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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. When I lived in Dorking (bottom of Deepdene Vale) nearly 50 years ago, I am confident my dad would not have tolerated my trains in his garden! After visitors arrived at the weekend with a bagful of old Tri-ang locos, we dusted them off and got them running, although old, coarse wheels don't go too well with Peco points. Here are a couple of shots of the latest engine to arrive on the DGR - a Southern N Class 2-6-0. Today I was lucky enough to discover some seasonal photos taken in the Fraser River Canyon, British Columbia, in the 1960s.
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Try RateSetter, a P2P lender offering savers rates of up to 6.1% and earn an extra ?25 as a welcome bonus! Shortly after publishing my previous post we had a severe thunderstorm along with heavy rain and I was too late to get the viaduct covered up before it got a soaking.
Remember some time ago when I took one or two videos showing the on-board view from the train as it went round the garden?
Dave, firstly, initial hand-held use of the camera shows that, as expected, quality isn't good but what would you expect from a camera that costs approx ?12?
If you've been reading my indoor layout updates then you'll be aware that I've just acquired a sound-fitted Hornby GW Castle locomotive. It's been a while since I purchased the mini camera which I was hoping would be suitable for filming onboard cab rides around the garden layout so today I decided to have a go with it.
Having edited a couple of clips into a short movie of just under 3 minutes duration and depicting a full loop of the garden line, I haven't a clue now how to get that movie online The mini camera records clips in AVI format and I've gone with that to produce the final video, but that short 3 minute AVI format clip is now over 600mb in size and would take an estimated 4hrs to upload I've no intention of waiting that long! Ecologically diverse wetlands, woodlands, savannas, prairies and formal gardens in Northern Indiana. The Railway Garden is an outdoor G (Garden)-scale model train garden that tells the amazing story of America’s steam engine history and its impact on the United States civil war, expansion west and the industrial revolution. However my Father is building a 3 rail layout in his railway room that will once again echo to the sounds of tinplate, if we can only decide and source what controllers to use as time has been called for safety reasons of deteriorating insulation on the original A3s, C3s, T1s and A2s.
They feature a pair of Canadian National F7As in zebra stripe livery with the 'wet noodle' logo, hauling a short freight train. The owner had built all the track, locos and rolling stock himself in absolutely beautiful detail.
Hopefully it will be okay - even if only for a short time longer.Anyway, as promised here's a video of the Cambrian Coast Express set filmed earlier today. Well, in the hope that I can do it again but with a bit less hassle, I've just bought a cheap miniature camera which I hope I can attach to a vehicle for more onboard rides. I've seen them for sale in several stores on the internet (it can be found as a 'Mini DV' or 'DV80' model) where somewhat absurdly they are being sold for up to ?60 without any micro SD card to store recordings on.

