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The culprit responsible for destroying the original Penn Station (and much else, along with what good he did) was one Robert Moses. Main railway stations built between 1850 and 1900 are some of the most beautiful buildings around.
I used to commute daily in and out of Penn Station in the 1960s, while the new one was being built aboveground.
Like the Prevost at the bottom of Page 1, this motor is also leaving the New York terminal in August 2010.
Queuing in the early afternoon rush hour traffic around the New York Port Authority Terminal is Prevost 85030.
Such was the traffic jam that it was soon possible to catch up again with 85030 and get this offside view of the Prevost battling its way up 10th Avenue past the Hell's Kitchen district. Another August 2010 view, this time of 86061 in the new South Station Bus Terminal in Boston. Policemen keep watch as all trains towards Boston were cancelled at Pennsylvania Station, in New York, on April, 19, 2013.
Passengers who have paid but choose not to travel due to this service disruption can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel.
A police officer keeps watch as all trains towards Boston were cancelled at Penn Station, in New York, on April, 19, 2013.
Amtrak police were swabbing bags and checking passengers boarding at Penn Station as service along the rest of the Northeast Corridor faced delays and disruptions.

The airport had been operating at a heightened level of security since Monday’s attack, according to Matthew Brelis, director of media relations for MassPort, the public agency that runs Logan. The Massachusetts State Police set up a roadblock Friday morning and were searching some of the vehicles entering the airport.
JetBlue, the largest airline in Boston, with about 120 daily flights, was allowing anybody scheduled to fly to or from Boston to change their ticket for free.
United Airlines has about 100 daily flights in Boston and allowed anybody flying Friday to rebook for anytime within a year of the day their ticket was purchased. Southwest Airlines allowed passengers flying Friday to change their tickets to flights within the next two weeks.
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It was a mess, but I figured that once they were finished with the rebuilding, it would be OK.
The empty coach is hoping to board for Toronto, but the intensity of operations means 85030 will take some time to get through the hoards of commuter coaches also heading for the terminal. Passengers booked on canceled Bolt trips received refunds to their credit cards, according to Timothy Stokes, spokesman for Greyhound and Bolt Bus.
Passengers could also opt to fly to Hartford, Providence or any of the New York area airports JetBlue serves. Spokesman Morgan Durrant said the airline expected on-time departures and was considering extending a travel waiver issued earlier in the week.

The airline was allowing passengers scheduled to fly today to rebook onto flights Saturday or Sunday without penalty, according to spokeswoman Andrea Huguely. I said I'd never have a lay over in NYC again after my bus got into an accident three months ago in a tunnle durrimg rush hour. It has low ceilings and feels so claustrophobic and cramped like an underground animal dwelling, unlike Grand Central Station , one of the most beautiful buildings ever.
Onasis to spearhead saving it as she did when when our amazing Grand Central Station was slated for the wrescking ball But it's easy in hindsight to say now HOW couldn't they see the value??? For 50 years, 1010 WINS has been a news and information utility for the New York metropolitan area. When I was 19 in my first apt an aunt and uncle gave me an old steamer trunk they said use as a table etc. I am able to go into the Amtrak waiting room (High Tier points member) but I like being with the other poor people, plus I don't travel in dress cloths. I used to wear my jewelry and dress nice until I got robbed (in my home town as well) getting off a mid high bus and walking to terminal tower to catch a train and it happend so fast, they were saying how easy I made it for myself to be targeted, so never fucking again.
My parents wanted me to get a permit to carry a small firearm for myself, but I believe all life is precious, even awful people, we all have a purpose and NO one has the right to end someone else's life, no matter the terms.

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