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I got it for its charm and just to cruise around LS, getting from A to B will do fine with this car. However, as we see with every single update, it appears that money glitches are still live in the game.
Players can then take an unlimited amount of super cars to Los Santos Garage and sell the vehicles for as much money as they need.

Test out the new GTA V 1.09 unlimited money glitch on PS3 or Xbox 360 and tell us if this works for you or not. We have video evidence showing that it is still possible to use a GTA V 1.09 unlimited money glitch to get all of the cash that you need.
This latest one that we have added below shows how you can use a new glitch to trick the game into duplicating super cars.

You are also restricted to one car per game day, so roughly one car every 48 real minutes.Looking for a crew to make some money with?

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