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Jason Concepcion is a staff writer for Grantland and coauthor of We’ll Always Have Linsanity. Gregg Popovich expreso su opinion sobre el despido a Lionel Hollins como entrenador de Brooklyn Nets. En tanto, Emanuel Ginobili estuvo en cancha durante 18 minutos del encuentro, en los cuales aporto 9 puntos, 2 robos y 5 asistencias (dos de las cuales fueron elegidas en el Top 5 de la jornada), contribuyendo de esta manera a la octava victoria al hilo de San Antonio en la competencia frente a un Brooklyn sin rumbo y con muchos inconvenientes en todo sentido. The 60-year-old Hollins previously coached five seasons in Memphis before being unceremoniously dumped by the Grizzlies following the 2012-13 season when the team won 56 games. In the wake of the near complete overhaul of the entire Grizzlies' front office over the last week, USA Today reports Hollins' stock appears on the rise in league circles as new Memphis owner Robert Pera is being branded by some as someone that seems difficult to work with. In Cleveland, Hollins is among a pool of candidates that also includes Vinny Del Negro, George Karl and Tyronn Lue. Andrew Wiggins — Has thus far escaped unscathed, unless you count LeBron preferring to play with Kevin Love.
Joel Embiid — Like many non-medical professionals, I’m not really up on anatomy nomenclature.
Aaron Gordon — Missed a sizable chunk of his rookie season after surgery on his broken foot.
Julius Randle — Broke his leg in the fourth quarter of his first NBA game and missed the opportunity for Byron Scott to not play him enough.
Doug McDermott — Played only sporadically because Thibodeau is biased against rookies, causing rumors to swirl that McBuckets’s basketball coach father called the Bulls’ front office to complain. Bruno Caboclo — Five years away from being five years and five months away from making topical musical references.
Mitch McGary — Had back surgery in college, tested positive for weed during the Sweet 16 (I would argue that getting to the Elite Eight while high is, if anything, an accomplishment of sorts), then missed a bunch of his rookie NBA season after breaking a bone in his foot that isn’t the navicular.

Rodney Hood — The tendons in his feet are apparently made out of rubber bands slathered in sriracha hot sauce. Shabazz Napier — Was (allegedly) only drafted by Miami because LeBron tweeted “My favorite player in the draft. Clint Capela — Shoots free throws like he’s Steve McQueen in Papillon seeing the sunlight for the first time in months. Bogdan Bogdanovic — His brand will forever be diluted due to the presence on Earth of Bojan Bogdanovic. Kyle Anderson — Couldn’t outrun a glacier but will probably be fine because the Spurs can turn a toaster into a 10-and-10 guy. El entrenador Lionel Hollins fue despedido y el manager general Billy King fue movido de su puesto. Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers about their respective coaching openings over the next several days, according to USA Today Sports. Overall, Hollins won nearly 200 regular season games during his tenure in Memphis and another 18 in the playoffs. As the team's starting point guard, he was also critical to the Portland Trail Blazers 1977 title run , starring under legendary coach Jack Ramsey and alongside Hall of Fame center Bill Walton. Went on to star in the second-best injury-rehab-centric sports commercial after Derrick Rose. This July, he broke his jaw while “horsing around” with his brother (and former Sixer) Drew.
Which, considering Thibs’s then-relationship with the front office, would be like calling the DEA to complain about cocaine. Por ahora, Tony Brown asumio como interino hasta que el dueno Mikhail Prokhorov encuentre un sucesor, lo que sera definido con tiempo segun el ruso.

The team has also expressed an interest in speaking with Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau should the organization grant the team permission to speak with the still-under-contract former Coach of the Year.
Yes, somewhere along the way, these young men ran afoul of the powers that rule the universe, which visit us only in dreams or in the broken-glass gargle of Tom Thibodeau. The foot, and its various constituent bones and parts, specifically, are anatomical deep cuts.
Once LeBron returned to Cleveland, Shabazz became an orphan of sorts, and he has since been traded to the Magic. Signed with an agent who was basically not an agent and who was therefore not certified to do any agent things. Sin embargo, el cambio de director tecnico parece no haber ayudado mucho al equipo porque anoche sufrio una paliza en su casa por San Antonio por 106 a 79, siguiendo asi en la anteultima posicion de la Conferencia del Este con 10 victorias y 28 derrotas.Cuando le preguntaron a Gregg Popovich, no quiso hablar mucho sobre el tema. How else to explain this litany of fractures, sports hernias (ouch!), anti-rookie biases, and sundry other injuries and events that have plagued much of the class of 2014? Which is why it was troubling to know the name of the bone — the navicular — on which Embiid had surgery a mere six days before the draft.
Embiid spent last season gaining understandable weight, and he now needs a bone graft on his slow-healing navicular.

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