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Electric car conversions aren't for everyone, but for electric car fans who can't stretch to one of the latest models, they're a much cheaper option to get behind the wheel of an EV. One such clean and cheap option, the 1997 Solectria Force, is currently sitting on eBay, with a few days remaining on the listing.
In 1997, Solectria Corporation of Wilmington, Massachusetts produced a run of 400 electric vehicles based on the Geo Metro. The car was based on Metro 'gliders' straight from the factory, and fitted with a 3-phase AC electric motor and 13, 4-cell lithium-polymer batteries with around 11 kWh of capacity. Top speed was quoted as 70 mph, and acceleration to 50 mph in a sprightly-sounding 9 seconds.
The eBay example has undergone a few changes, notably a new lithium-ion battery pack, which still delivers an 80-mile range.

Unlike many of the conversions of the time, the company didn't disappear overnight, and became Azure Dynamics--makers of the electric Ford Transit Connect.
If you liked the original Pink Panther show, you'll be happy to know that the original car is up for auction. Implications - For those of you who haven't seen the Pink Panther, the car in question is a 23-foot limo that is drivable, but more than likely isn't road legal.
According to the seller, the car is one of the two existing instances that were built for the movie Fastlane, which btw, was never released. Range was around 80 miles at a constant speed of around 45 mph, and the car features regenerative braking to eke out a few extra miles. Without a doubt, the Pink Panther car would draw in a crowd on any street it came cruising down on.

Made by TransFX, the famed creator of many Hollywood movie cars, the Blue Djinn currently on auction is a non-running vehicle, with no interiors or running gear. The current bid stands at $12,000 but something tells us it isn’t likely to go much higher. It would actually be extremely bizarre to see this long, pink vehicle rolling down the road.

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