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The First Baptist Church can trace its roots to 1745 when 13 believers gathered to worship in the home of Jeremiah Dodge.
In 1801, the original church building was torn down and a new structure, also on Gold Street, was erected from 1801-02. As the city residents continued to move to newer dwellings uptown, the congregation purchased land for its third church building on the corner of Broome and Elizabeth Streets. In the years following the tragedies of Civil War, business interests overtook residential areas and city citizens again relocated to uptown neighborhoods. The present edifice, located on the northwest corner of Broadway and 79th Street, was built from 1890-93. After more than four decades of service, the 1892 Jardine organ with mechanical action was replaced by an organ having electro-pneumatic action built in 1937 by the Hall Organ Company of West Haven, Conn. The original organ in the present church was built in 1892 by George Jardine & Son of New York City.
For their new building on Park Avenue and 39th Street, the church engaged Henry Erben & Co. Beach obtained permission in 1868 to build a large package-delivery tunnel under Broadway, but secretly began work on a demonstration passenger-transit system, complete with a luxuriously appointed station and passenger car. Like the deposit tubes at bank drive-through windows, the car was propelled by a rush of air from a blower, in this case a massive one.
After only 58 days of construction, Beach’s subway opened as a demonstration project on Feb. The railway wasn’t actually operational on its opening day, because of an engine failure, but within a week passengers began taking the short journey under Broadway from Warren to Murray Street and back.

Beach envisioned a larger network of underground railway tunnels and gained support from the state legislature in 1871 and 1872.
What ultimately caused Beach’s railway to cease operations in 1873 was the financial panic that led to the Long Depression.
The situation is eerily reminiscent of the modern economic crisis and current debates about high-speed rail.
Everybody in New York wants rapid transit, but, strange to say, the moment that any body sets to work with a definite plan for its realization, they are vigorously opposed and the work prevented. In 1753, they moved to a rigging loft on William Street, and six years later the society bought a lot on Gold Street and built the first church building, holding their first service there on March 14, 1760. At this location the society's inhospitality to a group of African visitors resulted in the establishment of the Abyssinian Baptist Church, today one of the most prominent Black Baptist churches in the country. The tunnel alone was fascinating to New Yorkers, so daytime hours were reserved for tunnel tours and evening hours for passengers. More to the point, wealthy Broadway landowners favored elevated transit, fearing that underground tunnels would damage the foundations of their buildings.
After years of rapid postwar economic expansion, a series of financial blows led to bank failures and dried-up credit markets, which would have prevented Beach from expanding his subway, even if the governor had approved it.
The station was lost to fire in 1898, and the tunnel was destroyed during construction of a Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit tunnel in 1912. Keister, the sanctuary is set at an angle to the corner and features a facade with Biblically related symbolism.
In 1999, this mixture was replaced with new pipes (but without a tierce rank) built by von Beckerath of Germany and installed by Meloni & Farrier.

The three-manual organ was installed in a Gothic case of black walnut, measuring 15 by 30 feet and 47 feet high, of which the center section came down to within 15 feet of the choir floor in order to show the large circular stained glass window in the rear.
The blower was built by Roots, whose successor company, Dresser, still builds smaller units for pneumatic tube systems.
Passengers entered the railway through a station in the basement of Devlin’s clothing store and offered as a fare a small donation to a home for orphans of Union soldiers and sailors from the Civil War. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. The society's fourth church building, a new brownstone Gothic structure, was built in 1871.
The taller tower represents Christ as the head of the church and the light of the world, while the shorter tower represents the church that will remain incomplete until the return of Christ.
The detached three-manual stop-key console was located with the choir seating to the left of the chancel. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast.
Flanking the main entrance are two side buildings that provide space for the Sunday School classrooms and meetings.

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