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Soon after World War II began, it became apparent that the PRR would need a new locomotive to handle the surge in traffic due to the war effort. When Lima works first built the Texas types they were low-drivered, 60 to 64 inches in diameter, which did not leave enough space to fully counterweight the extremely heavy and sturdy side rods and main rods required for such a powerful locomotive's piston thrusts. Please select one of the categories above to find the products you are interested in viewing. As steam locomotives grew more powerful, with that power came increasingly severe impacts on the track.
However with wartime restrictions on new locomotive designs imposed by the War Production Board the PRR was forced to borrow a design from another railroad. One approach to reducing these forces was to have multiple cylinders driving wheels on a rigid frame, a design called a a€?duplexa€? (as opposed to hinged frames on a€?articulateda€? locos). It chose the C&O's Class T\1 "Texas" type and the C&O loaned it a locomotive for evaluation. The design was stretched to match the design of an Erie Railroad high-drivered Berkshire type locomotive, to produce  a Texas type with 69 inches drivers that was both powerful and fast enough for the new higher-speed freight services that the railroads were introducing. In this case, PayPal simply functions as an Internet source for the NYCSHS to accept credit card purchases.

Baldwin and the PRR collaborated on an experimental design, the S1, with a 6-4-4-6 wheel arrangement. The PRR engineers prepared drawings based on the T1 and the Altoona Shops built what would become North America's largest fleet of "Texas" type locomotives.
While you do not have to be a member, do not be surprised if they offer you the opportunity to sign up. The J1 and J1a locomotives spent the war years hauling freight on the railroad west of Altoona.
That design was followed by two locomotives with a 4-4-4-4 wheel arrangement, #6110 and 6111, which were completed in early 1942. Fifty five were assigned to the Central Region spread among the Western Pennsylvania Division-Pittsburgh Division, the Eastern Ohio Division-Eastern Division, the Eastern Ohio Divisions-Panhandle Division and the Lake Division-Cleveland Division.
The other seventy were assigned to the Western Region spread among the Northwestern Division-Toledo Division, the Northwestern Division-Ft Wayne Division, the Northwestern Division-Logansport Division and the Southwestern Division-St. If you are a PayPal member they will give you an opportunity, as a courtesy, to pay through your PayPal account if you wish to do so. Louis DivisionAfter the war they were displaced by diesels but the PRR found uses for them until they were retired in the late 1950s.

Based on the success of these prototypes, the PRR built an additional 50 T1s when production controls were eased near the end of WWII. As built, the production T1s had a streamlined pilot with three a€?portholesa€? and streamlined sheathing partially covering the drive train. The tender was also heavily shrouded, necessitating the use of folding sections to allow access to water standpipes.These locomotives premiered on the PRRa€™s Blue Ribbon trains, taking over from electrics at Harrisburg, PA, and running to Chicago, Cincinnati and other points west.
The T1 was prominently featured in the Pennsya€™s public relations material and was seen as symbolic of the PRRa€™s commitment to on-line coal producers. However, as an omen of the future, the PRR took delivery of two EMD E7 diesel locomotives on the same day in 1945 that the first production T1 arrived.
About a year after they were built, the T1s underwent a series of modifications, including removal of much of the shrouding over the running gear and tender, and a new pilot that had steps and no portholes.

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