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Jesuit priest, scholar, philosopher, poet and servant of justice Daniel Berrigan had arrived in town and thoroughly awakened anyone willing to wake, and a few who were not so willing. At the time, there was very little anti-Vietnam War sentiment anywhere in the country, and, as with other progressive towns, Ithaca tended to wear its radicalism when convenient.
Dan Berrigan arrived in ’66, and after listening to his every talk, and somehow once ending up with him as my confessor in a hallway at Cornell University, I found myself regularly with others who were involved in what was going on.
Never for one minute was any of this projected as a guru thing, a groovy thing, a cool thing or any kind of thing at all.
Today, with notable exceptions of great, joyful courage and commitment, our numb and weary country suffers from battered-person and batterer syndrome, with suppressed trauma, guilt and fear. With Cornell’s Barton Hall full of FBI at the huge gathering for Dan in ’70, he stole out of the building to go underground in a very tall Bread and Puppet costume.
ITHACA, NY - Travelers will now get to New York City faster and with less expense as Coach USA rolls out its new Platinum Express Service in Ithaca, on Thursday, December 10, 2015. The service adds reduced fares and several new non-stops between Ithaca and New York City, as well as new pickup and drop off locations. Platinum Express buses will offer free snack and beverage service, free on board Wi-Fi and plugins.
In addition to the new non-stop services from Ithaca, there is non-stop return service from New York to Ithaca.

About Us The Ithaca Voice is an online-only news and information site serving the Ithaca area and Tompkins County. Many had already opened their eyes, of course, but had not yet gotten out of bed and stood up.
We held a rally, and in addition to Berrigan, who looked like just a pleasant priest to the newspaper, we had to come up with another speaker, and finally found an anti-war professor who wore a suit and a crew cut.
With Dan and Cornell priest David Connor, we held discussions, “underground masses” and dinners in our homes; and we grew closer and closer to an understanding of our responsibility to act in every way we could to end the monstrous war on Vietnam.
They hadn’t yet brought the body bags home in the middle of the night or turned to drone assassinations as official policy. Our kids were arrested with us when, four years almost to the day after the Catonsville draft card burning, six of us women and 13 of our children blockaded the Ithaca Selective Service office.
Platinum Express buses will pick up on-campus at Ithaca College, Cornell University and the Ithaca Bus Terminal; Thursdays, twice on Fridays, and Sundays. Platinum Express will be available on Thursday, twice on Friday, with single returns on both Saturday and Sunday. He can be reached via email at [email protected], by cell at (607) 229-0885, or at home (607) 564-6129 (don't call home after 7pm please!). Launched June 2014, it is a free and independent source of journalism that is updated daily.

Dan to his marrow lived the justice principle of Martin Luther King Jr., believing that war and poverty are rooted in racism, extreme materialism and militarism. Slowly, slowly did the populace turn against the war, right up until the great eruption, when it felt like the whole country did.
During the four months Dan was a fugitive, we kept a place prepared in the basement in case the knock ever came. We didn’t really want to, just as he didn’t really want to go to Catonsville when his brother Phil invited him to join the action. Young Americans, at an average age of 19, were dying by the thousands in a far-off country the U.S. If David Connor was driving down to Baltimore for the sentencing of the Catonsville Nine, you got a ride with him.

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