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The Autorack (or "Auto Carrier") is a piece of railroad rolling stock built for a specific purpose - to transport cars. This particular type of Autorack is quite modern - first introduced in 2004 in Canada, this fully enclosed autorack is built with an Aluminum shell that is more weather resistant than the older style "open" or "grated" Autorack cars, and with a roomier interior and smoother ride that better protects the cars within. Shock absorber construction and all wheel electrical pickup on blackened metal wheels promise a smooth ride with the capacity for aftermarket additions such as FREDs or other EOT lights.
Modern appearance matching the Amtrak body style (CP and CN versions will use finely printed detail to replicate the perforations along the side of the body). The Amtrak versions of this release will be an ideal match for Phase IVb Superliners for modeling the Amtrak Autotrain!
I was just going to post the AEM-7 news LOL Glad to see another run of them coming as I can always use more Phase 3 units. In the May issue of MR,Kato has announced a Heritage Baggage car to go with their Amfleets and Superliners.Also MR did a review of the Walters Metroliners.

Walters,in their April flyer,mainline SW-1 in ph V #737 $99.98 list,this is aLIMITED run of this #!
In the June'14 MR,there're reviews of the soundtraxx decoder for Kato's P-42,and Kato's new N scale Auto Carrier car for the Auto Train. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! They have been very popular with modelers, tha majority of the sets PWRS has coming are already sold. Commonly used to transport cars from the manufacturer to larger automotive distributors (before they're loaded onto the semis that are commonly seen on highways), they are also used on services such as Amtrak's Auto Train - a special train which operates between Lorton, VA and Sanford, FL in which passengers can load their cars aboard any one of the 20-30 trailing Autorack cars and enjoy a luxurious ride down the United States' east coast, the end of which they can take their car with them for the continuation of their journey. If anyone here is receiving these models, we would all love to see pictures of them running around on your layout!
New #'s in NJT,Amtrak-As Delivered, Amtrak-Acela, and a number of fantasy engines including GN, Lackawanna, PRR, MILW and Reading.

They will likely be sold by the time they come in, any modeler who has not previously reserved these is encouraged to do so now. I am not sure how complex or costly it is to modify the tooling, but it would be a large selling point IMO. If anyone will be there tomorrow could you check this out for me and see if you could find a price or take a picture of the page in the catalog?It sounds like Atlas agrees that the AEM-7's would go perfect with the Walthers Amfleets.

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