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Ford tudor, 1929, mechanical and chassis in good order and condition, chevrolet 350 small block engine in perfect condition, qa1 street rod rear suspension, with American documents in order, to be registered. Model a 2dor coupe hot rod (1928)1928 ford model a coupe hotrod.all steel body [no fibre glass]. Unless Mercedes wants prospective buyers to feel like they are buying a English Mastiff to replace their trusty English Boxer, I think this new vehicle is answering a question no one seems to be asking.
I’m sure this concept vehicle will show up in some kind of high-tech sci-fi thriller very soon. Do you mean the ability to run right over a standing man without hitting him – provided you missed him with the tires?
Servicing that thing from underneath must be easy, but you might need a bucket crane to get at it from the top.
This confirms all my worst suspicions about that once-storied brand.Die Welt ist am Abgrund.
You could get just as shocking a picture if you parked a stock 40-50s era CJ next to the current JK Wrangler with a lift kit and 35″ Mudders.

What is the sense of (over)designing the aero shape for a vehicle that is intended to move at almost pedestrian speeds most of the time?
The concept is huge, but doesn’t seem to have much more ground clearance than the original.
My favourite video as a kid was a Unimog promotional video from the late 80’s, with Unimogs putting our huge fires and pushing trains and whatnot.
I half-expect to see the Master Chief behind the wheel, except that the video-game Warthog (sorry, Puma) was more restrained.
Am I wrong in thinking that in a forest the old version would do better than the gargantuan concept version? For a wood lot full of high value timber, like mature cherry or walnut, to harvest a tree and spare damaging its neighbors, a horse can be used. Keeping a product right sized so that it does not overwhelm natural human proportions is important.
Not gonna do that with typical lumber, but, for veneer, the right tree is worth as much as some new cars.

In 2013 it had a professional mechanical overhaul with engine, magneto, carb and gearbox rebuilt; also had new stainless exhaust and manifold.
Here you can see an original Unimog (right), built sometime between the start of production in 1948 and 1951, when Mercedes bought the operation in order to expand it enough to keep up with demand.
VHS of course, sturdy black case with silver covers, MB logo and profile of a Unimog truck IIRC. If you don’t have a horse, the original Unimog will certainly be a better choice than that other thing.

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