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This list of 129 Chicago Public Schools will not all be recommended for closure but only considered. Half of all Chicago public schools are underused, based on a new building utilization formula unveiled Wednesday.
The new formula is a critical one for many CPS schools as underuse can make a school vulnerable to closure or to sharing its building with another school, such as a charter.
Four times more schools are underused than overcrowded under the formula, which includes charter schools. The new utilization formula, along with data and proposals involving CPS-owned and leased facilities, was posted at To establish the elementary utilization formula, officials used proportions found in the new elementary school construction prototype, which contains 30 general education classrooms, with 30 students per room and nine “ancillary” rooms holding such things as special education classes, art and science labs. Schools within plus or minus 20 percent of this 77 percent ideal are now considered “efficient.” Rooms with more than 600 square feet can be considered “classrooms,” and in some cases, smaller rooms can be counted as “half-classrooms,” one CPS official said. Contrary to past formulas, the new one counts only “permanent classrooms” — not leased or mobile classrooms. Don Moore of Designs for Change questioned whether the new formula reserves enough space for the kind of ancillary classes often found in coveted magnet schools. One CPS official defended CPS’ past building boom, saying the system built schools for years under Daley to relieve severe overcrowding.
Every school’s utilization rate could be found in the past in one spreadsheet on the CPS website, if someone knew where to look for it, Mayle said. For the last three years, two uniformed Chicago police officers have been stationed at each of the city's roughly 100 public high schools. But as the Chicago Public Schools stare down the barrel of a $700 million budget deficit, every dollar of spending is being called into question.
Over the weekend, the paper wrote that CPS has been paying the police department around $8 million a year for the officers. With Rahm Emanuel's election as mayor, his newly-appointed schools team revisited the question and found the CPD's claim to be reasonable. That means CPS is on the hook for around $70 million to the police force this year, the Sun-Times writes. The schools have already attempted to cut down their spending by revoking a four-percent raise that was owed to teachers next year.

A school bus drives by the Jean De Lafayette Elementary School on March 21, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois.
In addition to a vast Chicago area public school system, the city also offers a full and diverse range of private school education. In 1995, Mayor Richard Daley launched what is now a nationally renowned overhaul of the City’s public school system. Initial work focused on exterior facade renovation and restoration, roof replacements, and lighting upgrades.
The Public Building Commission has enjoyed a long-standing association with the Chicago Public Schools, with the PBC designing and building new educational facilities, creating additions and annexes, and making renovations to existing buildings. Under "Modern Schools Across Chicago," the PBC and the Chicago Public Schools have planned new high schools, middle schools and elementary schools, as well as substantial renovations to some buildings.
Examples of the working relationship between the PBC and the Schools include construction of Tarkington School, the first Chicago Public School to be recognized by the U.S. Recognizing that education is more important than ever, the Public Building Commission is committed to incorporating new features into the buildings to make them safer, stronger, more technologically adaptable and more environmentally friendly.
That means roughly 77 percent of all classrooms in prototype buildings hold general education classes of 30 students each.
Under the 20-percent leeway allowed in the new formula, up to 97 percent of a school’s classrooms can be devoted to general education classes, leaving only 3 percent of a building’s space for such things as a library and special education rooms with smaller class size.
However, at the other end of the spectrum, the official said, the district previously never set a firm standard on “underuse.’’ It has used both under 40 percent occupied and under 50 percent occupied in the past as thresholds for considering closure. CPS claims that the publication of school-by-school utilization rates amounts to increased “transparency’’ are lame, she said. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada where I’m training to compete in physique bodybuilding. With the police department now demanding more than three times what CPS has been paying them for the officers in schools, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, the district plans to take a much closer look at the program.
But the Chicago Police Department has long insisted that that wasn't nearly enough: in fact, they argue, police supervision costs more like $25 million a year. It agreed that the full cost should be $25 million a year -- and also agreed to pay the difference from the last three years. CPS Chief Administrative Officer Tim Cawley said some schools could possibly do without police altogether, FOX reports; others could do with only one officer.

He didn't say that he would be cutting the program altogether, but he did say that cops who weren't active in their schools shouldn't be kept around, and that some schools might not need cops at all. Though more expensive than taking advantage of public school options, choice Chicago private schools are often lauded for their small class sizes, strong specified curriculum and well-versed teachers.
Central to the success of that reform was the Capital Improvement Program valued at more than $2 billion. The PBC manages millions of dollars of work for the Chicago Public Schools' Development Program and has been instrumental in the "Modern Schools Across Chicago" initiative, a $1 billion dollar plan to bring brand new schools to Chicago's communities. Many of the high schools will use a prototype design in which the schools will have a gymnasium and indoor pool, with those facilities available to the public during non-school hours. Green Building Council as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, and the rehabilitation of the historic Bronzeville Eighth Regiment Armory, which now houses the Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville while also occupying a place on the National Register of Historic Places. Such features include virtually indestructible block walls, green roofs, programmable HVAC systems, wiring for voice and data transmissions, low emission building materials and security cameras that can be linked to the city's Office of Emergency Management and Communications.
The school district says it needs to close under-enrolled schools to address a looming $1 billion budget deficit.
By its very nature much of the information in this travel guide is subject to change at short notice and travellers are urged to verify information on which they're relying with the relevant authorities. Chicago Public Schools selected BauerLatoza Studio as one of six architectural and engineering firms that serve as Managing Architect.
Further, the designs for all new schools include features that qualify the building for certification under the U.S. Opponents of the closings are accusing the city of targeting schools primarily in minority neighborhoods.
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