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SCALE MINIATURES (for Model Railroading, Scale Modeling, Smaller Scale Miniaturists, Set Designers and Scale Diorama Scenes). September 11, 2012 By Claire Leave a Comment Hobbies are a valuable addition to our lives.
1)   Try Before You Buy: Often the instinct is that you cannot try a sport or hobby without first purchasing the necessary gear and supplies. 2)   Set Your Limits: Another common hobbyist trend that we see is the personality who seems to enjoy the thrill of the supply acquisition more than the actual hobby. 3)   Pay it Forward: For those who fall into the category of large amounts of unused hobby supplies, there are many options for culling it from your home. In the end, the most important thing about your hobby is that you’re enjoying yourself; so have a great time! Anyway, shopping for scrapbooking hobby supplies has gotten easier since many paperie stores have gone online to offer an entire range of unique and beautiful scrapbook supplies. If you have any kids in the house, they will catch on the hobby pretty fast as they watch you work on your scrapbook album.
You know that feeling when you’re in your favorite arts and crafts store and you stumble upon their seasonal aisle, stocked with creative projects just screaming your name? That was me a few weeks ago when this perfectly merchandised shelf filled with miniature fairy garden supplies caught my eye. With the help of my two friends Google and Pinterest, I figured out that most of these fairies live in terra-cotta pots (score), surrounded by succulent plants, which are very hard to kill (double score). And now comes the fun part! As soon as we got home, I unloaded all my fairy goodness and showed my daughters what we’d be working on for the afternoon.
To create the effect of the steps in the garden, we took a smaller pot and broke it into small pieces.

Our DIY fairy gardens are proudly displayed on our back patio, and the girls love looking at them every day. Hi there I love your fairy castel and would like to buy one please advise how I can do this as I live in Australia. They give us something fun and recreational to focus on that isn’t work or other responsibilities. For example, someone who wants to take up cycling may feel the need to get a bike, helmet, appropriate clothing, and anything else they may need before starting out. This seems to be particularly true of scrapbookers who often have enormous collections of supplies, with few finished scrapbooks. In this day and age where digital media seems to have taken center stage, it’s quite a rare sight to see people still continue with their traditional scrapbook albums.
These tools and supplies are a joy to use as they make all your tasks easy so that you don’t have to waste time putting together an album or project. Before you know it, they will want to have one of their own and will be making use of all the scrapbook tools and materials that you have in the house. I just KNEW my seven and two-year-old daughters would be in heaven planting gardens for their tiny little—not to mention breakable—fairies to live in.
So I headed off to our local home improvement store and filled my cart with all the garden necessities. Their pure joy as we unpacked all the little fairy props and started to get our hands dirty with the plants was worth every penny (about $75 worth of pennies) I spent for all the supplies.
I had to help with the plants a little, but they loved deciding where everything went and which fairies lived in which gardens. They now have a few Disney princesses living in them too, and a few things have been moved around, but overall it was a wonderful weekend project and hopefully a fun memory for all three of us! If the sport isn’t for them, however, this stuff ends up indefinitely taking up space in their garage.

To keep this from happening, give yourself limits on how much you will buy, how much you will spend, and how often you will shop for hobby supplies.
Goodwill, Salvation Army, and the other charities will accept just about anything you’ve got.  A final option is to post about the available stuff on your social media accounts.
Just get online if you’re planning to look for any Hawaiian themed or tropical scrapbooking stuff. I went a little overboard on the plants and pots, so I’m pretty sure you could purchase everything you need for this project for under $50. We often meet clients that while in love with the hobbies they participate in, are overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ they have collected to facilitate the hobby.
Instead of purchasing first, consider renting or borrowing gear to ensure that the hobby is something you’d like to continue long term. Make the limits firm and stick to them so that you don’t end up with excessive amounts of stuff with little time to use them. There’s a good chance someone in your network will be interested and you can rest assured that the stuff is going to good use.
Fancy something with a tropical flavor?  Get some with Hawaiian scenery while planning your next vacation.
This is a sure winner especially for those who are not in the mood to fight the traffic jam or waste gas driving round to look for arts and craft supplies.
You imagine yourself rushing home, quick to start this new creative adventure—the finished project is perfectly pictured in your head.

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