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With English as the common language and miles of well-maintained and open highways, go-as-you-please, fly-drive holidays are a pleasure – as long as you resist the temptation to cover too much ground. We have years of experience in planning train trips across Canada, that ensure they take in all the beauty and splendour the country has to offer.
Whether you want your Canada train trip to take in the scenic Rockies, or you have always wanted to stop in the vibrant city of Montreal, our vast collection of Canada rail trips will have something for you.
If you're not quite sure what you want to see, why not give us a call and talk to one of our advisors.
Our range of trips are as diverse as falling into categories such as Golfing Holidays through to Train and Cruise packages! No matter the time of year, your budget or your expectations, we know we'll be able to impress you. We also know the best hotels, the best sightseeing opportunities and even where and what you should eat! The friendly and knowledgeable team at Canadian Train Vacations can help you book a journey through Canada by rail. There are many other fantastic Canadian rail trips to choose from; you can even plan your very own custom Canadian railway tour for your vacation!
Our main aim is that you finish your holiday feeling like it was the best experience you have ever had – and you want to experience more Canada train trips next year!
Contact us today for details and you can start to look forward to your Canadian rail adventure. We hate spam and promise never to sell, rent or let your email address stay up past its bedtime watching Canada travel documentaries. For over 20 years we have been creating memorable train vacations for travelers from all over the world.
The Canadian Pacific Railway was a fragile band of steel designed to bind the far-flung territories of Canada into a nation.
On June 28, 1886, the first transcontinental train steamed out of Dalhousie Square Station in Montreal.

For some records relating to the Canadian Pacific Railway in Thunder Bay see our archival collections for businesses. Thanks to panoramic windows and dome cars, the big country rolls by while you sit back and relax. Everyone here knows the in's and out's of each and every rail trip we offer, and through just asking you some basic questions, we can guide you to the trip that we know will give you the most out of your rail trip through Canada. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and get more of everything there is to love about this great country into your inbox. Because we're based in Vancouver, we know Canada inside out – from Toronto to Banff, we know what each destination and what it has to offer. If you like a bit more freedom when booking your holiday, and like to learn things for yourself, why not consider a Canadian trail trip with car hire included at various points? Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter and get more of everything there is to love about this great country delivered right to your inbox. We believe great vacations start with inside knowledge and attention to every detail, and being based in Vancouver, no one knows Canada like we do.
Whether you dream of winding through the pristine forest-lined passageways of the Canadian Rockies, or embarking on a coast to coast rail adventure, we change choosing a vacation from a maze to amazing. The new "Canadian Rail Travel Guide" is like having your own personal tour guide to ensure you get the most out of your time on Canada's scenic rail routes. The historic first sod on the main line was turned four miles west of Fort William on June 1, 1875 in what is now part of the City of Thunder Bay. She consisted of two baggage cars, a mail car, one second-class coach, two immigrant sleepers, two first-class coaches, two sleeping cars, and a diner.
Every hotel, every connection, every activity, every experience, EVERY AMAZING DAY – from the moment you arrive to the minute you leave, we deliver seamless amazement. This Conveniently-sized book is filled with essential information including: mile-by-mile descriptions of points of interest, locations of communities along the rail routes, route histories, overviews of destination attractions, contact information and addresses for arranging overnight accommodation, and more. That simple ceremony signalled the start of a herculean task beset with monumental obstacles. This 15-day escorted tour includes some meals, excursions in Toronto and Vancouver, a side trip to Niagara Falls and more, from A?2,199.

Extensively researched, the "Canadian Rail Travel Guide" contains approximately 150 detailed colour maps and photographs of all the rail passenger routes across Canada. In the summer, construction crews stirred up swarms of mosquitoes and black flies hungry enough to drive men mad. With a special section on everything you need to know before you go, you won't want to plan a rail trip without it.
Like a 3,000-mile long spine down North America, the Rockies are at their most majestic in western Canada. A natural border between Alberta and British Columbia (always referred to as BC), they encompass the national parks of Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay, natural playgrounds for hiking and riding, river-rafting, walking onto glaciers, and even bathing in natural hot springs. Walk along miles of empty Pacific beaches and into rainforest with ancient 200-ft (60 metre) tall cedars. Spend time in Vancouver and Victoria, the provincial capital, where nearby Butchart Gardens are Canada’s answer to Kew. In a small group, you taste local wines and eat some of the world’s best seafood in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.
Long dreamed of as a short cut from the Atlantic to the Pacific, this could soon become a reality as the Arctic warms.
For the real thing, fly to Nunavut and follow the route of ill-fated explorer Sir John Franklin.
You’ll the Inuit and see musk ox, walrus and narwhals, plus polar bears, whales and icebergs. An exceptional trip is to the remote Queen Charlotte Islands, or Haida Gwaii, the home of the highly-artistic First Nations’ Haida tribe. See their monumental carved totem poles and log-built long houses at the new Haida Heritage Centre in Skidegate. Wild and beautiful, Haida Gwaii is accessed by ferry from Prince Rupert, itself known for its fine museum, fishing and grizzly bear watching.

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