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On Monday night, two men in their 40s marched with thousands of New Yorkers just a few blocks from the historic inn where the modern gay-rights movement began more than four decades ago and talked about their distress over a recent slew of anti-gay attacks in their hometown. Both men, who worked in the nightlife industry and had known each other for about 10 years, rushed to the Village as soon as they heard about the rally. As in the riots in 1969, when members of the gay community organized a series of protests after a police raid on the Stonewall Inn, the streets were filled with drag queens and queer homeless youth. Many in the crowd said they felt personally affected by the death of Carson, just the latest in a string of bias-related crimes in New York City this year. Serena Poon and Melissa Cerezo marched along shouting "Love Conquers Hate." The two women got married in Brooklyn on the same day Carson was killed. At times, the rally felt more like a social event, with marchers strolling along without signs, chatting with friends.
A dozen feet away, a woman wearing a Dyke March 1985 T-shirt said she was thinking about leaving the rally. At a press conference Monday, Quinn, who is running for New York mayor, announced that the NYPD will increase its presence on Manhattan's West Side at least through the end of June, which is Gay Pride month.
After the rally, Sharon Stapel, the leader of the LGBT advocacy group the Anti-Violence Project, said she was gratified by the turnout at the rally, but that the work is far from over. In the past, marriage equality legislation has been speculatively linked to violence against the LGBT community.
There are anecdotes of individual attacks inspired by same-sex marriage wins, too: Consider the case of a 28-year-old Michigan woman, who was beaten up by three men who recognized her from local TV footage of her wedding, which took place shortly after an amendment restricting marriage to heterosexual unions was struck down. Vocativ crunched the latest FBI data from 2003 to 2013 and found that in addition to those three states, the top offenders were the District of Columbia, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey, Kentucky and Washington.
It may seem counterintuitive, but experts say it actually makes sense for gay-friendly states to rank high for hate crimes. So, by virtue of their thriving gay scenes and more sympathetic police departments, states like California and New York are both more likely to provide opportunities for anti-gay hate crimes to happen and to foster reporting of those incidents. There is one more major point of failure here: Even assuming the victim reports it and local police appropriately categorize it as a hate crime, it then has to be reported to the FBI. During a court appearance earlier this week, the man arrested in connection with the stabbing of Yehuda Leib Brikman on a Crown Heights street was found unfit to stand trial due to mental illness.
Please support this family in this heartbreaking difficult time by going to the website below and donating.
If you have already donated please share this article with your list of contacts and encourage them to help.
A 56-year-old woman was shot on Nostrand Avenue after an argument nearby descended into violence. On Sunday, May 15, a man broke into an electronics store on the corner of Sterling Place and Troy Avenue in Crown Heights. Please include info about your educational background, preschool experience and teaching references.
Three Additional Juveniles, a 12-year old and two 14-year-old’s, were arrested Thursday evening in connection with the arson burning of a Jewish owned school bus in Crown Heights.
Police have announced the arrest of a second 11-year-old boy in connection with the arson of a school bus outside a Jewish school in Crown Heights earlier this week.
A thief entered the driveway of Crown Heights home and stole a package that had been left there by delivery personnel. Police are looking for a woman who robbed a man inside his Crown Heights apartment while she was dressed as a Verizon worker.
A school bus was set ablaze Sunday evening in what witnesses say was deliberately set by a group of children. A brick, aimed at the head of a Jewish bus driver, thankfully missed its mark and instead struck the mirror and body of the bus, causing significant damage.
The NYPD is searching for the man who allegedly used two broken beer bottles to slash another man in the neck Saturday night in Crown Heights. Police have identified a pattern of work van break-ins in the neighborhood in recent months, committed by burglars who steal tools and equipment from parked vehicles.
Shomrim Volunteers who helped nab the package thief pose for a photo with NYPD Detective Michael Rakebrandt.
After spotting and identifying a notorious package thief, Shomrim provided NYPD detectives with instrumental assistance, which ultimately lead to the arrest of Derrick Pricher last week. A man was stabbed in the back inside an Eastern Parkway apartment building after getting into an argument with a “friend.” The assailant was apprehended at the scene, and the victim was taken to a nearby hospital.

