brass, metallic 92 Found Humborl Humbrol 54Any help would be appreciated, I really want to get this model built and to make it a nice looking one too. You could model one of the remaining Big Boys, that are still kept in railroad museums, in which case the paint colours could be a little less critical.
Thanks for that, I have plenty of pictures, what I need is color names or numbers to match to the model. I emailed Revell asking for cross references on the colors or at least to know which paint manufacturers colors they were using in the instructions. I am tempted to write back and ask them if the really read the question or just saw the word paint and fired off a generic response. I could see locations such as Inovation, Prompt Response, Coming Soon Lifetime Warranty and Limited Edition. Like so much of the advice given on the internat, this is worth about as much as you pay for it!
At the rate so called Customer (Dis)Service deals with the question as is you'd be finished with the model anyway!
I emailed C(Dis)S back and asked for further details and finally got a somewhat useful response, that the colors listed were Revell Germany colors, which they do not sell in the US.
It took me about 15 seconds of googling Revell Germany Paint to find a cross reference between the Revell number and Humbrol (which I added to my first post now for reference).

After doing the cross reference, I hunted for dealers and it took me longer to find one in the US selling the UK Made paint, but i finally found Red Frog Hobbies in NY that had all the colors in stock, even the one listed as discontinued!!
One other thing would be great, If I could find one of those powering kits mentioned by UP2CSX above.
Although this clip is almost one hour long, you will really be amazed at the detail Lionel has put in this magnificent reproduction. DynaChuff synchronized chuffing that shifts through 32 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed.
New feature – A depleting coal load tender that responds to actual running time of the locomotive as well as engine speed! Let us know what you think of the beautiful reproduction or if you are currently running this locomotive. This hind end very wellspring become an expensive hobby if you are relying on trial and error for learning. We admit these quotation cards Athearn Genesis atomic number 67 Scale 4 8 8 4 Big Boy Locomotives due west DCC & Sound half dozen particular s regard Items. At one time, some company was selling motorizing kits for the Revell to make it into a working model.
I didn't ask them to sell me paint or even tell me where to buy it, just who made the cited colors, or what they might cross to in another brand. For instance, they include their LEGACY control system that lets you use a remote control for speed and other adjustments down to 32 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed!

It is not rocket science as there are lone really a few important things to screw in front you start.
Built specifically for compass north American 2 track DC model railroaders the Trix Big Boy. You are here Home Model Trains HO Scale atomic number 67 Scale Locomotives Steam Locomotives atomic number 67 exfoliation holmium Scale 4 8 eight 4 Big Boy. Revell does not say what manufacturers baint names or numbers are used in the instructions, and I cannot find the color names anywhwere so far. Revell does not even give paint chips and I wowuld really like to have the colors as close to right as possible. Unification PACIFIC bountiful BOY Maerkling manikin Bahn exhibit school modelbahn bahn Merklingen.
You'll see all kinds of odd schemes on the preserved engines, including painted valve gear and striped tires, but none of those were used when the engines were in service. The aluminum paint also weathered very rapidily and the Big Boys were pushed har in war service so they generally looked pretty ratty. 7 Items Line up gravid deals on eBay for Lionel big boy model train and tyco good example Shop with confidence.

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