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Service are always the top concern in Graigar."Quality First, Customers Uppermost" is our developing guideline. Hello all.Well, I see lots of discussion on older, cheaper HO on these forums, as well as some of the larger toy trains such as S & O gauges.
However, I haven't seen much in the way of cheap G gauge (yes, such a thing exists!) So, if this isn't too off topic, I'd like to show y'all some of my collection of cheap large scale toy trains.Cheap large scale toy trains have been around for awhile, I think mostly because of Christmas.
Buried deep beneath my layout there is a Christmas train that looks very similar to your New Bright trains. At the head-end we have a New Bright 2-6-2 with a new paint job, straight stack, and new (work-in-progress) round LED headlight. With model trains being too expensive for people who "just want a train underneath the Christmas tree", these cheaper trains have appeared. I'll try and remember to get some pictures next time I'm at home Goodwills are great, aren't they?
After that comes a Scientific Toys boxcar, which was "Americanized" by removing the British-style wheelsets and installing New Bright trucks, and given a good weathering.After that is a New Bright boxcar (the really cheap kind, the trucks are cast onto the frame!

I have enough problems finding room for all my HO and O gauge, starting a G collection would be terminal for me!
Some of the oldest ones from the "Echo Classic Rail" line are actually on the verge of becoming vintage and collectible.
They don't swivel!), which has also been weathered.The boxcar is followed by a British goods wagon, made by Scientific Toys.
I'm within walking distance of a Goodwill, Salvation Army, Bibles for Missions, and a Value Village.
I decided to make this one into a tribute to my childhood, and turned it into a Troublesome Truck from the early Thomas The Tank Engine series.The end of the train is marked by a Scientific Toys bobber caboose (which has also been heavily weathered) which I added plastic windows to. These ones can still be found at Toys R Us.Nearly all of these trains are battery powered, only have two speeds (On and Off), and run on plastic track. There isn't much in the way of spare parts for these trains (you basically have to pull parts from other broken cars), and 3).
Still, I find these trains to be quite fun, and I actually have a loop of that plastic track running around the borders of my college dorm room right now.

I'm working on repainting and relettering some of the equipment to make it look more realistic. Of course, there is a good mix of American and British equipment mixed into the same sets out there, but hey, "trains are fun", right?So, where do you find these sets? Just so you know, a lot of these cheap trains also come in O gauge, as well as few other custom gauges. I've got some O gauge cheapos at home, but right now I'm focusing on my G gauge collection.

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