Chabad of East Boca Raton, FL, which is the subject of a Federal lawsuit filed by neighbors trying to prevent its expansion, was the victim of a vandalism attack last weekend. A Jewish man was punched in the face in a sudden and unprovoked attack by two black teenagers. Yesterday, a man went on a thieving spree in Crown Heights, attempting to steal from a Kingston Avenue store and stealing multiple packages from people’s doorsteps. Last night, Motzei Shabbos, at around midnight, a young Jewish woman was brutally assaulted and mugged in the lobby of her apartment building. An Orthodox-Jewish man was slashed on a Manhattan subway platform in a possibly random attack early this morning. A deliveryman for a local kosher eatery was caught on camera stealing the contents of an Amazon package that was left on the recipient’s doorstep.
A liquor store clerk nearly got away with stealing a winning lottery ticket, worth over $800, from a group of Bochurim who had brought it in to authenticate their win. Three years on from the hate fuelled attack in Norway, which cost the lives of 77 people, by Anders Brevik, hate is still causing the death and pain of millions of innocent people throughout Europe simply based on ignorance and xenophobia. Hate crime towards LGBT people in Europe is an increasingly pressing issue, with the most recent survey of over 93,000 across Europe showing that on average over half the people who participated in the survey believed expressions of hatred or aversion to the LGBT community were widespread in their country. In only 26 of 49 European countries, there is hate crime legislation based on sexual orientation, and in only 14 of 49 there is hate crime legislation based on gender identity. By allowing hate crime to go ignored and unpunished, society is making hate crimes seem acceptable. No Hate Speech Movement - Youth Department of the Council of Europe - European Youth Centre 30, rue Pierre Coubertin 67000 Strasbourg, France. We are delighted that our friends at The People’s History Museum have received ?63,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund to create Never Going Underground: The fight for LGBT+ rights, a large exhibition and events programme commemorating the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexual acts in England and Wales (1967 Sexual Offences Act). Each year this event marks both LGBT History Month (February) and International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia (IDAHO May 17th).
All youth projects and schools groups across the North West are invited to create an entry for the Pink Box competition. This year’s event is being held on Saturday 14th May 2016, 2-5pm and being hosted in Accrington by the Blackburn Hyndburn and Ribble LGBT Youth Group. The Proud Trust has teamed up with Schools OUT UK to bring you this free LGBT History Month Pack for February 2016.
Happy New Year to all the young lesbian, bisexual, trans, gay and questioning young people out there. This year the Manchester World AIDS Day partnership are holding a special young persons event to explore the theme of positive relationships. Happily Ever After is the brilliant new show by Action Transport Theatre created in partnership with LGBT Youth North West. Using ATT’s trade-mark highly visual, wordless storytelling and comedy clowning, Happily Ever After is a funny and poignant show with the most unexpected queen you’ve ever seen! Join us at the Unity Theatre Liverpool, Z-Arts Manchester or Action Transport Theatre – click the flyer for tour dates. Organized by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the march followed the killing early Saturday morning of Mark Carson, an openly gay man, by someone allegedly screaming anti-gay slurs. But on Monday there were also bankers, lawyers, urban planners, yoga instructors, and dozens of New York City elected officials and civil rights leaders. At a news conference on Saturday, New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters there has been a rise in hate crimes over the past year, and that in just the past three weeks, there have been five attacks directed at gay men, according to The New York Times. Hodges that would legalize same sex marriage nationwide, but the landmark ruling has some experts bracing for an anti-gay backlash. When France legalized same-sex marriage in 2013, it was accompanied by a reported 30 percent increase in such attacks. This year, the FBI reported only 5,928 hate crimes, but the Bureau of Justice Statistics has come up with a much higher figure using questionnaires instead of police reports. Rabbi Moshe Muller, 43, a father of 8 young children, a Shliach dedicated to his Shlichus, was suddenly taken away from us. It is giving them so much comfort seeing all the kindness and thoughtfulness of all those who have showed it.
The burglar made off with cash, tablets, video games and gaming consoles worth thousands of dollars, and is being sought by police. The thief then placed the package in an expensive garbage bin and walked off the property in broad daylight.

One of the teens was confronted by a Jewish man, who restrained him after he punched him in the face.
The young teenagers who threw the brick fled into an adjacent subway station and onto the train tracks. The attack took place in front of a deli at the corner of Schenectady Avenue and Sterling Place at roughly 11 p.m. The victim apprehended one of his assailants, who was arrested and police are considering charging him with a hate crime.
Shomrim volunteers cornered the man into his apartment, but he still managed to evade arrest. It is a problem that often goes unnoticed until a tragedy, such as the massacre in Norway, occurs.
This is only worsening the situation and makes it that much harder for victims of hate crime to report it to the authorities. Young people grow up in a world where it is acceptable to harass the whole LGBT community, and so they continue the cycle. Now when I hear references to the gay community it upsets me so much," she said, shaking her head. In 2009, a surge in anti-gay hate crimes in California was blamed on controversy surrounding Prop 8, a state ban on same-sex marriage. Most often, this doesn’t happen: In fact, the National Crime Victimization Survey found that more than half of hate crimes are never reported.
It shouldn’t take a tragedy for victims of hate crime to be recognised and supported, victims should be supported regardless, and by helping victims and challenging the perpetrators, we can help to eradicate hate crime for good.
Homophobic slurs are used on a regular basis, calling something “gay” is a common derogatory term.
Only one in five LGBT hate crimes are reported, that means that 80% of hate crimes go unpunished, allowing the perpetrators to continue the abuse of the community.
To the point where an openly LGBT individual is unable to leave their home due to harassment and violence. Whoever you are, remember you are exactly who you are supposed to be, and be proud of yourself in your heart. Some jurisdictions fail to report at all, while some skip random years without any apparent rhyme or reason. That said, there is one rather startling conclusion that can be made from the data, says Potok. People make jokes about transgender people on live television without any implications, and young kids are being taught transphobic slurs which they shout at members of the community. And recently in Russia, the homophobic laws banning LGBT “propaganda” have made it almost impossible for anyone inside the country to speak out against the open violence towards the LGBT community. And when it does happen, the ramifications of reporting the crime are enough to dissuade four out of five victims from reporting the crime to the authorities. It prevented me from coming out a lot earlier and made my life extremely painful for a very long time, and prevented me from being who I am for far too long.
If you want to come along to a youth group to meet people like you, then check out our list of groups here. Bisexual erasure happens constantly in the media, with openly Bi celebrities being branded as gay or straight, for example Angelina Jolie and Tom Daley.
This can be out of fear of revenge from the perpetrators, fear of institutionalised homophobia and transphobia, fear of being exposed to more hate crimes due to outing or exposure, or doubt that reporting the crime will end in justice.
Even now I have been a victim of harassment both outside and via the internet simply for being a member of the LGBT community, by people who don’t know me, and people who don’t understand what they are saying.. Before declaring Anchorage the new San Francisco, we took a look at the factors that influence hate crimes and investigated the trustworthiness of these startling numbers. We deserve to be treated equally to anyone else, and we have the right to express ourselves as we are, not as society tells us to.
I firmly believe that hate is born of ignorance, and that if hate crime is ignored and goes unpunished, it will only get worse. It is therefore vital that today we make an effort to draw attention to victims of hate crime, and help to eradicate discrimination once and for all.

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