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Just go the hill and tunnel done after a few weeks, then moving onto what will be in the fiddle yard. This is what i have this far, it is probably a year off getting built as I see have a lot of other projects to get done before I really need this like more trains and rolling stock before a bigger layout.
Once this is complete my layout should be getting close to 6-7m x 2m about 300,000 pieces all of my own this is a one man build.
Been working on some lights today, not many pics around of UK yards and buildings but the ones i found had spot lights around the show.
Yup, your floodlights probably need to be twice as tall with the lights angled down a lot further than the ones you have pictured.
I held the faces in there by using 1x1 bricks and rotating the portal to the place i wanted and then putting as many 1x1 bricks in the places they match.

To give you an idea on how the switches will be, due to them being customer I used straights and bends to give me the idea of how they will look. Ok did a bit more work on the flood light, managed to angle a little more with a different bucket piece. Some pics also added a bit more height i think it about right, some pics with trains next to it. I will have to wait till its built I think it should be ok as most of the inner walls are removed.
For an update I am coming close to the end of the main layout, but i needed a fiddle yard for my trains. One thought, perhaps put an industry or loading dock somewhere in this yard as an extra destination for your trains (without limiting the ability to simply use it for storage too).

Also my ballast makes my track width about 12 studs wide so most locos dont even over hang over the ballast but to be due I made the double tunnel wider and there is nothing but a face on the single so clearance should be good.
Will be able to do more in real life due to the 1x1 clip piece is hitting the bucket and could just be trimmed down to make it angle more. I was just going to have it connect to the tunnel on the main layout an just go onto a table, but my hands got designing and it ended up turning into a 8000 piece tunnel entrance to the fiddle yard what will not be displayed with the layout.

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