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HO Scale 25 ft x 25 ftHO Scale 25 ft x 25 ftA freelance version of the Pennsylvania Railroad is the theme of this club sized HO masterpiece. HO Scale 17 ft x 27 ftHO Scale 17 ft x 27 ftA little European flavor makes this layout different from the run of the mill. O Scale 20 ft x 29 ftO Scale 20 ft x 29 ftThis layout of a lifetime has something for everyone!. O Scale 30 ft x 70 ftO Scale 30 ft x 70 ftFor those who love watching long trains roll by, this layout should exceed their wildest dreams! O Scale 22 ft x 51 ftO Scale 22 ft x 51 ftThis model railroad layout is the ultimate family home entertainment center.
O Scale 9 ft x 17 ftO Scale 9 ft x 17 ftA nostalgic walk down memory lane is the prevailing idea behind the creation of this compact but superbly detailed model railroad layout.
S Scale 16 ft x 54 ftS Scale 16 ft x 54 ftA run from Chicago past the industrial northeast to the mountains of upstate New York is the theme of this New York Central based S Scale model railway. N Scale 10 ft x 14 ftN Scale 10 ft x 14 ftMajestic scenery emulating the Pacific Northwest is the overriding theme of this N Scale layout.
California State Railroad MuseumCalifornia State Railroad MuseumThe Thomas Sefton Collection is a multi-million dollar exhibit of classic pre-WW2 trains and accessories, with this layout as its centerpiece. Chicago Museum of Science & IndustryChicago Museum of Science & IndustryThe Great Train Story, one of the world’s largest HO scale model railroads, depicts modern rail transport and its varied functions. Ultimate Executive ToyUltimate Executive ToyFor those high net-worth individuals who think they have everything, this high-tech, state-of-the-art model railroad display is something uniquely different. Nautical Models Nautical ModelsA contemporary model ship lends an air of class to any den, office, or living room. Weathered VehiclesWeathered VehiclesNo matter how nice a pre-fabricated model or miniature is, the one element that separates it from reality is always wear and tear.
Industrial StructuresIndustrial StructuresOne of the most fascinating aspects of dioramas is that they can take the viewer where it's too dangerous or costly to go. Military DioramasMilitary DioramasThe machines of war, as well as their surroundings, have always made for popular dioramas.
Mountains & SceneryMountains & SceneryOne of the hardest things for many model-makers to capture is the look of nature. Ringling Circus Museum Ringling Circus MuseumThe Ringling Circus Museum in Sarasota, Florida, has the world’s largest collection of circus miniatures. High Rises and Commercial StructuresHigh Rises and Commercial StructuresThe best selling point for every high quality real estate sales presentation is a scale miniature of the real thing.
Site ModelsSite ModelsWork out every detail of your planned project and examine it from every angle.
Model Railroad Newsletter June, 2011Welcome to the June issue of the SMARTT Newsletter.
Model railroad photo gallery features layout pictures submitted by many model railroaders around the world.
This layout is themed around Bavaria in the summer bringing back the nostalgia of the 1920's. SMARTT  site models will help you plot out all the details that make your site plan work. This month we are in the final stages of completing an HO scale layout depicting New England.
Use with: 949-701 Sierra Boomtown, 949-702 Tall Timber, 949-703 Mountain to Desert, 949-705 Dry Wash Desert, 949-706 Saguaro Desert, 949-707 Desert to Country. This layout ships later this month to its new home in South Carolina to an excited customer.
Our imaginative design fits a long narrow space to meet the demands of the client's life long dream. The result is a complex multi-level masterpiece featuring two independant main lines, a logging branch line, and extensive hidden staging tracks, all of which enable the running of really long trains and big locomotives.We'll have all the photos, video, and technical details on the website soon! Meantime scroll down to the Picture of the Month for a sneak peek, and learn more about how we made this layout possible on a budget in the feature further down.IN THIS ISSUESMARTT's Picture of the MonthFeatured NewsThings to Ponder .
Because the room it fits into is an attic with limited access, the layout had to separate into many small modulesAll SMARTT layouts are modular, so they can be disassembled, shipped, and reassembled at their final destinations.

