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Well, now that the helicopter is finished, I have started on a few more models and made some progress on a couple more.
This one is just a solid green, so the next thing to do is clearcoat, decal, then dullcoat and weather. I'm going to have to paint the interior and then add the window glass to this before I can close it up. Now that I finished those other five armor models; I have managed to get two models ready for paint and started four more during yesterday's St. While I was at it, I went ahead and started this other model of an AAVP7 that I'm doing for my Italian Forces since I already have two other ones in my Marine Corps. I wanted to start his bigger brother, the MAN 10-ton truck, but one look at all the suspension I had to build made me put it all back in the box for another day. Now I figured, as long as I am building this; I may as well buckle down and build the Revell of Germany MAN 10-ton truck as well. Depending on how things go, I may have these two German trucks fully completed by the time I post again, along with the two AAV7's. First off, I added all the walkway shields between the cars on three of them that didn't have them.
Most of the rest of the day was spent adding all the wire steps and grab handles to the train cars.
I had a bit of help from a friend of mine named Sean who advised me on the best way to do this command car.

Product DescriptionThis is the HO Scale M113A3 ACAV Armored Tracked Vehicle from Herpa Models.
InformationMinitanks is a rich in tradition military series which was launched by the model railway manufacturer Roco in 1960.
FeaturesTurn your military models into superdetailed replicas with these authentic period markings. I do have two trucks and two helicopters finished, so feel free to check out their respective Forums for pics of my latest models. It has it's own issues, not least of which is ELEVEN sprue attachment points for an inch-and-a-half-long muffler and exhaust pipe, to give one example! Four more after this one, a Fan Song radar set and a command truck and I'll be able to complete my SAM battery! I have also started another Russian helicopter that is being shown in my Aircraft in Progress thread at Wesendorf Field.
So, I painted the interior cabin; closed it up and proceeded to shoot a basecoat of paint on it. I even added some detail and patched the one painted car; I was a bit hasty on painting that one. I finally got all the clear parts on, filled and sanded the gaps and seams, and added the landing gear.
The brand name has stood for detailing, scale and precision in the model building world ever since.

Printed in authentic colors, each decal is actual size, so there is no clear film around the edges to spoil the realism of your finished equipment.
I have to: I work with power tools repairing houses so I need my sleep to keep all my digits. After doing a couple jobs out there, I managed to squeeze in some time to get more progress done on my latest models. Later on, I added the camo pattern at the same time I was painting the camo pattern on the 7-ton truck. On October 1, 2007, Herpa has taken on the worldwide distribution of the military series Minitanks and will continuously advance and extended the program. Had a close call once on five hours of sleep and since then; I never miss a full night's sleep. After that, I need to finish another Panzer 38t, the other Panzer IV turret and get a couple of quad 20 AA guns and I'll be able to call this one close to done!

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