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Korea has various hobby shops throughout the city (although most are a bit hidden and random finds for me personally) dedicated to all sorts of kits or hobby paints imported from Japan nowadays, but now finally Seoul has become home to one of the best shops for Gundam fans of all ages- GUNDAM BASE located in the i-park mall of Yongsan right in the heart of the Electronics market district.
The electronics market district has started to seem a bit sparse and run down in recent years with the rise of online shopping, but Bandai-Korea has come in to open a fairly large sparkling wing in the mall complete with a few other expensive hobby shops including Tamiya. For now, the shop sure is magnificent-looking with details you would expect in a tokyo location + fully stocked with kits of every size, shape, color, and price tag!
Nara grew up with Gundams in the 80’s and 90’s of course, he was a fan of building the little SD Gundam kits and was very excited to see this store when I found the photos online!
One thing I loved about this location was practically every model for sale or that had been on sale was on display for you to view.  It made picking out models so much easier based on details for the price and seeing just how cool they looked finished VS what was on the box. Nara was telling me how he felt disappointed countless times when the model in the box did not match up to the flashy cover art. Aw!!  I really want some of these kits, they are cute, badass-looking, and have amazing details. In the back corner they have a nice basic craft area for model supplies if you need some for your kit! Next to that they had a few small tables set up for people to put together models if they could not wait to get home!  Lots of younger boys were there that day with Mom’s trying to help them out haha.
Most of what this area had seemed to be what the Korean market would want~ namely loads of One Piece and Dragon Ball…. 80% of what they have stocked is One Piece~ but it was nice to see at least some anime-related figures! If robots are not really your cup of tea I have great news~ attached to the Bandai Gundam Base in Yongsan is a Bandai Toy Factory for even more Japanese toy import goodies!! If you love magic girl goodies they have several of the magic items from shows like Puricure~ man they make such amazing girls toys nowadays, I want some so bad!!  The Perfume bottle makes a spray noise, swishes liquid, and you can swap out the color chips. Another show they had a lot of products for was Power Rangers~ More robots of course, but also lots of other toys and role-play items for the show.

You can find all sorts of model supplies and very nicely stocked shelves of “TAMIYA Color” paint here! Tamiya had a whole section for military ships!  Some of the parts on these are so tiny, they must be very hard to build!
Boys of all ages really like the Tamiya racing car kits~ these things go SO fast!  If you are a fan of these cars I saw lots of flyers for clubs and racing leagues posted outside the store, nice to see they are coming together! If you enjoy building things and want a unique Korean kit, you should try the vendor selling wooden building models!  They have a lot of traditional Korean buildings and the detail is amazing! I Park mall ????? is now the pink building on the left side of the image with the aqua name label. I Park mall is one of the larger buildings in the Yongsan Electronics area and fairly easy to find.  If you need lengthy directions to the general area please check out my related post HERE for alternative directions at the bottom. For those of you already familiar with Seoul’s subway, you will be happy to know you can use 3 different metro stations to get to this shopping center! To clarify, I meant the price of strike rogue (red box) and 00 Raiser (white box at bottom)!
You are very welcome ?? sorry, as I said in the post I do not collect so I can not say much about the prices since they ranged a lot! Enjoy Gundam base Korea and if you have any thoughts about the selection or pricing you wosh to share as collectors please do come back and comment! Not sure if you would know, (I’m hoping to visit this store in the next few days after stumbling upon its existence while doing a google search) but does the store accept American debit cards Or will I have to get some money exchanged?
Thanks for posting this, It was helpful last June when I was in Seoul and went crazy at the gundam base. We have a wide selection of RC cars & trucks, models, trains, airplanes, helicopters, boats, rockets, puzzles, educational toys, gaming supplies, etc.
With the notion that Japanese anime were too sexual and violent for kids in Korea, a lot of manga were censored and banned.  Despite that, Japanese anime and toys did manage to slip in here over the years and Gundams of course have a special place in Korean boys hearts young and old!

Sadly these are not very cheap, about 30,000 ~ 45,000 won so I keep putting off buying one… about to cave though.
Lots of these kits cost 30,000 won or less and make for a fun cultural activity or gift I think. The IMAX theater for Yongsan is also located in this building, so if you are confused someone should easily be able to point you in the right direction. I especially love the wooden building models (house is overflowing with them) XD Thank you for featuring this great place and giving directions~! So glad you got to visit ?? I believe they have a tamiya shop right around the base that sells tamiya paints and kits including the car ones ( plus they have a racing club if I remember right) did you not see it??
Hobby paints, decals, Hobby Japan books, and I think they had some of the paint markers as well.
I would give it a try (please do let us know if it works) if not you can visit almost any atm in that mall and withdraw money from a usa account complete with english instructions.
I was wondering if you or your Fiance know of where they have the slot car racing or sell more parts? From what I know, they have many different models of different sizes so the price varies, some can be 20,000-40,000, some can go up to 80,000-120,000? Also please take a moment to register on the site to take full advantage of all the great features such as the forum.

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