You can file this away as things found while looking for other things, but now anyone with a Smart Phone can take the jump into the world of model railroading! And “the pun” of us here at SMARTT talking about Smart Phones and model railroading IS intended. After all, the second ‘T’ of our name stands for “Technology.”In order to control a train system from a smart phone, the layout must already be interfaced with a computer that is configured to act as a control system. You’ll need to choose and install an app that is compatible with the control software you’re using.Here are a few we found on a couple of generic Google searches.
As with everything in today’s digital world, we’re sure the choices and options will only grow, and we will do our best from time to time to update you if we find anything new.
Please note that the apps included here count in no way as an endorsement from SMARTT of any product, company, scheme, etc. JMRIAnother open-source effort, the “Java Model Railroad Interface” group is developing Java based tools to help control model railroads wirelessly.
Their software includes an app that can be downloaded to iPhones or Android phones to act as a wireless throttle in concert with a PC running the JMRI interface software. According to their site, “… Routes & Turnouts are not yet controllable by the app, but this feature will be coming soon!” Model Train Guide by Deep Powder SoftwareThis iTunes app software professes to be a comprehensive listing of every term you need for buying, selling, and collecting model trains. This could be quite handy for someone going to shows or doing the garage sale route looking for hidden gold. My Model Train by Handy GamesThis is a phone based video game that touts itself as “The very first highly detailed model train simulation for mobile phones.” From the screen shots, it appears that an adorably cute loco wends its way through a 3D side scrolling world reminiscent of Frogger collecting passengers and trying not to run out of supplies to keep going.From this small beginning, it is clear that model trains and model railroading are truly entering the digital age in a way that both enthusiasts, and anyway else looking for a new entertainment venue can enjoy!
Potter A western theme gives this town interestIf you’ve gotten as far as choosing the room for your train layout, you are probably going to want to centralize your design around a specific theme.
The theme will be the main idea for the time period and geographic location for your new railroad empire.
Often the scale and the choice of motive power and rolling stock that you have collected will help decide the theme for you.
For example, if you love the look of vast, expansive spaces, and your room space is moderate, you will more easily be able to express that look with the much smaller N scale, as compared with the much larger O scale. Specific locomotive and rolling stock equipment that you may prefer will likely be keyed to a certain area of the world and the time period when it was most likely to be seen.Conversely, some modelers are attracted to a specific area because of the geography, scenery, or architecture. Some modelers are so attracted to a specific prototype railroad that they will want everything on the layout to correspond exactly to specific paint schemes.
Other dedicated modelers might even create an imaginary pike complete with its own livery and color scheme.
Finally, some base their theme not on a specific area or railroad at all, but on a specific industry. If you are basing your theme upon specific locomotives and rolling stock types, and you want to be true to the prototype, this can easily lock you into more limited geographic areas, whether you are modeling a US theme, or another part of the world. For example, “fallen flags” such as the New York Central or Pennsylvania Railroad are more localized to the northeastern United States where green mountains and hills are common. In their heyday, these roads served heavy passenger traffic and the coal, steel, and iron ore industries. This interlocking tower is painted in the characteristic Union Pacific color scheme.Meanwhile, other “fallen flags” such as the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe (ATSF), or the SP (Southern Pacific) run through the American west, the southwest, and the mid west. As far as the time period goes, many modelers like to use the “Steam to Diesel Transition” era of the 1940’s to 1950’s, as this allows them to run old style locomotive steamers as well as more modern equipment at the same time.If you want to stay true to the prototype, using a specific geographic area as the basis for your theme will limit your rolling stock choices to what looks realistic for that area.
For example the American southwest has lots of stylish wooden and stucco architecture and colorful deserts and canyons, but you are unlikely to see steel industry cars in the area.
On the plus side, choosing an area for its specific regional style will give you a firm focus for your structural, scenic, and bridge choices, with lots of real world reference available on the internet or even in travel magazines and tourist brochures. If you are a prototype modeler, you will want to follow up on the area theme by finding out what railroad ran there and what their color scheme was for the period you are modeling.
