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That was kind of detail this for really some time but I’d leave toy train price guide this thought with you here.
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In a nutshell here it is: Lionel Train Price Guide Online This is the normal stuff edition. View our products on offer with amazing discounts in our daily updated Special Offers section.The lowest prices every day!
All orders are securely processed and your details are handled with military grade technology.100% secure - guaranteed! Enter your e-mail address to receive a free download of The Business of Antiques, an insightful guide to achieving success in the marketplace. With World War II over in 1945, Lionel was about to enter its most glorious period of existence. Standard-Gauge trains were now out of the picture, and the O-Gauge trains had newly designed trucks and couplers that were no longer compatible with the older, prewar models. In an effort to increase sales, in 1957 (the last profitable postwar year of Lionel Corp.) the company introduced a line of HO-Gauge trains licensed by Italian toy manufacturer  Rivarossi, and a line of slot-car racing sets.
Eccentric and controversial, Cohn was a conservative attorney by trade who rose to fame during Sen. Lionel also formed a partnership with the Portal Chemical Co., a toy manufacturer that developed and produced chemistry sets aimed as educational toys for aspiring junior scientists. In 1969, Lionel unceremoniously exited the toy train business by selling the product tooling and dies and licensing the name to the Fundimensions Division of cereal maker General Mills. What Are You Interested In?Use this handy dropdown menu to jump to the antique categories you're most interested in. My nephew has been into model railroading since he got a Polar Express set a couple years ago.
If I were going to use this locomotive in a display where it would be running for hours at a time, I'd pull 5 or 6 cars instead of 10. I have a bunch of smaller late MPC era 0-4-0 and 2-4-0 small steamers with DC can motors and no smoke units.
My Kickapoo Dockside pulls like a champ with no weight added to the chassis and no traction tire either, but it also has no e-unit, which can also drain power.
One more final thought on the pulling power of the Lionel 4-4-2: Sometimes traction tires can become loose.
If the 1033 had been designed with a few more volts of output range, perhaps up to 20 volts, it would be a truly awesome transformer instead of a mostly awesome transformer.
I have several 4-4-2 Lionel steams and all require the A-U setting on the 1033 to pull a train of a reasonable length.

So it just strikes me in this case, regardless of reserve power of the transformer, that things like the smoke unit and mechanical e-units do require more current from the transformer. I’m starting my antique lionel train prices column around doing this so that this instance of gangs using that writes this solution. Take a look at our categories on the left for the widest range available, and shop online safe in the knowledge that all orders are 100% secure - guaranteed!
In Part II of our three-part series on Lionel trains, we look at the years 1945-1969, known as the postwar years. The smoke was created by dropping a special oil or small pellet into the train’s smokestack, further developing a more realistic look and feel of the trains.
By the beginning of the ’50s, Lionel was outselling its closest competitor, American Flyer, nearly 2 to 1. So large, in fact, that from 1953-1955 Lionel was running head-to-head with Louis Marx and Co. By the late 1950s, toy-train hobbyists preferred the smaller, yet more realistic, HO-Gauge trains.
Unfortunately neither product line was successful, and a breakdown in cooperation with Lionel over financial issues led to the end of Lionel releasing HO-Gauge trains in 1958. Less than a year later, Cowen and his son, Lawrence, sold their stock in the company to a syndicate led by Cowen’s grand-nephew, Roy Cohn.
The glory days of the late 1940s and 1950s were clearly a distant memory, and an era of toy train dominance was sadly over. In the third and final part of our series on Lionel trains, we will look at the years 1970 to the present, known as the modern years. Very common with parts easily available (though Lionel is currently out of smoke units) and easy to add extra detailing to. Though the Mabuchi motors used by Lionel are certainly decent, they can run at different speeds, which is sometimes more noticable on locos with dual motors. I have one 4-4-2 that I did an experiment on and I removed the circuit board and found it ran no faster than previously.
So in my mind (and I'm not the electronics expert that Lionelsoni is), the smoke units do require and drain more power and require a little more voltage. If this happens, this can affect the pulling power of the loco and the traction tire should be re-adhereed so it will not bind or slip.
I have other transformers for certain, but only one runs the trains with no other power draw. I was quite surprised though at the difference the smoke unit can make in the voltage needed for operation of the same locomotive.
Of the three eras of Lionel trains (prewar, postwar and modern), it is the postwar era that is the most popular and has the largest group of collectors.

As the years went by, plastics increasingly replaced the metals used in Lionel’s products. And children were becoming more mesmerized by toy vehicles and toy airplanes than they were toy trains.
Under Cohn’s leadership, Lionel suffered declining sales, quality-control problems and huge financial losses. Business continued to get worse for Lionel by the late-’60s as interest in toy trains continued to decline. He came to visit last fall and we went to a couple hobby shops in the area and I noticed he really liked anything for the Santa Fe railroad, and he especially liked the smallest steamers that Lionel produces (4-4-0 Generals, 4-4-2 Atlantics, etc.). BUT when the smoke unit finally burned out and I wired it up without a replacement, low and behold, the loco did not need as much current to run at speeds it did before with the smoke unit intact. I've also removed the traction tire, and still with the B-U setting, these locos easily pull a 10-12 car train with no trouble at all, and not at full throttle either. On the same thought, I have one open frame AC pullmor motored loco that is wired without an mechanical e-unit and that loco surprisingly will run just fine on the B-U, whereas the others with mechanical e-units intact need the A-U setting. Folks complain of kids running trains off the train track (or worse, the elevated train board) and I find this is a exceptionally rare situation with the 1033. From the start, Cohn moved the company in a new direction with an extreme makeover of sorts. These subsidiary companies included Dale Electronics, Sterling Electric Motors and Telerad Manufacturing. One or two still have their original MPC open frame motors and these need the A-U setting on the 1033. I do greenberg lionel train price guide suppose that I shouldn’t come up with that this occasional emails germane to invest so much wealth on that scenario?
The product line included Porter-famed Chemcraft chemistry sets, Microcraft microscope sets, Biocraft biology sets and sets educating youngsters on mineralogy, physics, geology, mathematics and industrial science, along with a junior line of tool sets. Normally I have to switch to the A-U setting of 5-17 volts to run the 4-4-2 steamers, unless it's a short train with an unlighted caboose. However, Lionel lacked the necessary income to exploit and market their newly acquired product line and filed for bankruptcy as well on Aug. Unfortunately due to hard financial times this year, I'm only able to spend $36 on my nephew. I myself don't have any locomotives that small on my roster (smallest I have is a Lionel #2026 2-6-4 from 1953).

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