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Scaleforum probably has the best trade section for the finescale and scratchbuilder of any exhibition in the South East, covering everything from baseboards to the finest scenic details and everything in between.
The trade stands are also excellent places to get advice and to find out what new products are in the pipeline. David Green, a Leadership Fellow, has successfully applied the SENCER approach in innovative ways through his courses at Florida Gulf Coast University. The course has been incredibly effective, as demonstrated by both assessment results and strong student interest.
There were 49 trade stands plus a very active Bring and Buy stall which was busy all weekend. Recently, Green was invited to present on his work at the Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program's Conservation Land Workshop.

During his talk, Green addressed his goals of providing students with basic scientific knowledge of crucial conservation and management issues as well as the critical thinking skills necessary to understand, communicate, and make evidence-based decisions regarding human use and impacts of coastal watersheds and ecosystems. During the semester, students are taken on field excursions, learn the history of biodiversity, and explore the Corkscrew Water Sanctuary. Once a QR code is scanned, it links to a map that contains information on trails, buildings, and other watershed features. Many students return to the project after completing the course, volunteering to stay involved and serving as mentors for those currently enrolled. The course Professor Green featured in his presentation was selected as a SENCER model in 2013. Videos, created by students on the watershed, are also part of the application's contents.

Currently, data on trees, including species, height, canopy, and location are available through the map. Green is continuing to form partnerships to expand the data available to users, including, for example, information on water quality.

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