Beyond color, railroads often chose a specific architectural style for many of their service buildings. Suppose you are a prototype modeler but there is no prototype that exactly meets your needs.
These individuals will choose an area to model then invent a railroad that serves that region.

They will create a color scheme, name, and deco style and some even have cars and locos custom painted to fit their unique railroad. This is probably too intense for a first layout, but a fantasy pike can be just the thing if you really want a special display that no-one else has. With a variety of structures and processing facilities, many of which are massive and quite impressive, and most of which are available in the smaller scales, your steel empire could include every step of the process, from the raw ore being pulled from the mines, to ore carrying ships and docks, to steel refining facilities like blast furnaces. You could even go further and provide an end user for the product like an automobile assembly plant. Some train collectors just enjoy the gee-whiz aspect of watching the trains go round and don’t care about a specific theme as long as they get to display and play with what they love. If you’re looking for a way to unite all the disparate elements of your layout, however, choosing a theme and planning for it before you lay the first track can go a long way toward making your loose assortment of locos and cars into a realistic empire that will garner admiration for your forethought and planning.Feature Custom Layouts on a Budget by Raymond G. Potter Let’s not joke about it; having a layout custom built for you is not an inexpensive endeavor.
These elements are generally the most costly to provide, so cherry picking where to indulge, and where to cut back can help you reduce your costs. Nevertheless, regardless of which approach or set of options you choose, the most expensive part of creating any custom model railroad layout is the labor time. In this regard, model railroad construction is similar to having a custom home designed and built.
To complete this project, the tasks involved require the skill sets and disciplines of architecture and engineering, cabinet making, electrical and electronic manufacturing, artistic talent, and the precision finesse of a fine jewelry maker, especially in the smaller scales.
Though this may sound daunting, there are many time intensive tasks (and more pleasant endeavors) not involving such demanding skills that you can do on your own, long after your layout is complete and installed.
This layout has complete track and electrical work (the most intimidating part of building a layout for many enthusiasts, even the skilled ones), but the client chose to complete some of the finish work himself. The scenery is intricate, and in places, quite detailed, but the client elected to leave areas more easily reached as projects for himself to super-detail at his leisure.
The trees were handled similarly, with the hardest to reach spots, those requiring standing or climbing on the layout, done by us in our shop, with the easier to reach locations left for future development. Because the client has  a large collection of operating accessories, he opted for very few custom structures, so we built his towns around the pieces he provided, even embedding the accessories into the street to increase their visual appeal and realism. The area where the client allowed us to go the extra mile was on the bridges, since they are part of the track support system and needed to be done during preliminary assembly.
The client opted to have us provide a number of intricate but sturdy bridges with extensive weathering in places to really bring the layout to life.
In short, we provided the client with a finished product which he could plug in and enjoy, but still left room for future expansion. In the end, we at SMARTT try to do whatever it takes to please a client, often making a new friend in the process.
Cost conscious enthusiasts can have us do as little as benchwork, trackwork, and electrical, and save the scenery and structures for themselves. Alternately, they can take a middle-of-the-road approach as we discussed above and have SMARTT complete all the difficult hard-to-reach areas which become hard work to complete after delivery, as opposed to being a leisurely pleasure-time activity. Finally, we still offer the choice of a complete, museum-quality, mega-detailed layout with no compromise.This hobby is all about fun, and letting us provide you with a layout that has as much or as little as you like can be an effective strategy in today’s more difficult economic times. As in the real world, these enterprises go hand-in-hand with railroads, and in fact, could not function without railroads.
With the number of kits devoted to modeling such industries increasing every year, the industrial modeler has never been so fortunate.
From oil and chemicals to coal, coke, and steel, to seaports with ships, barges, and boats, today’s modeler of heavy industry has a lot to choose from.
Here at SMARTT we have also seen that increased interest in industrial models, as several of our recent projects have included client requests for large industrial facilities. In this article I will discuss how we met that challenge, along with a few fine examples of some of those finished projects.

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