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Long Island, New York, with its 7.68 million residents, is starting to grow fond of plug-in vehicles.
The numbers show that Long Island was home to 1,008 plug-in vehicles as of the end of April, 2013.  That figure is apparently on the rise though as gas prices are soaring upwards and more plug-ins are hitting the market. The NY state association NYSERDA is giving away lots of incentive money to boost renewable energy and EV charging installations.
Most weekdays, I drive ~45 miles in the less-efficient 2012 model Leaf, mostly highway, and I do this on 80% charge very comfortably (2 bars or ~15 miles left) all year long, and noticed very little difference between seasons.

As does losing electrical power for much of LI for several days too ?? I would have been one to use my Leaf’s charged battery as a source of electricity for my house had I the option at the time.
Volts would make the shorter around-town trips electric and the longer trips on a little gas. That’s the only state-wise incentive for buying an EV, and it seems it primarily benefits Long Islanders.
It’s really the charging infrastructure which is still weak (though slowly growing) on LI.

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