I'm short of some western region locomotives to haul the relatively large number of western region coaches that I have collected and with the release of the splendid Hawksworth coaches from Hornby I thought it was about time that I had a decent loco to head the train.If you recall my purchase of the Hornby sound-fitted Black 5 some months ago, I was immediately disappointed back then about the loco's obvious lack of weight, coming in at a meagre 236g minus the tender. Previous tests had already given an indication that the resulting images weren't as good as I had first anticipated but until it's done a lap or two round the garden then I'd never know for sure.The first task was to find a suitable vehicle to fasten the camera to. I tried saving the finished movie in a wmv format but it comes out corrupted, stretched, and only half of the film is viewable.So, I need to take another look at video formats and get a better understanding, or at least a basic understanding, of how they work and how to convert between the various formats.
It's clouding over now but I took advantage of the nice weather to run something that I've been waiting to do for a long time.
I'm quite pleased with how this one turned out but this might be down to the appeal of the set in general. Previously I had balanced (somewhat precariously I might add) a standard video camera on a flat wagon, but due to its overall size it was too wide to allow another train running in the opposite direction. I purchased mine with a 4GB card from an ebay store at a cost of ?19, but as said already, you can find them for ?11 if you have a micro SD card available. I had to add another 60g inside the loco body before it could haul anything near a decent sized train. I chose an old 5 plank wagon, removed the tension lock coupling and carved off the dummy plastic coupling hook and the 2 buffers so that there were no protrusions from the end of the wagon.
These included fully working trains and fairground rides mostly in wood but all with superb engineering skill and an absolutely immaculate detailed finish. About 18 months ago I purchased a Bachmann Cambrian Coast limited edition set which in all honesty I obtained at a very reasonable price.
This new miniature camera is just over 5cm tall and only 2cm wide but even at this size it's going to have to be attached just clear of the rails in order for it to pass beneath the bridge on the fly-over section. I'll wait until I can fasten it to the front of a wagon and give it a run round the garden before passing final judgement and allow you to judge for yourself.Did you all get the rain yesterday? I was half expecting the same with the Castle loco but it was clear on opening the box that there was a bit more beef about this one.
With the aid of an elastic band I was then able to secure the camera in place with the base of the camera held just clear of the track.The next task was to ensure that there was sufficient clearance for the camera to pass beneath the bridge at the junction where the line crosses over itself.
It was described as being in 'mint' condition but it had clearly been used and one of the loco's required some attention to a cylinder which eventually had to be replaced altogether. You might notice a couple of new vantage points which give good close up views of a passing train and also a lengthy view of an approaching train (almost half a circuit).If you can endure the entire video of the 2 locos and 6 coaches from the set (hope it's not too repetitive), then the final clip shows the train with 4 additional coaches and it makes a real difference. I'm not expecting it to be of great quality but for the price I just have to give it a try. Popping the loco on the kitchen scales it comes in at 285g without tender so if there's room within the loco body to add just a little bit more it should be sufficient to haul a nice lengthy train.I've not had chance to run the loco outdoors on the layout but I've given it a run on the rolling road to test out the sound samples.
There was just millimetres to spare and so with the aid of a file I removed a little bit more timber from the underside of the bridge just to be sure.When everything was ready I switched the camera on and set it on its way only for the loco to derail on the curve just after the viaduct.
Another disappointment was that the accompanying book which I would imagine provided a history of the train was missing but I should admit that the advert didn't state it was actually included in the sale.
It won't be today as I have other things to get on with but I'll be trying out soon and publishing the results here.

Sadly, the area around the viaduct couldn't cope and it was flooded up to an inch or so until the rain eased off and the surplus water had time to seep away. There's a selection of whistles, the usual injectors, valves, coupling, coal shovelling etc., but this time there's also wheel flange and rail clank noises. The weather's taken its toll on some sections of track and it took more cleaning than usual before I could get things running satisfactorily.
I accepted the omissions and the fault with the one loco and put it down to experience and in a way I have never regretted doing so. That's the first time the viaduct has really been exposed to water and I'm much less optimistic about its long-term future after that. To be honest I'm not that interested in wheel flange and rail clank or even the coal shovelling and coupling sounds - all I ask is a good 'chuff chuff' exhaust sound and perhaps a decent whistle or two. It is a very nice looking set.I removed the 2 locos from the wooden storage box along with the 6 coaches and gave it a run round.
The garden layout is for running trains and so it's primarily the chuffs and less so the whistles that are most important to me.Does the Castle meet my expectations?
I discovered that the track wasn't level from one rail across to the other causing the loco bogie to leave the track and I had to do a bit of packing beneath a few of sleepers on one side to prevent the loco coming off the rails. Eventually I had a loco running without further problems.The drawback with the camera is that until you plug it into your computer you don't know exactly what you have filmed or how it's turned out. I then added a further 4 coaches from my own stock and it looks really nice hauling the 10 coaches. The exhaust sounds aren't too bad from a start up to a slow speed running but then as it begins to accelerate it's more like someone banging the top of an empty tin can with a wooden stick.
I found, once I had retired to the computer, that the sound was dreadful and that the footage wasn't as smooth as I had hoped.
There really is something very pleasing about Western Region loco's and coaching stock which leaves you feeling nice and warm inside. In fact I would go as far as saying that of all the sound-fitted steam loco's I have, this is perhaps the worst of the lot for offering a decent exhaust beat.
For some reason parts of the resulting video also causes my computer to crash so I haven't yet been able to put any clips together as a demonstration. I'll make sure that it's first capable of hauling a good rake of coaches and then I'll be considering getting the chip reblown with sounds that are more acceptable.
I'll take another look once I've posted this update and see if I can sort out a couple of clips.Mini camera's certainly have potential on the garden railway but perhaps there is one of slightly higher quality?
Perhaps when I find the time I'll read up on the actual train so that in future I can possibly run a more prototypical formation but right now it's just pleasing.I have some video clips to sort through before I get them together for uploading but in the meantime, here are a few photos of the train on the layout to be going on with.

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